Random Things

So I keep trying to write an actual post, but for some reason I start working on it and then decide it sucks. Do you ever do that? I don't know what my deal is... Anyway, for now I'm just gonna post a bunch of randomness and maybe I can decide on an actual post eventually. So here are some random thoughts in bullet points for your better reading! lol

  • I've been working on my Christmas tour post that everyone has been posting, and I was going to do with 2 angles, like since it's my 1st Christmas having 2 homes- school & home I was going to do both, but for some reason I feel like the post was turning out really boring.. any thoughts?
  • Cammie gave me an award today! I'm so excited! I have a bunch of awards I need to give away, so I should do that soon!
  • So far my winter break has kinda sucked... and it hasn't even been a week. There is so much drama with my friends from home it's ridiculous. It's making me want to go back to school ASAP but I still have 30 days :(
  • Apparently it is the season for bloggy giveaways, and I entered a couple just for fun, over at Tyne's place & Fablous K Creative. Both are for blog makeovers & even though I love my layout done by Krystyn, I thought it would be fun to enter anyway for kicks. Everyone needs a makeover now & then!
  • I decided what I'm going to do for my 100th post! I want to keep it a surprise, though! I'm pretty excited about it :)
  • I think I came up with a new idea for a weekly meme possibly mr. linky thing... I don't know I'm still working out the details, but I think it could be fun!
Well, I am done with randomness for now... maybe later i'll do an actual post depending on how I feel about my posting abilities! haha Until next time, friends...

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Have I Mentioned....

That I LOVE Starbucks ?!?! No? Well I DO!!! It's my favorite thing ever! :) lol Why am I telling you this!? I just thought you should know in case you feel like sending Christmas presents! lol jk I am telling you because Feather K is having a give away in honor of her 100th post! What is she giving away you ask?!?! A $25 Starbucks card! Can I just tell you that I am going to win this I am making it my lifes mission, so don't bother entering, okay!? Great. So remember: starbucks + me= LOVE! ;)

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