Don't Mind Me...

Don't mind me if I'm gone for a few days... (I know, I know it's not that unsual for me to go several days without blogging but let's pretend it is!) I won't be around here much because I'm leaving, leaving on a Jet Plane!!! (yeah I know that reference is totally before my time, I don't know what's up with that)

Anyway.. I'm going to Kansas City for the weekend to see one of my sorority sisters, my BFF Lisa! 
I'm so excited!!! :) I'll be for sure on Twitter, tweeting our every adventure, but I probably won't blog much (or at all, really)! 
But, never fear, I'll be back Monday with a full report & maybe even some pictures! :) 
So, have a great weekend friends!! See you on the other side.... wait what!? 

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Permission to Make No Sense

The Un-Mom is hosting the weekly meme of Random Tuesday thoughts & well since I don't feel like making sense today, I love this because she is pretty much giving me permission to make no sense! Kidding... I will make some sense (or at least try)! So attempt to follow along, won't you!? So, I don't know if you remember (but you should because you should be taking notes of everything I say here!) me talking about my College Lifestyles internship, but I posted my very 1st blog over there the other day, so go check it will you!? It would make me super happy! :) I realize it's been a long time since I posted anything, but I felt like I had something to live up to after my last post was quoted on iTunes and all! I was gonna post something, but I was debating on what to post next... I was thinking about doing a post on the fear of talking on the phone, or a post about how I'm surviving the summer. What do you, my lovely readers, think!?! Anyone, anyone... Bueller? I'm taking summer school starting Monday & I'm not excited. It's going to suck. I know it. I hate school. I hate doing work for school. blah! But, hopefully it will get my GPA up & it will get a couple of classes out of the way. But it's gonna suck, did I mention that!? Also, my school & the school I'm taking classes at are not making this easy! I have less than a week to get everything in order, and today I find out my summer school doesn't have my transcript. Well that's because my normal school is "holding it" until 6/10... 9 days after I'm supposed to start classes. Awesome! Thanks for the help! My weight has officially gotten out of control. So, I have been touring gyms and stuff trying to find the right health club to join for the summer so I can hopefully go back to school looking and feeling much better than I do now. Hopefully I can start the whole working out process ASAP because time is wasting & I'm not getting any thinner! I almost posted about the MTV Movie Awards yesterday because I had so many thoughts & feelings after watching it! It was a very enjoyable show for the most part, and I freakin LOVED Andy Samberg (although I wish he would've performed instead of having those people do the slow-mo versions of his songs... lame!)! However, I was so annoyed that Twilight won everything! I get it that it's apparently soooo amazing & whatever, but enough is enough! There were a lot of other great movies this year besides Twilight & someone else should've had a chance & gotten recognized! I don't even want to watch next year, because with the new Twilight movie New Moon coming out I'm sure it's just gonna be the same kiss-twilights-ass kind of show again, and I am not interested, thankyouverymuch!! Also, Kristin Stewart... um whatever you're smoking/drinking/taking whatever... stop! You're a fool! Also, get a stylist... no one wears converse on the red carpet! Get a clue :) 1 more thing about the Movie Awards... um Heath Ledger won an award (I think like Best Villain or something? Thank God Rob Pattinson didn't win that too... shocker!) & they very nonchalantly, in passing, said oh by the way Heath Ledger won.. ok moving on now. WHAT!!!!? This is the last award that Heath Ledger will ever win most likely, and they just nonchalantly mentioned it. It was very insensitive I feel, and I wish they would've done something more to honor his memory. That's it... let me know what you think my next post should be, because I am in a slump! Also, if you're not in the mood to make sense either and just wanna say what's on your mind, you can do your own Random Thoughts Tuesday & link up with The Un-Mom!

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