Extreme Makeover: Sorority House Room Edition

So, I have a problem with cleaning. It's not like I'm not capable of doing it. I can.. I'm just lazy. At the end of the day, when I take off my jeans and put on my sweats to get more comfortable, I don't feel like putting them in the drawer where they go. So, I just throw them on the floor, and tell myself I'll put it away later. Then, the pattern continues. Pretty soon, it's out of control. All the sudden I can't find my jeans when I need them, I think I lost my only nice pair, I can't find that shirt I really wanted to wear. All the sudden I haven't taken out the trash in like a month, and my desk? Oh, my desk.. well papers just get thrown in there in no particular order, and you can forget about actually using it... don't believe me? Allow me to show you... Even my bed was being taken over by shoes, books, clothes, towels (yes, wet towels from my shower earlier) you name it... Oh and of course my laptop is on my bed since there's obviously nowhere to put it on my desk! See, told you! It was out of control. Anyway, this weekend is Family weekend and Autumn at the woods. Which means that prospective students are coming to stay with us for a night, and parents will be visiting as well. So with some bribing and threatening by my sisters, I decided that it was time for an extreme makeover. I worked hard to make it look pretty. I wanted to show everyone I really can be clean, I just have trouble sometimes keeping it that way. Well, if I do say so myself, it was a success! I slaved for days hours in the room, and got it together. Allow me to show off my results... I knew there was a desk under all those papers! And wow, all my clothes are actually hanging up and not on=the floor! Look, see?? A floor!!! I knew it was there somewhere.. Ok, so it was a really lame attempt at making the bed, but I'll fix it eventually. And my laptop is still on my bed, but that's just because my bed is a much more comfortable place to blog study than my desk! So far it has stayed clean for 2 whole days! I plan on keeping it this way as long as possible. And the best part? I am now taking off my clothes at night, and putting them in the drawer! Who knew I could do that? Not me, and definitely not my room mate! So I'd say it was a successful makeover, the response around here has been pretty positive, what do you say?

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Moral Window

I remember in one of our orientation seminars, they had us write down like 15 or something values we feel are most important to us. Then we had to throw 2 away, then more, then more, and then more until you were only left with one. They told us the point of this exercise was that college challenges your values and your morals, and you'll basically be put in positions that make you question your morals, and you end up having to possibly throw them out the window. I knew this was probably true, but I've always been really strong about my values, specifically what I will and won't do. It's always been I will not do drugs ever and I won't have sex until I'm in a serious relationship. That's just the way it's been, and I stuck to that, and thought that if challenged, I wouldn't change my mind. But over time, curiosity set in. So many people talked about it, and I wanted to know what it was like, blah blah blah. Well you know how they say curiosity killed the cat? Yeah... I think I agree with that. Nothing good comes from curiosity. It leads you to making the wrong decision... This weekend I made the wrong decision. I won't say what I did, because I can't. 1. My family reads or could read this blog. 2. I'm ashamed. So you can read between the lines... I said I didn't regret what I did, and I didn't think I did. But that's because I thought I stopped it before it could have serious effects. Apparently, I was wrong. Apparently, other people it involved are concerned. I never thought I would be in this position... you plan your life, you know? You accept that you'll make some mistakes. But you always in the back of your mind promise yourself you'll never make that mistake. This weekend, I got carried away. I made that mistake. Yes, there was alcohol involved which we all know clouds your judgement- 1st mistake. I accept responsibility for what I did, and just have to go on with the learned the hard way philosophy.. and hope that nothing serious comes of this.

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You like me, you really like me!

I feel so... important! I have not 1, but 2 awards now!! Thank you Chelle and Mrs. Newlywed, 2 of my bbfs (best bloggy friends). So, 1st award for the day is The Diamond Award from Chelle! Seriously, I can not thank you enough for my 1st ever bloggy award! It has been a long time (like over a month) since she gave me this award, but I have not forgotten! The rules of this blog award are mention the award (check) and give it to 7 of you! This is gonna be tough since we have a lot of bloggy friends in common, and she gave the award to them already!

