An Open Letter....

Dear Ass hole, Yes... you. You know who you are. Look there are just some things that I would like to say to you. I'm going to try to be as nice honest as possible. You are attractive... very attractive. I think you know that. I am attracted to you. This doesn't mean that I'm obsessed with you or want a relationship with you. However, when a girl gives you her number and you promise to call her... the least you can do is text her back! Is that so hard? I know you can do it... I question your intelligence sometimes when you talk because you tend to just repeat the same phrases over and over like "woahh all the sudden..." What does that even mean!?!?!? I know you are capable of sending a freaking text message, though. I wanted to believe you that you were a nice guy. Everyone told me you were an ass hole, and you know what, you proved them right! So congratulations! You are an ass!!! You're a good kisser, yes. A good person? NO. Apparently not! Everyone told me you told people you wanted nothing to do with me... so why did you kiss me not one night, not even two nights but on three different occasions?! And don't even think about blaming the alcohol. That is a crap excuse! You know what I wanna know? What makes you so much better than me? What makes me so unimportant to you that I'm not even worthy of a text message back? I'm good enough for you to fool around with multiple times but you can't send me a freakin' text message? What is it? How do you decide whose good enough and whose not? Is it like Project Runway: "One day you're in & the next day you're out"? Is that your motto as well? Apparently... You know what? Thank you for showing your true colors so I can move on... next time you just want a make out buddy stay away from me... & my roommate for that matter! Oh yeah & F**k you! (No, not literally.)

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

A weekly link-up post about random thoughts!?!? This is my kinda post! The Un Mom is a girl after my own heart! So here's my randomness for the day!

Friday was Relay for Life. I have been meaning to blog about my experience since I got back at 6 AM the next morning, but just haven't gotten around to it yet! I will post about my experience because it's such an amazing cause & I feel it is definitely worth mentioning! On that note, I am still planning on posting about my spring break. I know my posts are gonna be a little out of order, but like I said in my last post, it's my blog & I'll do what I want so deal with it! My next post, however, I'm pretty sure, will be an open letter to a boy I have affectionately named Ass hole! :) You'll definitely want to read it! I have some serious venting to do! I am going home Friday for Easter weekend & I'm so excited! It's the 1st time I've been home all semester (meaning since Christmas!!!)! I can't wait to see my family! My mom came up & visited a few weeks ago, but I haven't seen my dad or my sister since Christmas. I'm really excited to just relax at home & do some real shopping in D-town, baby! Trust me when you're used to shopping in a city like Dallas, it's hard to adjust to mediocre shopping. There is 1 mall here & it's 30 mins away, so I can't just go whenever! Plus I am so excited for STARBUCKS! We don't have one in town, again the nearest one is 30 mins away, so I can't just go whenever I feel like it! I miss it every day! Ok maybe not every day, but I do miss it! I am so behind on my blog reading. I have been at 1000+ since who knows when! I can't remember the last time it wasn't at 1000+! I tried to create a system: start at the top of the list, read the latest couple posts, comment, then mark all as read. This way I am letting you guys know I've stopped by but I'm not reading your posts from a month ago or longer! Well, my system is taking forever! I keep thinking ooo maybe after this person it will at least say 900 something, but no! That stupid 1000+ won't go away! So I'm slowly working my way over there... if I'm missing something super important, leave it in the comments & I will check it out right away! :) I can't believe my freshman year of college is almost over! I have very mixed feelings about this. I am not looking forward to the summer. I'm going to miss everyone so much, but I can't wait to get away from the school work part & the classes part! If you're not keeping up with MckMama & baby Stellan, you should start. He is a very sick baby in need of a lot of prayers, and there is nothing like the bloggy community to bring people together in a time of need, and to spread the word about someone in need of prayers!
Well I think that sums up my randomness for Tuesday! It's not too late to join in, just head over to The Un Mom & link up!

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