It's My Birthday, and I'll ramble if I want to!

So, I am a couple days late doing this, but I was a little busy drinking celebrating this weekend. Saturday was my 21st birthday, and I am super excited about this! I had a great weekend celebrating with great friends and I am so happy to be 21!! (So happy, in fact, that I haven't quite comprehended how old I am now. I am focusing on the exciting parts of being 21! lol) So, for my birthday post I have compiled a list of 21 random things about being 21!! (Did I mention I turned 21 enough times?)

First of all, I got a "Happy 21st Birthday" card from Student Life at my University with "21 ways to celebrate your 21st birthday. Here are some of the ways they listed that particularly amused me:

  1. Strive to say "meow" 21 times in one conversation 
  2. Go get line dancing lessons 
  3. Take a shot of 21 flavors of Kool-Aid 
  4. Take 21 shots of water 
  5. Buy 21 lottery tickets 
  6. Go bowling and try to get a score of 21 
  7. Walk for 21 miles with a group at the park 
While these are all crazy unique, they are not exactly how I chose to spend my birthday!
Also, being that 21 is a big birthday, it came with a lot of unsolicited advice/ interesting comments regarding my birthday. Here are some of the best one's to continue the list:
  1. Don't go to the hospital 
  2. I knew someone who (insert crazy story here) on their 21st birthday. Don't do that. 
  3. Wow, Halloween and your 21st birthday on the same weekend? I hope you survive. 
  4. Have fun... but not too much fun. 
  5. Have a memorable birthday. In other words, remember it! 
  6. Be safe (I got this like 100 times. I guess people were concerned...)
  7. (The next day) I'm glad you survived your 1st night as a 21 year old! 
And, finally to round up the list, I have compiled some random thoughts about being 21, why I'm excited to be 21, etc. 
  1. If I so happen to go out and enjoy a couple of beverages on a school night, it's nice that now I don't have to worry about the big black "X"'s on my hands, so my professors won't know I went out the night before. 
  2. On that note, there is nothing worse than walking into the bar and having the bouncer yell "minor". It just makes you feel so horrible about being a minor! Thank goodness I am not one of those anymore!
  3. It is really unfortunate that I got my driver's license picture redone this summer... and it was hideous. Now, I have to show my ID all the time and everyone is going to see the most unattractive picture of me ever!
  4. Peer pressure sucks. Especially when it's your 21st birthday and everyone thinks you need to take a lot of shots. Don't do it. Not that I did, I'm just saying. 
  5. I feel like 21 is going to be expensive. I already have a list of places I want to go, things I want to do now that I am 21. They all cost money. 
  6. 21 makes me feel old. Which I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I mean it's good that I'm getting older and growing up, but holy crap where did the time go?!
  7. This age opens up so many new windows and so many new places to explore, that I am super excited! I can't wait to go to the bars I couldn't go to before, to drink where I couldn't before. It's like a whole new world! 
So, there you have it! Everything about being 21 compiled into one post! And just for fun, here is a picture of me with my 1st 2 legal drinks! A margarita and a birthday shot at the local mexican restaurant!  (They give you a sombrero with the birthday shot and sing to you! haha It's really exciting!)

Don't I look happy?! haha! Also, I love comments so feel free to leave one saying Happy Birthday! ;)

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