Top 5 Tuesday

Yay for the pretty new badge Krystyn made, I like it! So I know I've been absent here for almost a week, but I have good reassons! (kind of!), but i'll post on that later. Right now it's time for another edition of Top 5 Tuesday @ Dana's place! This weeks theme from Jen @ Momma Blogs Alot, is what you like most/least about where you currently live. So I can't decide whether to post about what I like most or what I like least, since I toyed with writing a post about the downs of living in the sorority house, but I think I'll go with what I like most, jsut to be positive!

  1. I love it in Missouri becasue the weather is so nice. I wish it would hurry up and get cold, but we have had a few days of cold weather already, and that never happens this early in Dallas!
  2. The best thing about living in the sorority house is there is always someone to talk to. When you're bored, just go down the hall and you will usually run into someone to talk to and stuff!
  3. I love that it will snow here. I love cold weather. I love ugg boots and big sweaters and comfy, warm, sweat pants. I'm so excited that there is a real winter here, because in Dallas we didn't get a real winter.
  4. I love living in the sorority house because it provides you with activities. I don't know what I would do for fun if I wasn't in a sorority!
  5. I just love being at college over all!
So, that's my Top 5 Tuesday for this week, if you want to play make sure you head over to Dana's place and link up!

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Jen E said...

I do prefer having a real winter - it seems weird to me to be somewhere in the winter W/OUT snow - like it's not real at all.

Glad you are loving college :)

Megan said...

Glad sorority life/college life is going well for you!! I am with you on winter..I can't wait for it to get here!!

Dawn said...

Well, I am only one state away from you, and our weather is fairly similar. I am loving it! The only thing I don't like in the winter is the ice, but you just deal with it the best you can. Ice covered trees are absolutely beautiful!!

I'm glad that you are loving college life. I can imagine that living in a sorority house never gets dull. There would always be someone to have some fun with.

amanda said...

awww college life.

thanks for taking me back friend :)

Tenakim said...

We're all envious of your college days- I miss them too!

I'm in MO, too. I told you I have friends that went to school at WW- they were DG... what are you?

Krystyn said...

I don't think you've convinced me to move to Missouri...but I'm sure glad you are enjoying it!

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