Not Me Monday!

It's been a long time since I did Not Me Monday! If you don't know what that is, it was started by MckMama & it is like free therapy! Basically, you blog about all the things you did not do, and then link up with MckMama & read what everyone else did not do! So here goes... I did not cry multiple this week because school was ending, and I was sad to leave my friends. Not me, I am not that over emotional! I did not pack several alcoholic beverages that I obtained while at school in my suitcase to bring home with me. Not me, I would never do such a thing! I did not get overcome with jealousy when my sister got her new car for her birthday (a 2009 Ford Escape). I did not announce that her car was better than mine, and that it was because the second child always gets the better end of the stick, so to speak! Not me, I am not that shallow and bratty! I did not get extremely excited for my mom to come up to school to help me pack this week because she was driving up in her brand new Range Rover. I did not tell my mom that my friend and I needed to go for a ride in it (read: I need to drive it) because we were sad about leaving, and stressed about finals. I also did not make my mom join my friends & I for another drive the next day, during which I decided we should go to Happy Hour at Sonic. I did not take the longest way possible to Sonic (it's a small town, it's not that hard to get somewhere fast!) just so I could drive around longer! I did not spend half of my day yesterday trying to figure out how to get the game Sims 2 for Mac's. I did not finally call the Apple Store & find out they had it, and then proceed to buy it, only to realize that I just bought the same game we already had at home... I did not then stay up way too late playing my new game! Not me, I am smarter than that and I so have a life! I did not get amazing news that I am College Lifestyles' Summer Interns!! I did not have to refrain myself from jumping up and down out of excitement... not me! I did not spend a good 30 minutes (at least) searching for the true identities of MckMama's kiddo's after reading in her chat room thingy that people had located them! I did not then feel like a stalker and a total creeper... So what did you not do this week? Head over to MckMama's place and let us know! :)

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