It's Real Life #3

It's that time again...! Thanks, of course, go out to Jessica over at Farm Fresh for hosting this super fun weekly event! This weeks theme: Where the Magic Happens... a.k.a. The Bedroom! #1: Under the bed... As you can see, there are several water bottles and tons of water bottle caps... nothing super exciting. Next up, #2:The dresser!It's real life right? Well there you have it... my very messy but real dresser. On top lays my ipod speaker, radio/Cd player, My hair straightener, Dry Shampoo (very handy when you haven't had time to wash your hair!), A smoothie left over from breakfast, and some other random stuff. As you can see, my dresser is pretty full... what can I say? Here's a better view of the inside: So to the right is my undie drawer, then to the left is the tank top drawer (I have alot of those, half of them I never wear), then underneath is the jammie drawer. The 2 bottom drawers on the right don't work for whatever reason, so they don't have anything in them. #3: My bed table:So on my night table, you will find a lamp, my clock (which projects on the wall- very cool and also acts as a noise maker!), face moisturizer, water bottle, headbands, hair tie. Usually you will find a few random pills too, because I always take medicine for random stuff before bed, and usually a few of them get left over! Next, #4: Pictures/decorations These are photo collages my mom put together for me... here's a close up view of each frame: The blank ones are for future pictures! These are definitely my favorite decorations in my room because they are a perfect display of my life. The people in the frames are the people that mean alot to me, and next year when I come back from school to stay @ home, I want these pictures to remind me of the good times I had this year with my friends! Another favorite decoration of mine are my homecoming mums: Recently, a friend from Georgia came in town, and she was very confused by the concept of Homecoming mums, so I don't know if its just a TX thing? But for those of you that don't know... a mum is like a decoration you wear it around your neck at school the day before the dance and at the football game... your date buys it for you.. hopefully you get it. Wikipedia doesn't have a page on mums... bummer. Finally, 1 more decoration (sorry I feel like this is taking forever!) This is a picture painted by my very talented friend. Unfortunatley, my friend and I had a falling out and no longer speak... but she remains dear to my heart. This picture is beautiful, and very good I think. The picture in the bottom corner is an ad from a magazine I gave to my friend and she used it to paint the picture. She is very talented obviously, she's going to Parson's art school next year. Ok moving on: #5:What I love about my room: What i love about my room is that its pretty much huge. I'm not gonna lie... its really big and I'm really lucky. It actually took me several pictures to capture the room in its entirety. This is the first half of my room... its the main part with my bed and all that. It's pretty much what you see when you walk in. This is my alcove... it's off to the side and it's the only part of my room that is red- which I LOVE! It really makes it pop! #6: What I Hate About It. I honestly have no complaints... I love my room. It's a great room. It is always a mess, which can be a pain, but that's my fault! #7: What Makes it Uniquely Me This is one of my favorite parts of my room... My closet.Yes, it's a closet, and yes it is written all over! It was actually my mom's idea to do this at one of my birthday parties a few years back, so my friends and I wrote all over it. It's mostly used now as a storage closet for my mom (I'm not even moved out yet and already she's using my room for storage!), but it will always be written on as long as we live in this house! Most of the writing is just I heart so & so, but there's actually a corner (I meant to get a picture of it) where I wrote down names I like for my future kids someday, and I used to use this list to name my baby dolls! Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person w/ a closet full of writing. And last, but not least: #8- What I sleep in! Nothing special... just your basic Old Navy p.j. pants & a T-shirt.. this one happens to be my prom t-shirt. So there you have it! My "real life" Go here to read more about my real life. And make sure you head on over to Farm Fresh, and join the fun, and go check out everyone else's real lives.

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I can't stop...

I can't stop posting things today... it's like I go days without posting anything other than blogfest stuff! Now all the sudden i'm like the energizer bunny for blogging! ha! I talked briefly about my parents in this post, but I wanted to give them a shout out today. Today is their 20th wedding anniversary! My parents are such an inspiration for me... they may not be perfect, but they are real. They argue just like everyone else (I remember listening to them yell from our bedroom and my sister would cry thinking b/c they are arguing they are getting divorced!), they struggle at times, but they have been married 20 years and are still in love! You know the saying every girl marries her father? I hope that's true. My dad is exactly what I hope to have in a husband some day; he has worked so hard for so many years to give us the life we have (which is pretty great), he is a great dad and I don't think I tell him that often enough, he is a loving husband- I remember him bringing my mom home flowers one day- just because. He always defends my mom when my sister and I are giving her a hard time (although it can be annoying at the time, it's sweet that she has someone on her side w/ 2 teenage daughters). And my mom... if one day I am half as good a mom to my kids as she is to us, I will consider myself so lucky. My mom is my hero, really. She quit her job to stay home with us and be there for us when my sister went to Kindergarten (she's now a sophomore in H.S.). Growing up and having my mom around all the time meant so much to me. She literally put her life on hold for us, and I am so grateful. My mom is like my friend, but still a parent; when I need to talk, she always listens and I can tell her everything. She can't always fix things but at least she tries. My parents aren't perfect, and yeah, alot of times they drive me crazy. But they are my parents and I am so lucky because of that. I hope one day when I get married, we will be just as happy as my parents and can be just as great parents as they have been for us. Here is a picture of me with my parents the day of my graduation: Happy Anniversary Mom && Dad!!

