WTF/ WTD Wednesday!

1 of my favorite bloggers Supermommy started What's the Deal With That Wednesday, or as I like to call it WTF Wednesday (I'm not alone in this nickname I'm pretty sure lol). Basically, we just post about things that make you go "Wtf?" or "What's the deal with that!?" (really I just like Wtf because it's shorter...). And today just for playing along, you could be entered to win one of these super cute Easter bunnies! (This is *not* why I am playing along, I am not a moocher like that, but I figured some of you could use motivation, so I would inform you about it!) Anyway, today my WTF Wednesday topic is about sex. Yes, you heard me Sex. Now, don't go running away or anything. This is not about me & sex or anything like that (not that those 2 have anything to do with each other.. just saying don't jump to conclusions!) This is more of a public service announcement, if you will, because all women (and maybe men too) need to know this! According to this article, you know that thing that happens when you're getting it on & it feels really good? Ok, i'll just say it... orgasm? Well, apparently when you do that, you are more likely to get pregnant! Yes, that's right. It increases fertility, and gives couples the greatest chance of getting pregnant! Now maybe it's just me... but I couldn't help thinking WTF when I read that. So if it feels good... really good then that's bad (unless you're trying to have a baby then I guess that's good!). So we're supposed to skip the best part (so I've heard...) or we have a better chance of getting pregnant? hmm... great. Remind me to go take my birth control pills now... KIDDING! *disclaimer... this has nothing to do with my sexual habits... I am not saying I am having sex, or even know where babies come from! I am just telling a story about something that made me think "WTF?"*

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Writer's Block or Something Like That

I am back from Spring Break. I am alive (which I think you know because I've been on twitter & commenting on your blogs some). However, if you just follow my blog & don't follow me on twitter or anything, you might wonder if I am, in fact, alive. Why? Because I never freakin post anymore! I did write this post... like 2 weeks ago! Last week I was on Spring Break so I have an excuse. And in my defense, even when I was on Spring Break I still tried to blog (only once, but it counts). I was going to do Photo Story Friday, but the awful internet connection at our hotel wouldn't let me upload pictures to blogger. Then, when I got back I wasn't sure if I should just post that late, or post it as something other than a photo story friday post, or just wait until this Friday. I decided to wait, so at least I have that coming up... On my 16 hour car ride to my Spring Break destination, I started writing a post, with the intent of sending it to College Candy as an audition, but it's still in progress. Also, when some drama arose over the break (not with friends I was with, but other bitchy people), I wrote a post about that, and it was pretty good I think. But the next day, I decided it wasn't even worth posting about, so I didn't post it. And now, since I've been back, every night I sit here staring at my computer wondering what on earth to blog about! I usually do my funny quotes post Monday's, and I thought about doing that, but Spring Break edition because we had ton's of funny quotes over the break. Then I thought about just doing a spring break re-cap, but it's not all that interesting if you weren't there and my friends would kill me if I put our pictures up on (even though they are on facebook). So.... those are my excuses. I am posting this for now, and please feel free to provide feedback. What do you want me to blog about!? I'll work on being more interesting, I promise!

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