Beware of Creepy Bar Guys...

So this weekend was mine and my friends first experience at one of the bars in town, and let's just say it was a real good time! Anyway, as you may know, there is a certain crowd that hangs out at bars... college students (especially in a college town), townies (people who live in town that aren't college students, etc.), and then you usually get some creepers... If you don't know what a creeper is it's basically the same thing as a creep, it's just someone whose a little strange or creepy for whatever reason. Well, my friends and I (seeing as we're not 21) were getting some guys to buy us drinks and stuff. Well my friend had a few too many drinks, and started getting really friendly with some of the guys, 1 who happened to be a little extra creepy! This guy was really nice all night, buying us shots, buying us drinks, etc, and he seemed friendly enough, so we didn't really think anything of it. Then, my friend went to go talk to him later and asked him to get her another drink, to which he replied she should give him a hickey... creepy right!? Well, all in the name of getting another drink, my really drunk slightly intoxicated friend obliged.. and ended up making out with him, and dancing with him. Later, after we left the bar and went to our favorite frat house, my friend started getting phone calls and text messages from this guy. This is where he enters creeper status; he would not leave her alone! He left her five voice mails making sure she got home okay, promising to be "romantic", and offering to come pick her up so she could come hang out, telling her "I thought we hit it off pretty well... call me back so we can hang out," telling her "I hoped we could finish what we started which was actually kinda hot and kinda sexy...", "I like you a lot, I was hoping we could get back together," and more! Then there were the text messages... even more creepy than the voice mails! In an attempt to get him to stop calling her, she texted him 1st, and the conversation went like this: (I inserted some timestamps randomly to give you an idea of how long this went on for!) (2:41 AM) friend: Hey I made it home ok, thanks for checking (read: stop calling me!) creeper: Please come over you gave me a hickey (ew) friend: haha maybe later (not!) creeper: maybe later what? (get a clue, buddy...) friend: maybe later I'll come over (nope..) creeper: Is this (insert friends name here)? (duhh...) friend: yes creeper: who is this? (wtf did she not just tell you its her!?) friend: (insert name here) creeper: Where you at? friend: At the frat house creeper: can i come pick you up? (umm no!) friend: Y? creeper: you don't want me to pick you up? (No, she doesn't!) (3:15 AM) creeper: please let me come pick you up (stop begging...) creeper: You don't remember us kissing? (no she doesn't actually... that's what happens when you're really drunk!) friend: I do remember I'll get home safe don't worry (read: GO AWAY!) creeper: Please let me pick you up (3:55 AM) creeper: Please come over (the answer is still no) creeper: We should go out. You gave me a hickey. (yes, you mentioned that in every voicemail) creeper: I really want to go on a date with you. (tough luck) (4:24 AM) creeper: Please call me tomorrow. I really want to see you. creeper: Please come over now and we can finish what we started (nothing was started!) creeper: You know I am still crazy about you (Still, as in 6 hours after we met? Wow talk about commitment..) Then the next day, he was still upset, my friend got this text message the following afternoon: creeper: You left me at the bar with a hickey and a hard on. That was not fair. (tough luck buddy!) The creepiest part? We later identified this creeper as an alum of one of the frat houses on campus... they call him "Gramps".... He's 37! Wtf does a 37 year old want with a college freshman!? EW!

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Kissing My Big Fat Blog Ass Goodbye: Week 2!

