Fake conversation with a Real Person

So occasionally I stay up kinda late, you know, just hanging out, dying each other's hair, talking about sex boys. Well, the other day I was doing all that when I happened to get a text message. I thought this was really weird since 1. It was 1 AM and 2. I was already with most of my friends, and my boyfriend had already said goodnight. Anyway.. I didn't recognize the number, but I was curious so I read the text message, and this is what it said: "Hey Kathy* it's me Britney*! I miss you! Hope your doing good! Give a call sometime so we can catch up!" So at 1st I was all like "ugh who is this Britney and why does she think I'm Kathy? WTF? I am so not texting her back" Then I was like *light bulb* Wait... This could be bloggy gold!! After all, McMommy pulled off the whole e-mail that wasn't for her thing... So what did I do? I texted her back, of course! All in the name of blogging of course! Me: "HEY!!! What's up?!?" (I am super enthusiastic when it comes to creepy 1 AM strangers!) Britney: "Notta lot love (wait, I'm confused we're supposed to be lovers now? hmm..) How are you? I miss you! Me: I miss you too (as much as you can miss someone you don't know)!! I'm really good. How have you been? What have u been up 2 lately?? Britney: I've been good... things are kinda crazy (yes! Now we're getting to the good stuff...) I broke up with Cody* like a month ago. Now I'm trying to go back to school and stuff (yes! the dirt!) What's going on in your life?! (good question, I don't know what's going on in Kathy's life... hmm) Me: Aww! Why did you guys break up!? (This better be juicy!) I'm sorry! Where are you trying to go to school (read: how old are you are you looking at high schools or colleges?) I've just been partying (true) and I have a new boyfriend (true!!!) He's amazing (definitely true!) Britney: I broke up with him cause I wasn't in love anymore (What?! Who breaks up for that!!) ... He was about to propose I found out soon after (you should've waited for the ring!) I'm trying to get into USC or OSU (ok, so this chick is like smart? didn't see that coming!) New boyfriend!? No way! (yes, I know I'm shocked too!) How long have you been dating him?! Me: Wow! Those are really good schools! (true) Good Luck! (That sounds like something a friend would say, right?!) What are you trying to study? We've been together a few months (ok well a week sounds lame, so I had to fudge just a little!) Britney: I'm studying to be a dental hygienist (so she really is smart! Wow.).. I went for dental assisting already :) (ok what's with the random creepy smiley face? And was I supposed to know that I assumed it's been awhile since "we" talked...) aww what's his name? (why? Why you wanna know, huh? So you can look him up on facebook, no thanks b!%^$) Me: Wow! That's awesome..! Good luck with everything :) ( I felt the need to reciprocate the creepy smiley face even though I still think it's creepy.) His name is Ethan* he's super sweet (true!) Hopefully you will find some men at your new school ;) (ok, what's my problem with the smiley faces!?) And that's where the conversation ended. Britney never texted me back after that. Maybe she figured out I wasn't the real Karen? Maybe it was the creepy smiley faces.. did I go overboard with the winky face? Hopefully I didn't sabotage Britney and Karen's relationship forever! Maybe one day I'll text her again... for the blog of course not for my own personal amusement or anything. Oh, and get this... as I was explaining the situation to my friends I was with and how I was only texting her back so I could blog about this, one of my friends goes "What if it's one of your blog friends trying to contact you and you don't know it?" Um... my blog friends know my name!

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I've been tagged.. not once, not even twice.. but how many times?!?

Wow that's a long tittle! I have to apologize for all the semi-mindless posting lately, I'm just having a bit of writers block, or bloggers block (get it?! ha!) Anyway, I've been tagged all over the place lately, so I thought I would just do an all-in-one kinda thing! 1st Jen @ mommablogsalot tagged me in this pieces of eight meme! So here goes:

8 favorite TV shows

(in no specific order)
  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. One Tree Hill
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. Desperate Housewives
  5. Brothers and Sisters
  6. Privileged
  7. Private Practice
  8. Starter Wife

8 Favorite Restaurants

  1. Bek's- It's this restaurant in town, and it's so good! They have amazing sweet potato fries & artichoke dip! yum.
  2. Pastazio's- Back home it was one of my favorite places to eat, they have really good pizza and really good salad!
  3. Subway- I could seriously eat there everyday if I could afford it.
  4. Any Sushi place- I love sushi!!
  5. Campizi's- Another great pizza place in Dallas.
  6. MiCocina- Love me some tex-mex!
  7. Olive Garden- I don't eat here that often, but it's really good! There's one in Columbia which is 30 mins from where I go to school, so sometimes we drive down there for special occasions!
  8. Wendy's- I know it's fast food, but it's so good!!

