A Giveaway That's All About ME!!?

Who doesn't like talking about themselves? After all, that's like half of what we do on our blogs, right!? And even more than that who doesn't like winning things!? Especially a $250 Target gift card? If you don't want to win that, you're crazy (or just super generous & want me to win since you know I am a poor, broke college student!). Well, Auds at Barking Mad has combined all these things into 1! It's a giveaway where you mention your top 10 favorite blog posts so far, and then you could win a $250 Target gift card! Easy enough right? So in no particular order (Because I don't want to play favorites with my favorite posts) these are my top 10 favorite posts:

  1. The Dangers of Beer Pong- Who knew Beer Pong could be such a dangerous event!?
  2. Comfort Zones- the hard part about breaks from college and going home.
  3. My 100th post- How could I leave this out!?
  4. My dinner party- The last Mr. Linky thing I did w/ Auds, and I worked hard on it!
  5. Things that don't help when going through a break up- some not-so helpful advice!
  6. Why I Love Spam E-mail- hilarious spammers!
  7. Fake Conversation With A Real Person ( 1 & 2)- I text random numbers back!
  8. How Much is too much- the balance between being a nice person & doing too much
  9. Letter to Blogger- I take this back, but at 1st I hated the "followers" application
  10. My Weekly funny comments (technically this is 3 posts, but it's not cheating right!?)
So, there you have it! I hope you'll check out some of my older posts, I'm really proud of them! Can't wait to read your favorite posts! :) Just go link up with Auds, and you could win, but just remember me... poor, moneyless college student!

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Fake Conversation with ANOTHER Real Person!

I'm not making this stuff up, I swear! I don't know how these people find me, but I'm so glad they do! So tonight I was minding my own business when I got a text from a number I didn't recognize. I thought about telling them it was the wrong number, but then I remembered last time I was in this situation, and how awesome it turned out! So I texted back, of course! It went like this! Random #: Hey fool it's Whitney* this is Dana's* number (Insert another random # here.. should I text them 2!?) Me: Thanks! What u doin? ( I was trying to talk ghetto since she called me fool!) W: Not much just chillin how bout ya? (Yes! They texted back... success!) Me: Same. What u doin 2nite? (Trying to make conversation... I forgot it was Wednesday & no one is really partying woops!) W: Nothin tonight ha but this weekend should be fun lol (woah... scandalous!) Me: Lol what's going down this weekend? (Give me some dirt!) W: hangin with the girls and valentines stuff ha you? (I still can't figure out if I'm supposed to be a guy or a girl...) Me: Nice! I don't know yet, I'm still figuring that out but definitely getting crunk! (party all the time! lol jk) W: haha awesome! (Lame answer!) Me: Lol u know it! Do you have a hot date for Valentines!? (trying to get some dirt!) W: Lol yeah my boyfriend ha what about you? (This is starting to sound like my last conversation with a random person) Me: Oh I didn't know you had a boyfriend! (Probably because I don't know you...) No just hangin with the girls probably (thanks for reminding me I have no freakin Valentine's day plans!) W: Lol yeah we just got back together and that's cool ha (ok quit laughing I know I'm pathetic & dateless it's not funny!) Me: Nice! What's his name? Yeah it should be fun (it will be, who needs dates!?) W: Willy* lol (lol Whitney & Willy... funny! too bad those aren't there real names) Me: Nice how did y'all meet!? W: In school like my sophomore year (boring! I've got to make this more interesting) Me: Wow that's awesome that's such a long time (I like how i'm just assuming that, she could be a junior I don't know if she's my age or not) W: I know right we actually didn't start going out til my junior year but that's still like two wholeee years lol (what's with all the e's? I get that its a long time...) Me: Wow that's a long time (I just said that, wtf?) Do y'all go 2 school 2gether? (trying to carry on the conversation) W: No he goes to Stonehaven* cuz his work is near there Me: Aw thats cool where r u going this year? (Stupid question!) W: Quad C.? (oh no she put a question mark! I should've know this... quick back track!) Me: oh lol I knew that my b! (play it cool...) Me: (she's not saying anything! I have to sabotage the relationship!) Sorry about that my friend took my phone (easy excuse right?) W: Sorry bout what (I didn't do anything wrong? what?) Me: lol not knowing where u went 2 school that was a stupid question (don't figure me out, don't do it!) W: oh lol i was did he really forget ha but its all good (I didn't quite follow but its all good, so thats good!) Me: lol yeah he's crazy but we should hang out sometime! (trying to change the subject from my epic screw up) W: lol fo sho ha (lol gangster talk again) Me: lol sweet! What r up 2!? I'm so bored! (im trying to make excuses for texting her constantly...) W: lol I'm actually about to hop in the shower ha so i have to go let ya go (bummer!) me: okay, talk to you later! :) I can't believe another random number texted me! I must have a really popular number or something! The funny thing is I think I was supposed to be a guy, but I had no idea until the end, I can't believe she didn't figure it out when I said I was hanging out with the girls! Maybe she thinks I'm a gay guy... who knows. But I'll definitely have to text them again, and maybe that other number....! Oh, the possibilities! *evil laugh*

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Kissing My Big Fat Blog Ass Goodbye!

