The Big 1-0-0!!

It's that time, people!! It's almost here! Are you excited? GET EXCITED!!! It is almost my 100th post!! I can't believe i've written almost 100 posts... that's crazy! Anyway, I want to do something BIG & exciting!! So I need your ideas... I could do a giveaway, but I don't even know how to go about that... I don't really want to do that 100 things about me thing that some people do, I want it to be more exciting! So, what did you do? Did you see someone else do something you liked? Help! Let me know what you think :) Thanks in advance, friends!

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Not Me Monday! (2nd Edition)

Yay! I'm back for another week of Not Me Monday over at MckMama's place! So, here are the things I did not do this week! I did not stay up until almost 4 in the morning last night chatting with friends even though I had my 1st final at 9 AM this morning... not me! I did not show up to my final this morning only to remember we have 2 other chances to take the exam later in the week, and once I remembered that I definitely did not leave my exam! I did not have a little too much to drink Saturday night, and wake up sick Sunday... of course not, I am not 21, so I did not drink at all! I did not panic when my debit card was declined when I tried to buy pizza yesterday... and I did not realize it was declined because I spent almost all my money on fast food and had hardly any left. I did not let myself get upset Saturday night after seeing my ex for the 1st time in awhile, and it did not bother me that we still didn't say hi to each other even though we agreed we would from now on... I don't care! I did not shave my legs for the 1st time in 2 weeks this weekend... I would never go that long without shaving! I did not go out of my way to bring one of my guy friends (who happens to be one of my ex's frat brothers) advil since he claimed no one in the frat house had any & he needed his fever to go down, and I did not find out afterward when talking to some of his brothers that several of them had advil afterall. I did not have to clean off my un-made bed before sleeping in it last night, and I did not have to remove beer caps from my bed... I also did not sleep on top of the mattress without a sheet because the sheet wouldn't stay on the bed. Nope... didn't happen! I did not party every night this weekend starting Thursday, except for Sunday, and I do not plan to party every night this week... I will be studying 24/7 of course! I also did not spend hours posting 100's of pictures on facebook of these said parties... that would be crazy! I did not wait until the last minute to write my speech that is due at 1:00 PM today... and I did not "take a break" from it to write this! I did not almost not write this post because only an hour after MckMama posted, there were already over 100 people on the Mr. Linky!

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