If I were a Freshman....

I'd like to say I offered to guest post for Patrice because I'm just a really nice person like that. But the real reason I offered is so that I could pretend I was a new freshman in college, even if just for 15 minutes of blogging. So for now, I'll block out the "Bob the Builder" songs blaring in the background. I'll pretend there's no Cheerio mess in the kitchen waiting for me to clean. I'll fantasize that cute frat guys are carrying my bags up to my room. Hmm... I could get into this. Let's see. ***Cue fog and dream-like harp music*** So this morning, I slept in til 10am. I mean, I woke up at 8 for class, but decided to just skip it for some sleep. Because, you know, I'm single, have no children and can do things like that. (No skipping class, Patrice!) So then my roommate and I decided to go out for some coffee. We sat and drank coffee for an hour! We just chatted and got to know each other. We didn't even have to tell any children to stop screaming. We didn't have to change diapers. We just did our own thing. But there was this one mom with her kids there. They were all screaming and running around. When I have kids, I'll never let them act like that! So later on, we hit a few classes. My sole job on this earth right now is to learn. How fun is that? And with only 15 credit hours, I'm in class a mere 15 hours a week. How lucky am I? I'm only obligated to be somewhere 15 hours out of every week. The rest of my time is MINE. I might study, I might not. I might hang out with friends or go to parties. But I get to make the decision. So then we went to the cafeteria and got lunch. It was so amazing! (Hey, if I'm dreaming, I might as well make this good!) I didn't have to cook or prepare anything for me or for anyone else. It's all there waiting for me. And I'm determined not to gain that freshman fifteen.... My day ended with a few sorority rush parties, hanging out with people on my hall, and just having fun being eighteen. And then there's those cute frat guys.... Must attend to those.... Okay, I'm back. Well, it was fun while it lasted. And to be honest, college was fun while it lasted. Being single was great. Enjoy every bit of it, Patrice! But for the rest of us mommies, think of how good we have it too. There's always a baby around to hug and kiss. Always a husband to joke with. Always a house full of mess from a day full of LIFE. I don't have the rest of my life in front of me anymore; I have the rest of my families' lives ahead of me. I can't wait to see what they bring! It might be hard work, but I wouldn't trade it in again for even a year full of cute frat boys and the freedom of being eighteen. Thanks for letting me guest post, Patrice, and for helping me appreciate all that my life holds. I hope you do the same!

- Rachel @ American Mum

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What did I get myself into?!

Hi everyone, I'm Dana from Supernanny Where Are You? I volunteered the other day to be the guest hostess with the mostess, so I hope I can live up to this girl's rep. I definately don't want to do a post all about guest posting (because that's been done), so I guess I'll give you a taste of the real me. I could write about how I went to community college for one year, racked up a bunch of loan debt, didn't know what I wanted to do, and that's how I wound up at the post office, but I'll leave that for another day. Since all of my readers like a good post office story I guess I'll share another tale of terrible times. Get your popcorn and a blanket and curl up by the fire for this one, (too hot for fire, well, get some ice cream then). This past Monday we had a ton of mail. Literally, a ton. I would guess about 3 times what we normally have on Monday, which is a lot. Since I'm seriously the best carrier out here, really, I worked my butt off that day to get out and get it done. I was a little over halfway through my route when I ran out of mail up front, and needed to get some mail from the back of the truck. I should have stopped at the next box, got up, and climbed in the back and moved my mail up. I'm kind of lazy so I was stopped at the box, reaching back with my left hand to see if I could get the next tray of mail pulled up enough so that I could grab the mail for that box. As I'm reaching, I see a car coming towards the front of my vehicle at lightning speed in reverse. The lady who lived at the house was backing out of her driveway, which I was blocking a little bit with my bumper since I was sitting at her mailbox. Now imagine it all in slow motion because that's exactly how it all happened. I'm seeing her coming on my right, and I throw the gearshift into reverse (because I know my horn doesn't work). I back up a few feet, and just barely make it out of the way in time. My life flashed before my eyes. OK, maybe it didn't, but it makes the story better right? Anyway, about the time she gets to where my front left bumper is even with her passenger door she stops. The whole time she had been looking over her left shoulder towards the road. As her head turned, I saw what had prevented her from seeing that I was there, she was distracted by talking on her freaking cell phone!!!! Now, I'm every bit as guilty as anyone else for talking while driving, but man.... I was actually yelling WTF! Good thing she couldn't hear me, and didn't see me say it. She just sat there looking at me for a second and then went on her way. I felt robbed. No "Sorry, I almost ran you over." No wave and "oops", lip sync. Nothing. It's a good thing they don't get mail much, cause I could wreak some serious havoc on her mail I could wind up with post tramatic stress or something. The freaky thing is that this is the second time in about 4 months that I've avoided being backed into while I was at a box. The other time I did the same thing, backed up really quick, because they weren't looking. My horn only works intermittently, and even when they try to fix it it still doesn't work, I'm wondering if it's some kind of conspiracy. By nature I'm a very paranoid person. Mix that with the rest of the things in my nature and it becomes a wonder that I can properly function . I think I have ADD, cause I have trouble staying on subject. And with that admission, I had better just sign off now before I wind up telling you the story of the girl who opened a gift package (out of the mail) and gave out the stuff inside to the supervisors as Christmas gifts (needless to say, she's no longer there). That will have to be a story for later. I hope you've enjoyed my guest post and didn't get too bored. Come over to my blog whenever you need a fix of post office humor or craziness. You'll be sure to learn something over there, even if it's useless random facts, like how to make a gum wrapper chain, which is yet another future post. I need to get over there and get to writing....