  1. Jen @ Momma Blogs Alot- My 1st bloggy friend. I feel I have been neglecting her lately, but I still heart her, I just have less blog time! Seriously, this girl has some of the best advice, and she will offer it up no matter what. Even if the comment could be a post in itself! lol
  2. Dawn @ Dawn's Daily Life- Dawn was 1 of my swap partners, for Wendi's swap! Her package was so special, she sent home made things, which is so cool! I wish I had the creativity to actually make something to put in my package! I love her blog style, because its mostly memes, but you learn so much about her and still get the daily life stories, just in a different, more fun format!
  3. Dana @ Supernanny, Where Are You?- 1st of all, how funny is her blog title? I love it! Dana is so funny, and she has the most unique stories about being a post office worker. Plus, she came up with Top 5 Tuesday and does it every week, which is so much fun!
  4. Heidi @ Mommy Doesn't Live Here Anymore- This girl cracks me up! She is so funny and so smart! She's one of my newest bloggy friends, but as soon as I clicked over to her blog I was hooked!
  5. Susan @ Life in the Psych Award- I am new to her blog as well, but this girl is freaking funny! And she even had a celebrity comment on her blog, how cool is that!? And no, not Doocee or whatever her name is!
  6. Megan @ Wandering DC- She was my swap partner for Pink Potpurri's swap, and this girl is awesome! She has awesome stories and she's just an over all great blog friend!
  7. Laural @ Mamasphere- I was a lurker on her site for a long time until one day I finally commented & then she commented me, and bam! A Friendship was born! lol well at least in my mind. Anyway, she cracks me up everyday with hilarious stories about her life. She's also in the market for a new name, so if your creative like that you could win big!
My next award comes from the hilarious and super sweet Mrs. Newlywed.
Characteristics for the Smile Award:
1. Must display a cheerful attitude. I do try to remain positive on my blog!
2. Must love one another. Check Check check check
3. Must make mistakes.Oh yes, I definitely make mistakes
4. Must learn from others. I learn new things everyday from my bloggy friends
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world. Well, I try...
6. Must love life. Yes, definitely.
7. Must love kids. What? This is random, but I definitely love kids!
These are the rules for The Smile Award:
1. The recipient must link back the the award’s creator
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.
3. You must chose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted by Mere
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver. So, now it's your turn:
  • Jenny @ Happenings of a Little Bubba- She writes from her perspective, and then sometimes as Will, her adorable son! It's too cute! She always has something good to say, and it's so much fun to keep up with what her and Will are doing!
  • Heather @ A Big Boy, A Girl, and A Pug- Ok, I can't even believe she hasn't gotten one of these before (or if she has it's not on her sidebar yet, like me). She was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma cancer, and since then has been determined to kick it's @$$! She always has something positive to say, even when she's sick and feeling awful she keeps a positive attitude. It never fails to amaze me, and I'm continuing to cheer her on as she kicks cancers @$$!
  • Honey Mommy- She has the greatest stories about her 2 little boys, and she is an amazing writer. She's so sweet, and she always has something positive to say.
  • Chelle @ Creative Momma- I just can't say enough good things about this girl! She's so amazing, she writes the sweetest posts about her and her adorable daughter Bella! She always leaves great advice on my comments, which I love! And she even stayed positive when her daughter ate dog poop. Yeah, how hard would that be?
  • Brittany @ 4 Little Men & Twins- If you haven't checked out her blog, do it now. She is one of the most perfect recipients of this award I could think of. She has been through so much lately, with a traumatic car accident that forced her to give birth to her twin girls early and left her in a ton of pain. She has never complained or felt sorry for herself once and it amazes me how she has every right to complain, but doesn't. And she obviously loves children, since she has 6! :)
Wow, that took a long time, but it was worth it. I'm off to clean my room, so I can post the before & After pics! Plus, I'm going to hang out with that new guy later, so I need to look cute!!

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I'm gonna make this sweet & short... I'm trying to get my awards ceremony post done to finally post today! And I have a lot of other stuff to talk about, so I don't even know where to start! I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've just been at a loss for what to say, you know? And then when I do know what to say, I have to actually concentrate and type out what I'm trying to say. Anyway, thank you so much for all the feedback on my last post. I still haven't really decided what to do.. for now we're just talking as friends, and we haven't hung out since I wrote the post, which I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing. Anyway, there's a new guy on the horizon, so hopefully that will turn into something... we'll see. Yeah so there was something big that happened this weekend, and I think I'll write about it, but I'm slightly hesitant because its not something I'm sharing with my family, and I don't want them to read it.... why did I give out my blog address again?! lol ugh! I am in the process of trying to clean my room... it is next to impossible. It is amazing how much clutter can build up in such a small room. I took before pictures, and will take after pictures if it ever gets clean just to show you how bad it really is! So yeah, that's basically it. I just wanted to update you on the situation with that 1 guy, and hopefully there will be something to tell soon about the new guy! Thanks again for all the amazing advice and feedback, it really helped! I wasn't at all offended by anything you said, so don't worry about that! It's great to have such a support system :) I tried to reply to every comment the best I could, but I couldn't reply if your e-mail isn't set up with your account, so make sure you do that! Just a friendly bloggy reminder! hehe *If you don't know how to do this see here or here just to name a couple!

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