I'm cheating

So I know I'm supposed to be on bloggy vacation and all.. but I'm still here! I'm just not posting... but I'm cheating! Big thanks to Jen & Tyne for filling in for me the last couple days! Also, stay tuned because Dana's up next!! I'm so excited, and I'm loving this whole guest posting thing! I might have to go on "bloggy vacation" more often just so you guys can write greatness for me! lol Anyway, today was my 1st official day at college, so I couldn't resist filing you guys in because I know you're dieing to know! So, yesterday I left and that was really hard. I managed to hold it together until the last minute... when I said good-bye to my sister. Seriously? Hardest thing ever! It breaks my heart that we are so far apart and honestly when I think about it it still makes me sad, but I know we will always be close. So, definitely some tears shed after saying good bye to her. Then when I was finally composed, I got a text from her saying "We better still be friends even though you're gone... I don't want one of your roommates replacing me!" OMG. I seriously started crying again! Anna... I love you & no one will ever take your place! I swear. So blah blah skip the part about dinner and my parents getting drunk sentimental... wait what? So today I arrive on campus... I was super nervous. I honestly asked my mom if we could go home now! I'm not kidding! But, I changed my mind when some very cute FRAT BOYS came to carry my stuff to my room. After that, I was sold. No joke! That's all it took. Later, I met my roommate for the 1st time, and she is awesome. It was great having someone to roam around campus with and just talk about everything! Then there were events to go to all day! Greek life meetings, Ivy Ceremony, House Hop, BBQ dinner, Ice Cream Social, just a ton of stuff to go to all day! (See, I sware I was too busy to blog!) After the BBQ dinner my parents left... it was really hard on my mom. And I was sad to see them go... but honestly I just really click here & I'm happy & excited to start this new chapter of my life & for the 1st time since I've been preparing for this, I can honestly say I'm not scared anymore! Oh, and the best part... I met a cute guy!!! He talked to me after we had a meeting about our dorms... and he was from Plano (a suburb right outside Dallas where I live!). How cool!! So, yeah. That was the best part, well except for maybe the frat boys! lol Well, I probably won't be back.. because, well I want to let the guest posters do their thing. And honestly, in my spare time I'm too busy reading your blogs to worry about my own! lol Well, its 1:00 AM now, and I have a 10 AM meeting to go to... so I guess I should get some sleep!! Don't forget to come check out what Dana has to say, she'll be sure not to disappoint! And, if you are loving these guest posts, and wondering why you didn't get in on the action, IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Rachel is going to post for me later this week I believe, but you too, my friends, can join in! You know you want to...

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Jen E said...

Awww it sounds like a great school and I love that you are already making friends and having a good time.

Ok, off to read Dana's guest post!

Krystyn said...

Glad it's going so well. Get some sleep!

And, my sister made it hard for me, too!!!

amanda said...

cheating is allowed :)

glad to hear school is off to such a great start!!

enjoy it friend!!

The White House said...

How fun!!! You are so boy crazy. I love it. You know I transferred to A&M from a really small school in Colorado, b/c of the boys! All those hippies wearing skirts and read locks were not marriage material!

Carol said...

Patrice sounds like you're having a great time already.

Cute guy on the scene already, keep us posted young lady!

How far are you from home?

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