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Shopping Experiences

So, I just got my 1st paycheck of the summer! While I won't post the amount, I will tell you it was a pretty good check (although I was pretty broke so any amount of money would have been great!) So in celebration I decided to spend some of my hard-earned money at where else, but the mall! I decided to buy some new clothes that I could wear to work and wear out with friends... you know the drill. Anyway, one thing that has always frustrated me about shopping is the sizing... why if I am a size 12 and not a 0 should I have to dig to the bottom of the pile just to find some shorts?! Why at certain stores are things labeled a size 11, but actually fit like a size 8 ?!?! ugh... I could go on forever. But instead, I wanted to post something I wrote along time ago on my MySpace... I call this the new size 0.Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier sent this model down the runway the other day at the fashion show. This has caused quite a controversy. Some believe Gaultier was being sarcastic or rude, others embrace this dose of reality. Here's my opinion on the whole thing. I think that obvioulsy our society and our idea of perfection or beauty is, in my opinion, absurd and so far from reality its crazy. Honestly, why do you think eating disorders exist? Because society pounds (no pun intended) this unrealistic image of perfection into our heads to the point where we feel insuperior because of those few extra pounds we all have. I'm not gonna lie... I'm not perfect. I am far from the "perfect" size 0. I could starve myself and probably still wouldn't b a 0. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to go jean shopping, and be told that they don't make jeans that big. Why not? Why should I be forced to shop at a plus-size shop just because I don't look like Mischa Barton or Nicole Richie? The message I get when I walk into these stores and have to dig to the bottom of the pile to find my size is that they don't care about people who aren't a size 0 or 2. I'm sorry that I don't feel the need to eat lettuce my whole life and fake tan. Where did the size 0 perfection idea originate? Who decided that you don't deserve to strut your stuff down the runway because you're not thin enough? Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 or something like that! Was she beautiful? YES. Was she a sex symbol? YES. Our society no longer applauds women like that, instead we shun them and act like it's something to be ashamed of. However, I am on the fence as far as Gaultier's model goes... I feel like it's a little extreme. So we went from sending size 0's down the runway to... size 20+? Why not just a simple size 8? That is average, and it appeals to more women. Let's be honest. The bigger majority of us are not size 0's! So I applaud Gaultier for the message he's sending out, but I think he could have done it an a more subtle way. What do you think about the whole size 0 is perfection thing? And about all the celebrities that look like skeletons? What do you think about this model going down the runway.. is it something you would get used to seeing?

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Family Bonding

So our Father's day present for our dad finally arrived Monday night. It was very exciting... it was originally more a present for my sister and I but we decided to make it a "father's day present" to pass off the expense with our mom! haha Anyway, what started out as just another video game turned into a great way to spend some quality family time together which these days can be a rarity. So what, you ask, is this o-so-special and brilliant present that brought our family together again? It is none other than RockBand. Seriously, this game is greatness! There's a microphone, a guitar, and a drum set, so all of us can play and we can all play something different every time. (Well, we don't have two guitars yet, so technically only 3 of us can play at once.) But we had so much fun- my dad, my sister and I trying to beat the levels and unlock new songs to play! It was probably the most time the 3 0f us have spent together in awhile. My dad works really hard to support our family, so as a result we don't always see him a lot (that and the fact that he has a pretty active social life), so he's not home all that often. And when all of us are home, we usually just do our own things. So, Rock Band has reunited our family! lol so I'm being a little dramatic, but you get the point. It's times like these that make me really thankful for my family. So many of my friends have unhappy home lives- drama w/ their parents and such... that's another post in itself... but I have always had a happy home life, and whatever problems we may have, I know my parents love me and at the end of the day that's what matters!

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Make Me Laugh Monday

Ok, so I am all about these fun little blogfests! So I couldn't resist participating in this Make Me Laugh Monday blogfest!
So, I wanted my post to be something I can relate to...so when I came across this facebook break up over at GiggleSugar, I knew it had to be my Make Me Laugh Monday post!
So here it is, the story of Kevin && Jennifer:

hahaha I hope you enjoyed! And I sware, this blog won't be all blogfests- they are just too fun to resist!

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