My Therapy So this was week two or technically week one since I didn't start until this past week! I think I did a pretty good job this week, and my friend told me she can see in my face it looks like I lost weight! I worked out every day this week except Saturday and Sunday because, as my one of my friends put it "those are days to recover from the night before!" I made it a goal to eat healthy, and I think I did pretty well. I made it a point to incorporate more fresh fruit into my diet, and was very conscious of what I was eating. I for the most part avoided sweets, except for one night which I call my "off night." Wednesday night we had a "Boo Boys Boo party"... basically we just had a lot of junk food that had cute names that basically said eff boys in not so many words! I ate a lot more junk food than I should have, but that was my one slip up for the week. Unless you count all the alcohol I had this weekend- my resolution to only drink light beer was a good one, but I failed to consider all the other types of drinks I tend to consume... yummy, fruity one's that probably have 1,000 calories each. So, I'll have to watch my intake of those & I suppose stick to gold 'ole light beer... yum (not). My workouts were all really good this week... I joined the Y like I said I would, and I'm really happy with my decision to do that. Our fitness center at school is really small, and always crammed with athletes, and there's something about working out next to athletes that makes you want to run as far away from the gym as possible and count that as your work out! So the Y is a much better fit for me! I started out just doing the treadmill for Cardio, but by the end of the week I decided to switch it up & try different machines... which seriously kicked my ass! Why is everything else so much harder than the treadmill!? Weird! I tried to get in some weights, too, but I didn't do it everyday. Alright... moment of truth. Did I lose any weight!? Here's the thing... I don't have a scale, so I only weigh myself at the gym, usually after my workouts in case the number is lower after burning some calories! Well, the Y has 2 scales (1 I call the "dr.'s office scale" where you have to balance it & everything, then a digital one). We all know digital ones can sometimes be off (or am i making that up?!), so I decided to weigh myself on both... everytime. So at the beginning of the week, according to the "Dr.'s office scale" I weighed 174 (I think), but according to the digital scale I weighed 170. Today I weighed 169 on both scales... so I'm going to go out on a limb (maybe) and go with the "Dr.'s office scale" for both weights. Which means... I lost 5 lbs this week!! If this is in fact true (assuming I remember correctly what the scale said at the beginning of the week, and assuming I did my math correctly on the scale today), I met my goal for the week, plus 2 lbs! I'm really proud of myself for sticking with my workouts, and eating healthy! It's so hard to say "no" to fast food, and all the sweets that pop up occasionally, but I did it (for the most part) and I dragged my butt to the gym & worked out hard, and you know what!? It felt really good! :) Here's what the digital scale read today:So, I'm hoping I didn't make up the fact that I lost weight, and that the "Dr.'s office scale" really did say 174 at the beginning of the week... I know it said more than the digital one, so I'm trusting it! I think I'll stick to one scale this week... Goals for this week:

  • Work out harder, and longer
  • more weights- I didn't always do this, and I want to lose weight, but get toned, too, so I need to do some weight lifting as well as cardio.
  • Stay away from the junk food... it's so hard! Stupid valentine's day- now it's everywhere!
  • More water!
  • Watch the fruity drink intake this weekend (probably good for more reasons than 1 if you know what I mean!)
If you want to join us in our quests to kiss our big fat blog asses goodbye, head to Tenakim's place & link up with us! p.s. Sorry it took me forever to get this post up... I was waiting to weigh myself at the gym, then I got distracted & never wrote my post until now!

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Funny Comments #4!

Alright so before I go on with this weeks installment of the funny quotes I collected over the past week, I have a couple requests! First of all, I've decided to make this a weekly thing because I really enjoy keeping track of these & sharing them with y'all! However, I want to make it the best it can possibly be and for that to happen a couple things need to be changed. First of all Cammie suggested getting a button for this! I love this idea, but don't know how to make one! If anyone knows how to do this, and wants to make one for me I would love you forever! I would totally give you a shout out every week when I do this! :) Second of all, I feel this deserves a better name... something a little more creative than funny comments... something button-worthy! Just a couple thoughts I had were That's What They Said (like that's what she said, but what they said get it!? haha) or Say What!? But I am totally open to suggestions! Thanks for the help! Sorry for the novel! moving on to this weeks funny quotes: "I just bought my 1st Bible... I thought about going to the Church and telling them I don't have enough money for one, but I didn't want to get shocked by lightning or something" "I'm so drunk right now I just hit my head on the bathroom stall" "He called me a drunken whore! I am not a drunken whore! I may be drunk a lot, but I am not a whore!" "Why me? Why do I have to be sick!? I want to go out tonight! Why can't someone who doesn't go out get sick!?" "What do you call a fly without wings?" "I don't know what?" "It's not a joke! I'm asking! They call it a fly, but if it has no wings, it can't fly, so what do you call it!?" "I wish I had a figure like Boyance" "Who?" "You know, Boyance! She has the perfect body she's like skinny but with curves, I wanna look like that!" "Who are you talking about!?" "Boyance you know the chick that sings 'Put a Ring on it' or whatever..." "...um Beyonce?" "Yeah her!" Girl 1: "You look so hot! F**k me!" Girl 2: "What!!?" Girl 1: "OMG not like that... I meant f**k me like f**k my life!"

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