8 things that happened yesterday

  1. I went to my 1 class for the day
  2. I slept in until 12, since my class wasn't until 2.
  3. I had a long text messaging conversation with my boyfriend :)
  4. I participated in my 2nd sorority initiation ceremony!
  5. I went to wal-mart... twice (almost 3 times)
  6. I called my mom
  7. I begged my mom to send me some money! (it worked!!)
  8. I read blogs.. a lot!

8 things to look forward to

  1. Seeing my boyfriend for the 1st time all week on Saturday!
  2. My birthday in 1 week!!
  3. Halloween
  4. Going home for the 1st time for thanksgiving break
  5. Christmas
  6. Barn Dance- it's a party our sorority is having coming up!
  7. Being officially initiated into my sorority on Saturday.
  8. Birthday presents!
  9. Did I mention seeing my boyfriend?!?

8 things I love about fall

  1. The temperature- even though lately it's been extra cold!
  2. pretty trees
  3. Halloween decorations
  4. my birthday
  5. Getting bundled up!
  6. Hot chocolate & hot apple cider!
  7. the weather is just so nice
  8. yeah everything I said already

8 things on my wish list

  1. Victoria's Secret sweatpants- I have 1 pair and I wear them like everyday, so I need another!
  2. Birkenstock (pretty sure I spelled that totally wrong, but you know what I mean right?)
  3. A million dollars! lol good luck right?
  4. Ugg moccasins!
  5. Some new clothes
  6. A car at school
  7. Did i mention money?
  8. that's all I got for now..

8 people I am tagging

see bottom of the post for the tags! Moving on... I was also tagged by Honey Mommy & Dee to do this fun little meme:

Ok so here's 7 random things about me:
  1. I have a lot of nervous habits- I play with my hands all the time, like popping my knuckles or just messing with them. I play with my necklace a lot, moving it back and forth and stuff. I also do this weird thing with my mouth where I like click the top of my mouth I don't know why, I just started doing it one day and couldn't stop!
  2. I love pelligrino water! Love it! I used to go through like 2 huge bottles a day when I was at home; it was like my wine, I would drink it out of wine glasses and it's the 1st thing I would do is pour some pelligrino water when I got home.
  3. I have to sleep with the a/c on.. like it has to make noise or I can't sleep! It blocks out so much noise which is nice for living in the sorority house, but even when there isn't noise to block out, I have to have it on!
  4. I have a baby blanket that I still sleep with. My aunt made it for me when I was born, and I've been attached ever since! It used to have a silk border around it and it had teddy bears, but not anymore! I still love it, though!
  5. I'm a facebook stalker! I love seeing what people have been doing on facebook, it's so much fun to stalk them! haha
  6. I am really bad with money.. when I have it, I like have to spend it! It's bad.
  7. I am in love with my iPhone.. what did I do before I had an iPhone?
Tags are at the bottom of the post.. Leslie @ Got Kids, Need Valium tagged me as well! She tagged me in the What's in your purse meme? Well, the thing is I kind of stopped carrying a purse once I got to school. I don't really know why, it just became a pain to carry around, and there's really nothing I need, so I just don't carry one. Which means I can't really play this! SAD! If I had done this before, it would've been so much fun. Oh well I might re-visit this if I ever start carrying a purse again! Next, I was tagged by Mrs. Forever to tell you even more about myself! Aren't you so excited you're learning so much about me in one post!? Top four wishes:
  1. Make better grades the rest of the semester
  2. My boyfriend and I will stay together a long time.
  3. I could just accept myself for who I am without focusing on my flaws.
  4. Lose weight (I know it kinda contradicts the last statement, but give me a break!)
Four places I want to travel to:
  1. Last year we went skiing for spring break- while I hate skiing, it was really fun otherwise, so I'd love to go back.
  2. I want to go on a road trip across Texas and visit all my friends at college!
  3. I want to go Italy someday. My dad's side of the family is originally from there, and I've always wondered what it's like! Plus I love Italian food!
  4. L.A.- I just really want to shopping on Rodeo Drive!
Four careers I want to be involved in:
  1. I want to be a mom someday, but not for a long time!
  2. I would love to start my own magazine, and be the editor of it. I'm not really sure what kind of magazine or anything yet, but it's a dream I've had for awhile.
  3. I would love to work for my dad's company as the P.R. person
  4. I would love to be the editor of something- some kind of magazine, newspaper, something.
Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven:
  1. You deserve to be here
  2. Your parents, grandparents, etc. are waiting for you
  3. You lived a great life
  4. I'm glad you're here
Four people I tag: Ok, I'm cheating and I'm not tagging anyone... it just takes too long, and I can't keep up with whose already done this! So if you want to play, leave me a comment and I'll link to you :) Sorry for cheating!

