Words of Wisdom

So being really close to my exit entrance into college, I've gotten a lot of advice, and just a lot of really great comments, so I thought I should put together a bit of a montage!

  1. My dad- "Does your backpack have a laptop pocket in it?" Me: "umm... the backpack I used last year?" Dad: "Yeah..." My 15 yr old sister: "Eww no who carries a backpack at college? My dad: "uh... I did." My sister: "That's so dorky! You need a Vera Bradley tote!"
  2. "You know you're friends with me on Facebook, so if when you put up pictures of you kissing boys and stuff, I'll see them..." A guy that works with my dad.
  3. Party as much as you study... actually study twice as much as you party.
  4. Watch out for video's. The next time we see you we don't want it to be on YouTube. 
  5. "Don't Die." Wow... gee, thanks. I'll try... 
  6. "Hug Abby (our dog)... you're never going to see her again!"- My sister Me: I'm coming back!"
  7. "Rush the best...."- My friends at work, trying to convince me their sorority is the best. 
  8. Me: "It's going to rain this week during rush? How am I supposed to look good if it's raining?" My dad: "All you need is to be yourself, and you'll look great." Me: Yeah... if only it were that simple. 
  9. "Don't drink...ever
  10. "If you get in trouble, remember I can get you a plane ticket out of there..."- My Uncle who works for Southwest Airlines. 
So, clearly.. people are just full of advice these days! Hope you enjoyed my attempt at comedy thanks to the various people in my life! 
Anyway, I leave bright and early in the morning.. I still have so much to do! I still can't believe it's hear. It just isn't sinking in.. I told my mom the other day I feel like I'm going on vacation. Even as I'm saying good-byes, it hasn't hit me. I get it, but I think once my parents drop me off it will really hit me. Honestly, when I actually let myself think about the fact that this is real, I kind of freak out a little! It's just so surreal, and so scary, but exciting at the same time! 
This week is going to be crazy (it already has been), so I've invited a few of my bloggy friends to entertain you guys while I'm away.. so stay tuned for that! Thank you all for your encouraging words and everything, I love the support!! I will definitely keep everyone updated as much as possible! 
Until next time....

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Krystyn said...

Good luck! It will go well and you will have a great time!

More than anything; enjoy it, because once you are done, you won't get it back!

Chelle said...

*sniff* I've never met you and for some reason I was really emotional reading that :(
I am so excited for you, Patrice! Have fun, be yourself and know we are all here for you!
Oh--and my brother will be at Mizzou...I think you two will be a sweet match :) I'll be doing a post about him so you can check out his pics :) Lol!
Good luck, sweetie!!! We're all here cheering you on!

Carol said...

Don't die? Seriously? That is some valuable advice.

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