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I'm cheating

So I know I'm supposed to be on bloggy vacation and all.. but I'm still here! I'm just not posting... but I'm cheating! Big thanks to Jen & Tyne for filling in for me the last couple days! Also, stay tuned because Dana's up next!! I'm so excited, and I'm loving this whole guest posting thing! I might have to go on "bloggy vacation" more often just so you guys can write greatness for me! lol Anyway, today was my 1st official day at college, so I couldn't resist filing you guys in because I know you're dieing to know! So, yesterday I left and that was really hard. I managed to hold it together until the last minute... when I said good-bye to my sister. Seriously? Hardest thing ever! It breaks my heart that we are so far apart and honestly when I think about it it still makes me sad, but I know we will always be close. So, definitely some tears shed after saying good bye to her. Then when I was finally composed, I got a text from her saying "We better still be friends even though you're gone... I don't want one of your roommates replacing me!" OMG. I seriously started crying again! Anna... I love you & no one will ever take your place! I swear. So blah blah skip the part about dinner and my parents getting drunk sentimental... wait what? So today I arrive on campus... I was super nervous. I honestly asked my mom if we could go home now! I'm not kidding! But, I changed my mind when some very cute FRAT BOYS came to carry my stuff to my room. After that, I was sold. No joke! That's all it took. Later, I met my roommate for the 1st time, and she is awesome. It was great having someone to roam around campus with and just talk about everything! Then there were events to go to all day! Greek life meetings, Ivy Ceremony, House Hop, BBQ dinner, Ice Cream Social, just a ton of stuff to go to all day! (See, I sware I was too busy to blog!) After the BBQ dinner my parents left... it was really hard on my mom. And I was sad to see them go... but honestly I just really click here & I'm happy & excited to start this new chapter of my life & for the 1st time since I've been preparing for this, I can honestly say I'm not scared anymore! Oh, and the best part... I met a cute guy!!! He talked to me after we had a meeting about our dorms... and he was from Plano (a suburb right outside Dallas where I live!). How cool!! So, yeah. That was the best part, well except for maybe the frat boys! lol Well, I probably won't be back.. because, well I want to let the guest posters do their thing. And honestly, in my spare time I'm too busy reading your blogs to worry about my own! lol Well, its 1:00 AM now, and I have a 10 AM meeting to go to... so I guess I should get some sleep!! Don't forget to come check out what Dana has to say, she'll be sure not to disappoint! And, if you are loving these guest posts, and wondering why you didn't get in on the action, IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Rachel is going to post for me later this week I believe, but you too, my friends, can join in! You know you want to...

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Official Business

Good morning, this is an official press briefing from The White House. This is official business.

Now before you get all excited thinking that Dana Perino is the guest poster for Patrice while she is on her way to college… I’m gonna step it down a notch for all of you who would rather watch Dancing with the Stars and Backyardigans than CSPAN.
Really, my name is Tyne. And I do live in The White House. But it is in the suburbs of Mexico. And the only mudslinging that is going on in our lives right now looks like this.
And this.
I am so thrilled that Patrice asked me to guest post as she gets settled in to the college life. I loved college. Really, it was one of the favorite times of my life. Now, I sincerely hope that Patrice is a much better student than I was, as I went from sco-pro (scholastic probation) to honor roll and back to sco-pro a few too many times.
It is ironic that I opened this post with a political flare, as every time I would open a POLY SCI book, I would go comatose, no matter how many Grande, skinny, no whip, white mochas with a pump of ginseng I had consumed.
Uh, I just hit a wall. Writer’s block big time. Am I in HIST 105 or is the post mind numbing?
Venti Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot of espresso.
I’m back.
Just wondering if any of you still have those dreams that you forgot to go to class for the whole semester. And it is too late to drop your class. And you go into the final without your pencil. And without your scantron. And without your CLOTHES?
Patrice, here’s to great profs, new friends, lots of coffee (no beer- youngster!), sweet dreams, no morning classes and all A’s.
Gotta go, McClaine is potty training, squatting in the corner with a concentrated look on his face. I miss college days.

