Official Business

Good morning, this is an official press briefing from The White House. This is official business.

Now before you get all excited thinking that Dana Perino is the guest poster for Patrice while she is on her way to college… I’m gonna step it down a notch for all of you who would rather watch Dancing with the Stars and Backyardigans than CSPAN.
Really, my name is Tyne. And I do live in The White House. But it is in the suburbs of Mexico. And the only mudslinging that is going on in our lives right now looks like this.
And this.
I am so thrilled that Patrice asked me to guest post as she gets settled in to the college life. I loved college. Really, it was one of the favorite times of my life. Now, I sincerely hope that Patrice is a much better student than I was, as I went from sco-pro (scholastic probation) to honor roll and back to sco-pro a few too many times.
It is ironic that I opened this post with a political flare, as every time I would open a POLY SCI book, I would go comatose, no matter how many Grande, skinny, no whip, white mochas with a pump of ginseng I had consumed.
Uh, I just hit a wall. Writer’s block big time. Am I in HIST 105 or is the post mind numbing?
Venti Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot of espresso.
I’m back.
Just wondering if any of you still have those dreams that you forgot to go to class for the whole semester. And it is too late to drop your class. And you go into the final without your pencil. And without your scantron. And without your CLOTHES?
Patrice, here’s to great profs, new friends, lots of coffee (no beer- youngster!), sweet dreams, no morning classes and all A’s.
Gotta go, McClaine is potty training, squatting in the corner with a concentrated look on his face. I miss college days.

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Jen E said...

lmao - awesome post and way to make use of the "has anybody else" comment maker. :)

As it happens, yes, I have those dreams all the time. In college I dreamed somehow I had failed high school and had to go back, but people from college would be in high school with me. Now that I'm out of college, usually for some reason I'm back trying to reclaim my degree, always late to class and lost somehow...

I wonder if when I'm a grandmother, I'll dream I somehow failed at being a mother and have to go back and do that again, too?

Mark Salinas said...

Yes I have had dreams similar waking up in a deep sweat! :) Nice post!

Vashey Fam said...

Ugh. I don't even want to think about scantrons! I'd totally forgot about those things!

The White House said...

Thanks for your comments friends, it is super scary leaving a post on someone else's blog..."Did I ruin them?" "Will anyone ever read their blog again?"

Dana said...

I'm so giddy, tomorrow is my guest post. I hope everyone likes it.
I don't really have those dreams, probably cause I spent most of my time in the hallway...more on that tomorrow.

Krystyn said...

College really was the best of times!

And, I hope the potty experience wasn't too bad.

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