It Changed My Life

Just two and a half years ago, I sat at the computer one day and happened to stumble upon a couple blogs after googling something. One blog lead to another, and then another, and I was quickly enthralled into the blogosphere. The more blogs I read, the more I began to think "I could do this. I could write a blog." And then, one day, I did it; I started a blog.

Little did I know how much would come from a simple desire to journal my transition from high school to college. Blogging was just a small part of what became my love for social media.

Eventually, I started reading about Twitter on some of my new found blog friends' blogs. They talked about "tweeting" with their friends and even following celebs. My curiosity was peaked, so I quickly signed up and started tweeting with the best of them, and never looked back.

When my parents started joining facebook, I realized I was kind of good at explaining social media to people. This realization lead me to write this post about how I should a be a "facebook teacher." I didn't know at the time that this kind of exists. I began to learn about social media marketing, and knew right away I wanted that to be my career. I dove into social media marketing head first to learn all I could; reading blogs, even books on the topic.

This semester at school, my new found love for social media marketing has earned me an amazing internship. I will be doing social media marketing stuff for my University, and it is such an unbelievable experience that would have never come to me if not for the path that has lead me here.

So far, social media has opened so many doors for me; the internship, I participated in 31DBBB this summer to learn more about blogging. I am an active member of countless social media sites and I use at least 2 social media sites a day.

On my social media to do list: I would love to attend Bloggy Boot Camp. Maybe even BlogHer one day. And of course, I would love to get a job in social media marketing after graduation.

Social media has changed my life professionally, personally and hopefully in many other ways yet to come! I have made a ton of friends, learned a lot and gained so much experience! I am truly grateful for the world of social media!

Mama's Losin' It

I am linking up at MamaKat's Writer's Workshop (a day late) using the prompt: "How has social media changed you?" 
Also, disclaimer: I was so excited to write this post all week and then when I actually wrote it out, it kind of sucked. But I'm publishing it anyway. Sorry. 

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