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why people writing guest posts should always do their homework first and NEVER write about cheese

Hi guys! My name is Jen and I'm from mommablogsalot. [insert everybody saying, "Hi Jen" in a very help group-esque fashion - or better yet - a first day of college orientation-like way - perfect right? Who wants to do an ice breaker? Anyone? No one? Yeah I know, ice breakers are lame - but we could all get in a line in order by height and favorite color and then we'll hold hands and sing a song - it'll be great!!! ... Yeah, no, not so much? Okay, so...] TODAY - I will be standing in Patrice's shoes (I hope they are the pretty rain boots she just got - LOVE those) and filling in as her guest poster extraordinaire, because as you all know, Patrice is on a plane right now on her way to COLLEGE (well I'm only guessing she's on the plane right now, I guess she might not be, but you get the idea), and since she's likely to be very busy for the next few days, she's arranged for a few guest bloggers to entertain us all while she's gone - and I'M FIRST. Isn't it exciting? I'll let you in on a little secret - this is my first time guest posting ever!!! I hope I don't break any "guest poster" laws like NEVER TYPE IN ALL CAPS LOCKS BECAUSE IT IS VERY RUDE or 'never tell an embarrassing story about yourself' or 'never ever ever start talking about cheese - especially not Gorgonzola'. So I'll try my very hardest to behave, okay? Slap my wrist if I make a mistake. Okay so I just deleted like six paragraphs of writing because apparently I am the most boring guest poster ever, and I'm hoping I can finish this before my son wakes up from his nap, because he's not going to understand, "I'm sorry sweetie, I can't play right now, I'm guest posting at Patrice's..." He'll just be all like, "I wanna cookie?" Or something. I don't know. So what should we all talk about? I'm realizing now that maybe I should have planned this out better. Maybe I should have asked Patrice what she would like me to write about instead of just going in all willy nilly (I feel like I've been using that phrase a lot lately, is it just me? Yes? Okay, moving on) - I'm thinking since I'm guest posting BECAUSE of college maybe I should make this post college themed. I know all day I've been trying to conjure up some great college story that I can tell you about, but I've found that my memory seems to be short on um memory, because nothing comes to mind. I thought about doing a post full of advice for Patrice on her first day, but then I read her post from Sunday - drats, she already did that. And it was good - seriously, maybe you should go read that instead... Oh, you already, read it, too? Okay, well...
Why don't you all tell me about your college memories? Oh, blogs don't work that way? Hmm... Okay, looks like we're stuck with mine. Well, I went to college to major in business management. Why? I have no idea. Because about four months in, I started looking into the courses I would need to take to graduate and they were dreadful - like statistical analysis-tis and economic somethingorother and like only two English courses. And I was like, "Really, only two? What can I major in that has MORE English courses?" And they were like, "Um, English." And I was like "GREAT! Sign me up!" So I did, and then my father was like, "English? What are you going to do with a degree in ENGLISH?" and I was like, "Don't worry, daddio (except I never called him that. Ever. I don't have a death wish) - English majors can do all sorts of things. I can be a journalist, or a teacher, or a journalist..." Anyway I stuck with it and even worked for my school newspaper, eventually ran the thing, and did an internship with a newspaper in my hometown (which was awful, but that's another story). So then I graduated. And I set out to find that dream job - but the problem was all the dream jobs were like way over there. And I was like, "Nope, I'm right here. What can I do here?" And the answer seemed to be, "Not much, why didn't you major in something useful like nursing or business management?" And I was all set to stress out until I had this miraculous brainstorm of an idea - "I'll just get married and have some kids." And I did. Except I didn't really plan it like that, although it would be cool if I had - remember like back in the day when it was the joke that women only went to school to get their MRS? Those were the days... Okay, now it's time for the moral of my story.
::clears throat and puts on Grown Up Voice:: When you decide to go to college and it comes time to pick your major - it's VERY important to consider your life goals. If your career is important to you, as I suspect it is, you should pick a major that will bring you closer to that goal. And then you should figure out where you will have to go to get that career and what other things they might want you to have done - like maybe an internship in Lithuania or some time in the Peace Corps. Whatever. Okay, you've done that? Good. Now make sure to bring HANGERS with you to college - because no matter how many semesters I packed for school, I never remembered hangers and I always ended up buying new, and now I have like 800 mismatched hangers and really who needs 800 hangers anyway?
I know Patrice packed her hangers and probably has some awesome plan for her degree because she's so clever and organized, but maybe somebody else is reading this who is starting school TOMORROW instead of today, and is still packing and maybe they will be like, "Duh? ::forehead smack:: HANGERS!" and I totally just saved them from buying new. So you're welcome. Now what do you want to be when you grow up? Apprently, 'older' isn't an acceptable answer anymore. So - Patrice - how did I do? Are you regretting now, saying, "Sure Jen, you can definitely guest post for me." Are you changing your password now so I can't log in and make ANOTHER brilliant guest post tomorrow, about cheese perhaps - Gorgonzola anyone? Any takers? No, okay, well, I'll spare you. Because I'm sure Patrice has it all figured out. Have a great time in college Patrice! I hope you had a great flight with plenty of peanuts and zero turbulence and no screaming babies. Speaking of screaming babies...

