My High School Musical 3 Review

I've been meaning to write this post all week, so thanks to Jen @ Daily Mish Mash for hosting Movie Madness, a bloggy carnival all about movies, for motivating me to finally do it! 
I finally did it! I went to go see High School Musical 3 last weekend! I was a huge fan of the 1st High School Musical, and I liked the second one. I was pretty pumped for the 3rd one! So last weekend my best friend and I had a date and went to go to see it! Throughout the movie, we couldn't help but comment on some things that seemed a bit silly to us, or just something we couldn't resist speaking about! So, like the true blogger I am, I compiled our thoughts on my iPhone throughout the movie. Here are mine and Lisa's thoughts on High School Musical 3! 
  • It's awfully sunny to be raining- I swear it was during one of the songs with Troy and Gabriella, and they were on top of the school, singing of course, and one minute it was really sunny and then all the sudden it was like sunny & raining... strange! 
  • I bet there's a song about this- We would joke around every time there was some major dialogue about how there was gonna be a song, since there's a song for everything! I know it's a musical, we were just being silly.. go with it! 
  • Why do they have to sing every time they eat lunch? And where do the tables go?- Seriously, every time they were in the lunch room, there was a song! And magically... the tables disappeared! Where do they go?!? 
  • The freshman look 8- seriously how old were the actors that were supposed to be the freshman, because they did not look like freshman. And for once, they didn't look older than they were supposed to, but younger! Can't they just look the right age for once?!
  • OMG Gabriella's clothes- are fabulous!!! If only I were that skinny and could afford clothes like that... I can dream right?! 
  • Why does Troy have to climb over everything?- Seriously, at one point he gets out of his truck, hops over the back to get the other side to open the door for Gabriella. Um... I guess he looked cool and all, but why not just walk around?! Later, he did the same thing with a chair, like hopped over it in some half dance move or something, when he could've just walked around! 
  • Best Line of the whole movie: "Take a breather, Lebron"- I don't know why, but for some reason we found this hilarious
  • Sharpay's purse looks like a hoola-hoop- seriously, if you haven't seen the movie yet, when you do look for the hoola-hoop purse! It's too funny and too weird! 
  • Troy is so sensitive- maybe a little too sensitive? Just throwing it out there... 
  • Why is it raining basketballs?!- At one point, during one of Troy's songs I think, it was literally raining basketballs! But miraculously, somehow none of them hit him even though he was standing right there! hmm.. 
  • Who bike rides in a mini skirt?!- Apparently Gabriella a.k.a. Vanessa Hudgens does because she did in the movie! Who does that?!? Inappropriate! And you would think that would be really uncomfortable...
  • What kind of theatre performance has different actors playing the same role at different parts of the show- I don't wanna say too much about this, because I don't want to give away any spoilers, but seriously... the theatre performance was so strange, but of course everyone in the movie loved it! Whatever!
And finally... my favorite one: 
  • Pink Leather pants... really?! Enough said! 
Overall, it was a good movie, not my favorite HSM movie by any means, and it was pretty high on the corny scale, but it was worth seeing. I know a lot of people who loved it, and the music as always was pretty good! Can't wait to download some of the songs. Hope you enjoyed our thoughts & reflections. If you want to write your own movie post, or want to link to one you wrote before make you sure you go link up with Jen

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Why I Love Spam E-mail

So I'm pretty sure we all get spam e-mail from time to time, and I don't know about you but I have a love-hate relationship with it. Most of the time, it's just some stupid robot trying to sell you something or sometimes it's not even in English! Most of the time it's just annoying to sift through the crap to get to the good e-mails. However, once in awhile a good one actually comes along. Take for instance the spam e-mail I got today. It was just too weird and too funny to delete and never speak of again! Allow me to demonstrate: 

Knock!!! knock!!!! (Um... this is an e-mail you're not at my door why are you knocking?!) May i come into ur world ??? (Come into my word?!!? I don't even know you!) I bring no flower, no cake , no chocalote, but i wishes u (wow great grammar) flesh prayer to keep ur healthy & luv to keep u smiling... (Um.. what?!?!) May u begin the day with a smile on ur face &with happiness from ur soul to embrace. Am Mark Ken(Again with the grammar...) with a simple life..everything is good and i'm enjoying my life as it is.. (I'm so happy for you... since I don't even know you!) i'm hoping to achieve something in the future, (aren't we all!?) aiming for the stars...still struggling with my business (owh i should not put struggling but i'm enjoying it the way i suppose to)... (wow what was that side note? Didn't quite catch that..)really wish to meet with that special someone one fine day and i always praying for that...i loves the way i am today but the most important thing is i'm missing to ask as my friend so much especially my parents, i lost them in a airport crash...hard to believes that they are so far away from me..really wish to see them and also my bestess friends back at home..miss you priness (what is he calling me princess?? Creepy...) please come ro (do what now?) my and be my queen so that we can have a lot Fun-loving, style-conscious, creative and genuine, (was that a sentence?) you all know who you are..huhuhu---> (what did he just say??!?! huhuhhu???) 
I didn't add too many comments to that one because I think it speaks for itself... 
Then there's this one... apparently it's ok to request money from people you don't even know: 
Good day,i am requesting for your kind ASSISTANCE AND HELP,(what's with the random caps?!?i want to go into a lucrative business (is there any other kind of business that one would want?!?! Who wants a non-lucrative business?!),i need some money PLEASE NOTHING IS TOO SMALL (really!? Nothing is too small... so I can send you a penny?!?! That's my kind of donation!) ,GOD BLESS YOU.YOUR KIND REPLY WILL BE APPRECIATED.THANKS,kelvinanderson@aol.es,Regards,Kelvin
Or, how about this "anonymous visitor" who feels the need to tell me I have bad posture: 
Dear Patrice, 

An anonymous visitor stopped by NiceCritic.com and selected the following message for you:

Better posture might convey more confidence. NiceCritic.com

If you wish to unsubscribe, just click here

You can be sure I clicked that unsubscribe button!! 

So next time you get spam e-mail, consider reading it because you never know what you'll find! 

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