TenaKim is on a mission... to get skinny! This is a mission I fully support because it's been a mission of mine for years, with some moderate success... and a lot of failing! Each week, we will blog about our progress and be brutally honest about our successes and failures! So I suppose I will start with why I decided to go along with this mission (besides the fact that Tena came up with a kick-ass name & a really cute button!). I'm sure you all have heard of the freshman 15... yeah try freshman 20. Ok, so maybe it's not that bad... but I honestly refuse to weigh myself. The last time I weighed myself was over Christmas break on the wii Fit & I think it was something like 175. I'm 5'3... so that's not a good weight! According to the Wii Fit I'm "In Danger of Being Overweight", which if you ask me, is actually a nice way of putting it because I would've told you I am overweight. And while I can blame it on the whole it's my freshman year, every freshman gains the freshman 15 thing... I have honestly struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember... and I'm only 19. I have had a couple successes in the past, I worked hard to work out and eat healthy and I manged to lose a significant amount of weight. I was proud of myself, I felt good. But it was so much easier to slack off than it was to stick with it. Especially once I got to school, there were so many excuses: no time, no energy, new place I don't know where anything is (especially the gym), no one to work out with and worst of all free (at least to me not to my parents ha).. the list goes on and on! Bottom line: I lack motivation and perserverance even though I desperately want to be skinny! My highest weight was somewhere between 190 and 195 I think... and I managed to lose a good 20 lbs and get down to 163 my 1st semester of my senior year. Since then, I've been a slacker and gained back not all, but a lot of my weight! Honest truth time... in case you don't believe me I'm fat 'cuz I know some of you won't! Here's me: Let's examine, shall we?

  • Fat stomach? Check
  • "Muffin top" check
  • Double chin? check
  • Huge arms? (not in a good way!) Check
  • Fat thighs? Check.
I could keep going, but I think you get the point... So what am I gonna do about it? I'm glad you asked! Here are the things that have got to go and have got to happen if I'm going to lose weight:
  • No more drunken 3 AM eating! So bad to sleep on all those calories...
  • Healthy choices! No more soda, cookies, candy, pizza, etc.
  • Only light beer! (sorry I can't give up beer altogether... I'm in college!)
  • Sign up for the gym! The YMCA in town is only $15/month with no fee to sign up, and my mom already approved it! Now I just have to go!
So my goal is to lose 15 lbs in 5 weeks... 3 lbs a week is reasonable right? TenaKim lost 3 lbs already this week! 5 weeks is Spring Break, and I'm going to Panama City with my friends. The thought of wearing a bikini makes me want to vomit... that's gotta change! Want to join me and other fellow bloggers in our quest to get skinny and healthy!? Head over to Tenakim's blog and join us in kissing our big fat blog asses goodbye!!

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Funny Comments #3!

This seems to be a hit, and I have a lot of fun keeping track of these and sharing these with y'all! Cammie even suggested I get a button for it, so if anyone is skilled & wants to do that, I would love you forever :) Anyway, without further ado, here are the funny quotes I acquired for the week: "I'm going to the formal with him but he's telling everyone that I asked him but I'm pretty sure that's not how it happened" "So what!? It's 2009, girls should be able to ask guys out!" "yeah but I'm a hopeless romantic: guys need to step it up and grow some balls!" "So this guy told me I looked beautiful last night..." "What!? Is he cute!?" "I don't know he's got that apple thing with the 2 faces..." "What!!!?? OMG! He has 2 faces!?" "No... his picture on facebook is the computer thing where you take pictures and it gives you two faces" "Oh.. thank god!" "He looked really pissed or annoyed last night..." "He did!? I think he just didn't feel well from the night before when he got really drunk" "Wasn't he drinking last night!?" "I don't think so... I saw him with water" "Oh, I guess I just assumed it was vodka..." "I was expecting one casual whiskey drink then all of the sudden I was passed out on the floor!" "He looks really hot tonight... and he's wearing pin stripe pants! I just want to rip them off of him!" "We were just sitting there and then someone yelled incoming and then we got hit in the face with some white substance" "that's what she said..." "Look he has eggs now!" "What!? He has AIDS!?" "I don't know which is faster... the way you take shots or the way you type!" As always, please feel free to leave your own funny quotes from this week in the comments, or write a post of your own if you feel like it!

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