Umm.. what ?!?!

So I may have mentioned a couple of times that I have been waiting... and waiting for some funny keywords that people use to get to my blog to show up on Google Analytics so I can write a post like all the great ones I've read from everyone else. (is it me or was that a major run on sentence? O well) Well, friends, family, aliens, others: the day has finally come! I have become a bit obsessed with my keywords, and so I had some spare time and decided to see what people have been searching to get to my blog these days. Here are the winners:

  1. 60 something woman's blog- dear Google person, I sincerely hope when you say 60 something woman, you are NOT meaning 60 something in age. Perhaps you were looking for 60 or something different woman's blogs? I don't know, but I am nowhere near 60.
  2. Google.com- Um.... who Google's google? And even if you're not using google but yahoo or msn or some other search engine... why on earth would you feel the need to search for google.com?? Also, you spent a long time on my blog after searching for google.com: 3 minutes! I'm curious, google googler (how do you like that?!) what on my blog intrigued you about google.com? Perhaps my love of google reader? or google analytics? Well I hope you found what you were looking for, but I'm guessing not.
  3. English paper about a terrible day- Um... why would you write an English paper about a terrible day? I certainly haven't. That is what this blog is for. And yes I have certainly blogged about having a terrible day. But I don't think I've blogged about English papers? Although I did write an English paper about blogging. Not kidding!
  4. One month of menus for a sorority house- yes, it is true I live in the sorority house. Alpha Chi Omega to be exact. However, I can not tell you anything about the menus for a sorority house. We eat at the cafeteria like everyone else. If it convinces you to go Greek I'll make something up: Monday- Filet Mignon Tues- Lobster Weds- Spaghetti. Ok, convinced? Good. Rush Alpha Chi Omega!
  5. People writing- What exactly were you trying to get to by googling people writing? Yes, I write, especially on my blog. Do you have a blog, googler? You should. It's all the rage. And people write on them. It's like a big giant community of people writing! Yes, people writing, which apparently you're interested in, so go for it!
  6. What to say to a girl not loving- Well, I am no expert, but I would say "Why are you not loving?" What not funny? I know. Let me try again... perhaps singing to her "Can you feel the love tonight?" yeah, I've got nothing.
Now for my favorites:
  • "movie quote i'll give you three meals a day and you can sleep with me if you want to."- I'm sorry, what??! What kind of movie are you watching? It's true I did a post on movie quotes, but I don't recall offering to sleep with you... not to mention how do you even put those 2 together.. I'll feed you 3 meals a day- good, proper nutrition always important. You can sleep with me... woah! I'm sorry you can't sleep with me. I am not a pimp!
  • The 4th hole on women- I don't even want to think about what this could mean. Please tell me you mean hole as in a piercing on your ear. I hope it's not something perverted. This sounds like some kind of sick game... like hey, see if you can find the 4th hole on women! Ya, we don't have holes. Ok well we have 1... oh my gosh off topic, moving on!
So, I hope you enjoyed. I guess I wouldn't necessarily call them funny, but they were at least somewhat entertaining right? Maybe it's just me being overly optimistic that people are actually searching something other than Not a Girl, Not yet a Woman to get my blog! Also, I'm not sure whether or not I am creeped out by the fact that several people specifically googled "Patrice William Woods Fulton" or some variation of that with my name, etc to get to my blog. I sincerely hope it's friends and family who are looking for my blog and not creepers...

