Contributing to their 15 mintues of Fame

I'll admit it. I am a total Bachelor[ette] junkie. I watched from the beginning with Trista & Ryan, and to this day I am a loyal fan! I am loving this season with Ali as the Bachelorette, and I'm always so excited when Monday comes around and a new episode comes on. So this week, when I heard that they were taking time away from Ali's journey to find love to talk to Jake and Vienna about their break up, I was thinking really? They are so last season. Clearly, I underestimated the awesomeness that is Jake and Vienna because oh.my.god. What happened in those 30 minutes was the showdown of the century (or maybe just the week but whatever!).

Last season, I cringed every time Jake gave Vienna another rose. And you better believe, I almost cried when he freakin proposed to her. And no, they weren't happy tears. But, I knew it wouldn't last. Or at least I hoped. When I heard they were performing on Dancing With the Stars together I puked in my mouth a little was glad surprised to hear they were still together. So finally last week when I heard they broke up I did a victory dance was not surprised and thought it was about time! Then, I heard they were cutting time out of The Bachelorette for the two of them to sit down together and "talk about their break up." Puh-lease. No one cares anymore. Most of us never liked Vienna in the first place, so we understood why they broke up. Because Vienna is a whore not right for Jake. Plus, with both of them running straight to the press, I figured we'd heard it all by now. She says he wasn't intimate with her, she says all he cared about was fame. He says she was jealous and couldn't handle his career taking off instead of hers. Whatever.

So I wasn't expecting much from this whole "Reunion" or whatever you wanna call it. Boy was I wrong.What happened next can only be described as a train wreck, but a really awesome one that was televised nationally for all of us to see (and blog about). She cried a lot (big surprise, she was always playing the victim last season, too when everyone in the house hated her). He sat there super smug like he was the sh*t. She says he was always mean to her, he can't get a word in because she's always interrupting him, and he blows up. He snaps at her and says "please stop interrupting me" and she starts sobbing & runs off. And we get a great insight into how their relationship went. Once again, oh.my.god. This is a train wreck!

Now here are my thoughts. First of all, I know they are just reality stars and not like "official" celebrities, but you would think they would at least have the common knowledge to lock it up a little on National TV (I once told a co-worker to "lock it up" and she didn't know what I was talking about, so just in case you don't speak my language, I linked to the Urban Dictionary definition). He was obviously frustrated with her, but how much of a d-bag does he look like now that he snapped at her on National TV? And she's not innocent either. Home girl, I know you just broke up with your boyfriend and now you have to talk about it on National TV, but stop crying. Also, let him speak. Even if you think he's lying. So, enough about what I think. Like any good journalist blogger, I turned to the people. I wanted to know what the world thought. So I posed the question on Twitter and on my fan page: Team Jake or Team Vienna? And the responses I got were almost better than the actual show! (Disclaimer: Not all of these people are actually my twitter friends. I searched "team vienna" and "team jake" for more repsonses!)

Team Vienna: 
@googlewaveyour: Without Vienna's support, @JakePavelka1 would never have done the bungee jump & still be sitting on that ledge afraid to jump! #teamvienna

@possessionista: Well, I guess it's fair to say no one will ever accuse Jake of being "too perfect" ever again.

@thecarolineann: congrats to @jason_mesnick, who has just been ousted as dickest bachelor ever! Jake Pavelka, you suck.

@thecarolineann: so Jon and Kate are lookin pretty Carol and Mike Brady right now. #teamvienna

@tammy_louise: Jake, better brush up on those flying skills, we could barely stomach you during DWTS. Team Vienna!

@callie_whelan if @jakepavelka1 was telling the truth, he would've had a hell of a lot more to say than rude 1 liners. i used to hate her, but #teamvienna

@Liann_Cameron: #TeamVienna. Also... How long til Jake does his coming out interview for big bucks? 

Team Jake: 
@epresco I think if I got interrupted every other word I would be throwing something too! #teamjake 

 @mollyissogyo: Barely heard @jakepavelka1 talk in the interview w/vienna. vienna, stop interrupting him, u talk too damn much. so annoying. #teamjake

@MrsMaryMiller: Sorry but Vienna seems so whiney, fake, and needy! Didn't let Jake get a word in...being too defensive = lying! #teamjake 

@AshW1228: Why did @jakepavelka1 waist anytime on this trashy ugly whore Vienna? seriously fame whore?Look who's talking. #TeamJake!

@MaerinB: Wait first the dog is sick and dying now it's being potty trained? WTF? #TeamJake 

@MegBurns  I cannot believe the onslaught of support for that freak show Vienna. Yes, Jake had a temper but LOOK AT WHAT HE WAS UP AGAINST! #teamjake

Team No One (aka Team Who Cares?) 
@SimplyShannon:  I haven't watched & know virtually nothing, but I'm gonna say they're both selfish, self-promoting morons.

@TheBestSportMom: They are both nuts!!

@LeannaNelson Team Neither. There are other planets they deserve to be on...

 Team Chris Harrison: 

@jschefftwater @chrisbharrison "We don't really care about the dog" was the best part of the most uncomfortable interview ever! 

@anniepayne "It is what it is." Chris Harrison is so wise.  

Other Comments of note: (These people didn't necessarily take a side, but their comments were worth sharing!)       

@tristasutter If she's truthful & J promised her things'd change 4 better,I feel 4 her,BUT if she interrupted me all the time I wouldn't change either!

@tristasutter Sorry...had 2 laugh at the "how many times have u called my dad?" comment. Good luck finding a guy who's just gonna ring ur dad 4 kicks! ha!

@gibsondm It appears that Jake did not guard and protect Vienna's heart.

@BacheloretteTV: Jake and Vienna need a reality show. Bring in Judge Judy to settle this

@JenniferWeiner: Jake is "still processing" and "in a confused emotional state." Does he want to be the next bachelorette? 

@Possessionista: Did you hear that? That was the sound of the egg timer on Vienna and Jake's :15 minutes. They're up.

And if you're wondering what they have to say about all this, Vienna posted this on her twitter yesterday: 
"Thank you for all your support. The truth will always prevail. I'm so glad people see what I have been going through. Love you all"
And shortly after Jake posted something similar: 
"Thanks everybody! I really appreciate the ongoing support."   

So I contributed to their 15 minutes. My bad, I know. But, really?! How can we not talk about this showdown?! Also, side note- one of the old contestants on a previous season of Bachelorette blogged about what happens when Bachelor[ette] contestants break up. Super fascinating. So we'll see what happens next... my conclusion? They are both fame whores (which coincidentally is the word of the day at Urban Dictionary. Coincidence? I think not!) So what do you think... Team Jake or Team Vienna (or team who cares?!)?

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