If My Tweets Were News...

So it's no secret that a bunch of celebs are on twitter, right. I mean, come on, everyone whose anyone is on twitter! lol Well, I like to keep up with Entertainment news, you know read a few gossip blogs watch E! News sometimes at night & lately I've been noticing a trend. If you're a celeb, your tweets are like headline news! Which, I mean really, shouldn't be surprising because as a follower of celebrity gossip I am aware that if they cough or sneeze, it's headline news but still. Anyway, it got me thinking what if my tweets were headline news?! I don't know what they would say about me.. my tweets are actually pretty boring, but apparently it doesn't matter if you're interesting or not. Ashlee Simpson (@ashsimpsonwentz) tweeted about mac lip liner she liked & that made news! So what would my headlines be?! My last few tweets are: My sister double pierced only 1 ear... is it me or is that weird!? why not just do both ears? Apparently that's the cool thing these days..? I can't believe Family Guy got Emmy nominations... what?!?! It's not even a real show it's a cartoon! I really, really hate that show! blah! Working on my post about sororities & sorority life, etc. Have questions?! Ask away & I'll answer them in my post! :) So what do you think?! Newsworthy?! Totally, right!? I can see the headlines now: Patrice's latest tweet: (insert random tweet here)... she's so cool & down to earth! Ha she even tweets about her sorority's philanthropy foundation thingy! (I know it's so professional sounding, right?! I'm sure the real thing would be slightly better!) So, what about you? If your tweets were in the headlines what would they say about you?! Don't tweet? Check out my top 5 reasons why you should & your mind will be changed!

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We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

It's been a really long commercial break around here for, oh, only the last week and a half or something like that! Did you miss me?! Did you know I was gone?! lol I'm sure you totally knew & you totally missed me, don't lie! Anyway, I have a totally legit excuse for not being here, don't worry, I wouldn't just leave you for no reason! I was on vacation for a family reunion with my mom's side in Sun River, OR. It was beautiful! And even though I had internet access and everything, I just didn't have the time to sit down & like, write a whole post! Well maybe that's not true either, but whatever, the point is I'm back now & that's all that matters! So my vacation was pretty fantastic. It was really great to see my family; we only get together every 3 years or so, so it's really great to see everyone when we get together! I have a cousin my same age (only like 3 months apart) so that makes it even more fun since I get to hang out with her! So anyway, we did a lot of fun things! We took a trip up to Crater Lake, it was pretty fantastic. You can read all about that here at my post for College Lifestyles! We went White Water Rafting... that was a blast! Probably my favorite part! We also did some black light mini-golfing, that was pretty cool! All in all, it was a great trip, but I'm glad to be back home and of course, happy to be back with you all, my bloggy friends! I know you were just missing me so much! For pictures of my fabulous trip, check out my facebook! Are we friends? We should be! So, yeah, this post is kind of lame. But I just wanted you to know I'm back in action! More to come soon, don't worry!

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