Yay for Birthday's!!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! :) I'm so excited!! It's my 1st birthday away from home, so its bittersweet... but mostly sweet! I'm 19 today! And you know I'm gonna celebrate all weekend (starting tonight!) So, for my birthday, feel free to send me packages! I love mail! But I love the virtual kind of mail, too! So I'm stealing borrowing an idea from Sam, who for her birthday asked for enough comments to break her record, which was 35. When I finally clicked over to her, I believe she was at 65! Way to go Sam! So my comment record is only 20 comments on this post, which is awesome! But that shouldn't be too hard to break, right?! So if you could give me a shout out for my birthday, I would love to break my record, and set a new one! That's all I ask of you for my birthday :) Thank you in advance, and in return, I promise to return with reports of all the fun I'll be having this weekend!

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My Poor Blog!

My Poor blog... it has been so neglected lately! It doesn't deserve this! I used to be so good to it, writing daily, always checking in with all my bloggy friends, and (hopefully) being interesting! Lately.. well I've been neglected my blog, your blog, and I feel pretty boring! I've been full of memes, and blog fests, whatever you wanna call them. Bottom line is it's pretty unoriginal! I have attempted to write some good stuff... but they remain drafts in my folder. I meant to check in with Looking Fine by '09 on Monday, but never got around to it. Then I meant to do Top 5 Tuesday, but again, never got around to it. And last week, I totally spaced out about It's Real Life! I was so excited to do my video, too, then Friday came and went and I forgot all about it! This whole school thing is really getting me down.. I just wanna give up sometimes. I know it's my fault, because I procrastinate, and I don't study as much as I should, blah blah blah... but it still sucks. I hate doing homework, I hate studying. There's so much better things to do! I just really need a break, but no such luck! On the bright side.. my birthday is tomorrow!! :) I'm super excited! My mom's been sending me a package a day all week with presents, it's so much fun! I've gotten some great stuff so far! I love birthday's! I'll be spending my birthday tomorrow night with my new boyfriend, who things are going really well with, at his fraternities Halloween party! We're going as people from the 50's, so I'll be wearing a poodle skirt & he's wearing jeans and a leather jacket! I'll post pictures if we take any, which might not be likely! But hopefully someone will have a camera! Last week was a busy week, too, because it was initiation week for my sorority. Basically what that means for those of you not familiar with sororities is that we had ceremonies every night and those of us who just joined the sorority this year are now official members. Probably doesn't make much sense if you're not familiar with sororities and stuff, but I felt like telling you anyway! :) Also, Dee made my day today by giving me a wonderful new bloggy award! I'm so excited, thanks Dee! So look out for that, I'll try to give it out to you guys soon! Also, I almost forgot that Mamasphere loves me!! hehe She sent me the I heart you award last week, so I'll post that, too! :) I don't wanna promise that I'll be around more because I know I'm gonna be busy coming up this weekend with my birthday and Halloween and everything, but I'll try! I'm permanently behind on reading your blogs, so I'm slowly trying to catch up on that, too! Story of my life! haha

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