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One Week

Today I was thinking about how much changes in a week. It's really amazing if you sit down and think about what you were doing this time last week and how different it is from today. For instance, This time last week, I was torn between 2 guys. Now I am not even a little bit second guessing my decision! This time last week, I was celebrating because my now-boyfriend asked me to go on a date the following night (the date on which he would ask me to be his girlfriend!) This time last week, I was assuming our student newspaper, which I'm the managing editor of, was going to publish. This week, apparently it's not going to publish all semester. This time last week, I was worried about the upcoming weekend not being fun since everyone was going home. This week, I am so looking forward to the weekend when I can see my boyfriend! And... This time next week it will be 1 day until my 19th birthday!! How excited am I?!?! So excited! So, if you think about it, it's amazing what a difference a week makes.. I just had to share! Feel free to join in if you want! P.s. Anyone have a cute idea for a couples costume?!? I need one kinda fast!

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Looking Fine by 2009- I'm back in Action

Well okay that title's a lie, I'm not in action at all. But I feel I have neglected this little goal and have therefore been letting my bloggy friends down! I haven't forgotten about LFB 2009, how could I when it's on half of your blogs! And most of you have good news- you lost weight, started working out, eating healthier, or any combination of those! You would think this would be motivation enough for me to got off my butt... unfortunately, no. I haven't been to the gym since I got to school and it's been 2 months. I'm just so unmotivated! It's so much easier when I'm not in class to sit on my butt and catch up on blogs, or TV shows online, instead of going to the gym and working out! And don't even get me started on eating.. ugh! It's horrible the habits I've picked up! When I do the cafeteria, which is rare, I eat way too much and take full advantage of the whole free desert thing! Usually, though, I go to what we call the Grab-n-Go.. basically you get like a pre-made sandwich, which sounds at least semi-healthy right? And you do get fruit with it! But you also get chips, and cookies, which I know aren't good for you. I guess I could get an apple and an orange instead of just an apple.. I used to just skip the chips & cookies all together, but then you don't really get what you're paying for. and even if it isn't my money, I don't wanna be ripped off! So maybe I'll go for one or the other and 2 fruits instead of both! That will be goal #1- 2 fruits, with chips or cookies but not both! And no free desert from the cafeteria! Also, I've mentioned before the dreaded candy aisle. I always tell myself to stay away, but then I never do! I always end up buying some kind of candy and telling myself I'll share, I might not even eat it all myself, blah blah. Well, I usually do end up eating most of it, and for no reason other than I feel like it! So goal #2... stay away from the candy aisle! I have to finish what I have already, so it doesn't go to waste, but I will make an effort to share so I don't eat as much. I haven't gone near a scale in months... since I got to school, since I stopped working out, stopped eating healthy. I don't wanna know what that number is going to say. My clothes still fit, so it's not like I've gained a significant amount of weight, but I can't use that as my justification. The truth is, even if I try to tell myself I am, I'm not happy with my weight. I want to be proud of what I see in the mirror, and I wish that happened over night, but it doesn't! Goal #3- Get on a scale. Hopefully the reality check will be what I need to get my butt moving! Then, once I have the number, I will post it on here, and continue to do so every week (with your help, I might need nagging, people!) Goal #4 is to find a work out buddy- let's be honest, it's college. I'm not in school anymore from 8-3. I have a lot of free time during which it wouldn't kill me to get to the gym. I know if I have a work out buddy it will be the motivation I need to get my butt in action. I need someone hollering at me, making me go, even when I whine and make excuses! With 69 girls in the house, I've got to find someone right?! Thanksgiving break is coming up in a month, and my original goal at the end of the summer was to be able to buy designer jeans. I tried unsuccessfully this summer, and unfortunately couldn't fit into a single pair. I don't want to be that person anymore! I want to see my old friends at Thanksgiving, and my family, and have them thinking about how much weight I've lost, not gained! I'm changing the jeans goal to Christmas. By the time I go home for Christmas break, I want to be able to buy some nice, skinny people, jeans! So, I know actions speak louder than words, but I'm really gonna try hard to make the actions echo my words. I don't want to let you guys down anymore, or myself!

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