Straight from my brain to the blog!

So I have a lot of random thoughts I feel I should share on here, but are not worth making a whole post out of each one, so it's time for my favorite bulleted list of random thoughts... I should really make this like a weekly thing, I do it a lot. (Wow was that a run on sentence or what?! )

  • 1st of all... thank you so much for all your sweet compliments on my post yesterday! You guys are too kind, really! I swear I didn't post that just to fish for compliments ;)
  • Also I really need to write my post about my beer pong injuries! Beer pong is a very dangerous game let me tell you! I tried to write it the other day but I was having serious writers block... ironic I know, but I can't figure out how to explain it!
  • I also have quite a few other posts in the works, I'm pretty excited about them, I just need to write/finish them.. that's the hard part!
  • This week started my 2nd semester as a college student! So far I like all my classes and I really like my schedule because I don't have class until 1 on Friday's (and Monday's & Wednesday's) which means PARRTAAYY on Thursday! lol It's a huge party night here & last semester I had class at 9, so I had to miss out a lot :( That is when I'm not studying, of course!
  • I am completely in love with Real Housewives of Orange County! I'm so glad McMommy started a whole blog about it! As soon as I watch the show I immediately head over there to read her hilarious re-caps & theories!
  • Since it seems to be the trend to start a 2nd blog, I might just have to about all my TV addictions, because when I am watching all these shows I just feel the need to speak my mind! haha I don't know if I'll do it... I'll see if I still want to in a couple weeks!
  • I am so behind in my blog reading! My reader is currently almost at 700!! Can you believe it?!? I don't know how I got so behind! I am tempted to press that Mark all as read button... but I don't want to miss something! Maybe I can catch up this weekend...
I think that's about it! Hopefully I'll put up a real post tomorrow! Thanks for bearing with me & my randomness :)

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Introducing... me!

So Mrs. Staff Sergeant over at Married to the Military is daring us bloggers who don't normally post pictures of ourselves (or even if we do we can still play) to post pictures of ourselves on our blog, and go link up with her! I think this is a great idea! I don't normally post pictures on my blog just because I blog about random things, there aren't really pictures to go with them. Anyway, I update my little profile picture on the side occasionally, and my avatar on twitter, but that's about it! Anyway, I was gonna cheat and just pick my favorite pictures of me off Facebook, but I just got my haircut so it really wouldn't be an accurate portrayal of me! So I was looking particularly cute today, so I decided to have some fun and take some pictures for this! Good deal, huh?! This was me Monday night before going out and partying! lol This was me today! Since It was the 1st day of classes I decided to actually put make up on and stuff! I decided to have some fun with my pictures too, so these are my silly pictures! hehe So that's me in all my glory.. err not so much but you know what I mean! Now its your turn! I see pictures of your cute kiddo's all the time, or other random things, but I want to know what you look like, too! So post some pictures of yourself on a day you actually look cute, like me! haha Then go link up with Mrs. Staff Sergeant!

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Not Me Monday #4

Not me Monday is back in action, and this week was full of fun times & crazy things I did not do as always! I did not stay in a $36 motel for NYE... I also did not end up not spending the night because I did not feel safe!(ok this wasn't from the past week but so what!?) I did not miss my curfew several times in a row... And it did not make my mom mad! Nope. I did not fly in my best friend from school to come stay with me for a week & we did not have a blast! Our electricity did not go out due to ice storms and we did not have to stay the night at my aunt & uncles mansion and my bff & I did not have a blast playing with all the little kid toys that are for their grandchildren. We also did not decide to make music videos with the karaoke machine on the stage in the media room. (yes, there is a stage). We did not rent movies & never even look twice at them because we were too busy playing with the toys! We did not hit every major mall in the area while she was here & we did not go to the same mall twice. I did not somehow manage to rip my pajamas right in the front where the crotch is. I did not decide to ride back to school with 1 of my friends... It is not a 10 hr drive! That would be crazy! I did not decide at the last minute to post & write this from my iPhone while on the road... I am more prepared than that! I did not accidentally drop my iPhone on the driveway & it did not crack at the top. (But if this did happen I would be grateful it still works!) Wanna see what everyone else did not do this week? Head to MckMamas place at mycharmingkids.net (sorry I'm not good with HTML so I can't link directly) **I also have a small request could someone fill out the mr. Linky for me!? I would greatly appreciate it :) ** update: Thanks Tenakim, for answering my twitter request :)

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Comfort Zones

I am a strong believer that everyone has a comfort zone. You know that place where you just feel so right and nothing could change that!? Well I am one of those people that hates to be taken out of my comfort zone. I like comfort, I like the feeling it has, I like feeling like I belong somewhere. I am such a fan of my comfort zone that I don't even like vacations really, because I'm not sleeping in my own bed and I'm in a strange place, etc. Well this break from school has just reinforced all this for me... except I now have 2 comfort zones and it's hard/weird to go back and forth between the two. School was and has been my comfort zone since I started there. I feel comfortable there, and I feel like its my home away from home. So at first when I came to my real home, it was weird. I didn't feel home, I felt like I was visiting a familiar place but I didn't really feel home anymore. Then as time went on I got more and more comfortable and this became my home again. Now, just as I started to feel comfortable again and like I belong, I have to leave my comfort zone again and go back to school. Sure I'm excited to see my friends. Yes, I've missed them. Sure, it will be nice and I know it will go back to being my comfort zone again soon. But it's still kind of sad, and scary. This break has been so long I kind of got used to being home again. Now I have to go back, and it's like going to school for the 1st time all over again, only less scary. Sure, there are definite perks: no curfew, no one bugging you about things like where your going, what your doing, who your with, etc. But still... I'll miss my friends here, and of course I'll miss my family. I wish I had spent more time with them. It's sad because I don't know for sure when I'll be back, it might be the summer which is in 6 months. I know school will be great, I love where I go to school and I have no doubt that it will take no time to once again become my comfort zone, but it is still not fun to leave your comfort zone.

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