School's Out (Almost)

It's that time of year... school's almost out. I heard someone use this phrase (School's out) the other day, and it got me thinking... it's funny how that term has changed meaning so much this past year. When I was younger hearing those words was cause for celebration, even a high school musical-esque celebration. School's out were the words we all waited to hear, counting down the days until there's only 100 days left of school, now only so many weeks, and then school's out! That meant freedom, it meant sleeping in late, pool parties, slumber parties, and so much more! No homework, no worries, no nothing! While all of the above benefits apply (and then some), I can't say that this year I am happy to hear the words "school's out." This means that I am leaving my comfort zone, and heading back home. I won't see my friends and my sorority sisters for 3 whole months. And worse than that, some of them are graduating or transferring next year! This year has been life changing for me. I've met amazing people who I hope will always be in my life. I'm gonna miss it here so much... even the little things. I'm gonna miss driving around town, making late night trips to McDonalds. I'm gonna miss my favorite frat house, where I've met some of my best friends. I'm gonna miss my room, laying in bed watching shows online. I'm gonna miss Saturday and Sunday mornings when I have 5 of my sisters in my room and we are all discussing the nights before. I'm gonna miss getting ready all together, and going out to party. I'm gonna miss it all. I don't like change. Even if it's just temporary. I know the summer will go by fast. I know when we get back it will be like we never left. But I don't want to leave. I want to just fast forward to the fall, when we are all reunited. And I can't stop thinking about those people who won't be here... some of my closest friends won't be here next year, and that really sucks. I'm trying to cherish these last few days, and enjoy the time I have with people, but I can't shake this feeling of sadness...

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