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My girl/guy theory

So I was talking to this guy the other day, and he said something that stuck with me for awhile because I never really thought about it until now. He told me that he had girl problems, blah blah, and the one thing he said that stuck with me ever since (well it's only been like a little over a week, but still) is "Nice guys always finish last". Now I try to be an optimist (although my friends laughed hysterically when I called myself "positive Patrice" the other day so I guess I'm not very successful at it), so I immediately told him he was wrong! I told him I would much rather date/talk to a sweet guy than some jerk who treats me like nothing! He told me I was rare. I thought this was a very depressing way of looking at things! I guess I've heard that some girls like bad boys or whatever, but still! I guess I buy into the whole hard-to-get thing to a certain extent, because honestly it does kind of make me want them more, but as far as dating I would much rather date a sweet guy and not a jerk! Well, after a lot of thinking I have decided that nice girls finish last, too. So I guess I am cynical and whatever, but it's my theory and I'm sticking to it! For as long as I can remember, ever since I've had crushes on guys, I have always gotten the friend line: "you're a great friend... but I just don't see you as my girlfriend." Now, I pride myself on being a good friend. I will go above and beyond to make sure I am the best friend I can possibly be, so I am glad people recognize that I'm a good friend. However, I don't want to be every one's friend. I want to be someones girlfriend, too. Why is it that because I'm nice and because I'm a good friend, that makes me like un-dateable or something? So if I were a bitch you would want me to be your girlfriend is that it? If I treated you like nothing, would you like that? I doubt it. So what's the compromise? Hot sometimes, cold other times? I don't like playing games. I want to be myself, and some guy should like me for that. But apparently that's not good enough. My non-skinny, average looking at best, nice self is not what guys want. So here's my theory with the help of my friend John*: Nice guys and girls apparently always finish last. *Names have been changed to protect the innocent (well I wouldn't really call him innocent but whatever)

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To-Do Lists

So I mentioned I've been busy, but I told you I had a good reason, right? Well let me just tell you what my to-do list looks like. I'm doing 2 versions, a blog to-do list & a IRL to-do list! Blog to-do list: (not counting all the blog-reading I have to do, this is just what I have to write about on here) *This is in no specific order*

  1. Being country-fied (Yes, I made that word up)- apparently since I'm from TX I need to be a country person. So my friends here at college are working on converting me.
  2. IRL response to saying I'm a blogger- seriously it's hilarious some of the things I get!
  3. Favorite things Swaps posts. Yes I did 2, and I'm the worst swap partner ever because its taking me so long to get my packages out!
  4. Awards ceremony- way back in the day Chelle gave me an award and I never re-awarded it, and then yesterday Mrs. Newlywed gave me another award! I'm so excited! :)
  5. My new girl/guy theory. It's deep... and slightly cynical.
  6. My weekend.. great weekend!
  7. Discover new blogs... I used to do this all the time because I had so much blog time over the summer, and now I rarely click links to new blogs because I can barely keep up with the blog friends I already have, but I really want to get back to it and see who else is out there in bloggy world!
  8. Whatever else comes up that I need to talk about!
IRL to-do list:
  1. class- I feel like I'm always in class! Well ok not really, but I can act like it, right?
  2. send out Favorite things swap package
  3. study for house test- we're having a house test in our sorority we basically have to know the history of our sorority. It's gonna be hard.
  4. Homework. It never ends!
  5. Socializing. I know, all the school stuff comes first but I need my social time too!
  6. clean/decorate my room. It's a mess, clothes everywhere.
  7. That's all I can come up w/ now, but I'm sure there's more.
So as you can see, I'm pretty busy. I know you get it, I just wanted to share what I'll be up to when I'm not here!

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Top 5 Tuesday

Yay for the pretty new badge Krystyn made, I like it! So I know I've been absent here for almost a week, but I have good reassons! (kind of!), but i'll post on that later. Right now it's time for another edition of Top 5 Tuesday @ Dana's place! This weeks theme from Jen @ Momma Blogs Alot, is what you like most/least about where you currently live. So I can't decide whether to post about what I like most or what I like least, since I toyed with writing a post about the downs of living in the sorority house, but I think I'll go with what I like most, jsut to be positive!

  1. I love it in Missouri becasue the weather is so nice. I wish it would hurry up and get cold, but we have had a few days of cold weather already, and that never happens this early in Dallas!
  2. The best thing about living in the sorority house is there is always someone to talk to. When you're bored, just go down the hall and you will usually run into someone to talk to and stuff!
  3. I love that it will snow here. I love cold weather. I love ugg boots and big sweaters and comfy, warm, sweat pants. I'm so excited that there is a real winter here, because in Dallas we didn't get a real winter.
  4. I love living in the sorority house because it provides you with activities. I don't know what I would do for fun if I wasn't in a sorority!
  5. I just love being at college over all!
So, that's my Top 5 Tuesday for this week, if you want to play make sure you head over to Dana's place and link up!

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