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Top 5 Tuesday

So once again I failed Dana at coming up with a topic! So hopefully next week I will be settled in and not so busy and I'll be able to come up with something in reasonable time! Anyway, she did a great job coming up with a topic, so I don't know why she even needs my help! 

This weeks topic is Top 5 Movie Soundtracks. Love it! 
  1. High School Musical/ HSM 2. Yes, I know. Way meant for people younger than me, but 1st of all Zac Efron is so hot, and the songs are just so catchy! I can't help it, I'm obsessed with this soundtrack! "soaring.. flying!" Oh... how I want to be Vanessa Hudgens! 
  2. 27 Dresses- so really I'm just obsessed with the one part where they sing Benny & the Jetts, so I don't know if that really counts as liking the whole soundtrack but I love that part and it's music... so soundtrack, work with me! 
  3. Freaky Friday- lol again more of a younger movie, but it definitely has a great soundtrack! Lindsay Lohan rocked it in that movie! Those were the days when she was normal... Anyway back to the point. It has a great soundtrack and it's one that my parents and I actually agree on! ha 
  4. My Best Friend's Wedding- Again, I love the part where they burst into song (See here), but seriously I find myself singing along to every song in this movie! I love the song at the beginning (Wishing and Hopin.. and thinkin' and prayin'....). Even the part when Julia Roberts steals the bread truck and it's a really random song, I'm singing along! And the karaoke scene! Love it! 
  5. Breakfast at Tiffany's- Moon River! Classic! Love it! So maybe it's not the whole soundtrack, but come on, I like the other songs too... are there other songs?! haha 
Well... I hope you enjoyed! Now make your list and head over to Dana's place @ Supernanny Where Are You and link up! I'll come up with something good next week, Dana! 

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Words of Wisdom

So being really close to my exit entrance into college, I've gotten a lot of advice, and just a lot of really great comments, so I thought I should put together a bit of a montage!

  1. My dad- "Does your backpack have a laptop pocket in it?" Me: "umm... the backpack I used last year?" Dad: "Yeah..." My 15 yr old sister: "Eww no who carries a backpack at college? My dad: "uh... I did." My sister: "That's so dorky! You need a Vera Bradley tote!"
  2. "You know you're friends with me on Facebook, so if when you put up pictures of you kissing boys and stuff, I'll see them..." A guy that works with my dad.
  3. Party as much as you study... actually study twice as much as you party.
  4. Watch out for video's. The next time we see you we don't want it to be on YouTube. 
  5. "Don't Die." Wow... gee, thanks. I'll try... 
  6. "Hug Abby (our dog)... you're never going to see her again!"- My sister Me: I'm coming back!"
  7. "Rush the best...."- My friends at work, trying to convince me their sorority is the best. 
  8. Me: "It's going to rain this week during rush? How am I supposed to look good if it's raining?" My dad: "All you need is to be yourself, and you'll look great." Me: Yeah... if only it were that simple. 
  9. "Don't drink...ever
  10. "If you get in trouble, remember I can get you a plane ticket out of there..."- My Uncle who works for Southwest Airlines. 
So, clearly.. people are just full of advice these days! Hope you enjoyed my attempt at comedy thanks to the various people in my life! 
Anyway, I leave bright and early in the morning.. I still have so much to do! I still can't believe it's hear. It just isn't sinking in.. I told my mom the other day I feel like I'm going on vacation. Even as I'm saying good-byes, it hasn't hit me. I get it, but I think once my parents drop me off it will really hit me. Honestly, when I actually let myself think about the fact that this is real, I kind of freak out a little! It's just so surreal, and so scary, but exciting at the same time! 
This week is going to be crazy (it already has been), so I've invited a few of my bloggy friends to entertain you guys while I'm away.. so stay tuned for that! Thank you all for your encouraging words and everything, I love the support!! I will definitely keep everyone updated as much as possible! 
Until next time....

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