Straight from my brain to the blog!

So I have a lot of random thoughts I feel I should share on here, but are not worth making a whole post out of each one, so it's time for my favorite bulleted list of random thoughts... I should really make this like a weekly thing, I do it a lot. (Wow was that a run on sentence or what?! )

  • 1st of all... thank you so much for all your sweet compliments on my post yesterday! You guys are too kind, really! I swear I didn't post that just to fish for compliments ;)
  • Also I really need to write my post about my beer pong injuries! Beer pong is a very dangerous game let me tell you! I tried to write it the other day but I was having serious writers block... ironic I know, but I can't figure out how to explain it!
  • I also have quite a few other posts in the works, I'm pretty excited about them, I just need to write/finish them.. that's the hard part!
  • This week started my 2nd semester as a college student! So far I like all my classes and I really like my schedule because I don't have class until 1 on Friday's (and Monday's & Wednesday's) which means PARRTAAYY on Thursday! lol It's a huge party night here & last semester I had class at 9, so I had to miss out a lot :( That is when I'm not studying, of course!
  • I am completely in love with Real Housewives of Orange County! I'm so glad McMommy started a whole blog about it! As soon as I watch the show I immediately head over there to read her hilarious re-caps & theories!
  • Since it seems to be the trend to start a 2nd blog, I might just have to about all my TV addictions, because when I am watching all these shows I just feel the need to speak my mind! haha I don't know if I'll do it... I'll see if I still want to in a couple weeks!
  • I am so behind in my blog reading! My reader is currently almost at 700!! Can you believe it?!? I don't know how I got so behind! I am tempted to press that Mark all as read button... but I don't want to miss something! Maybe I can catch up this weekend...
I think that's about it! Hopefully I'll put up a real post tomorrow! Thanks for bearing with me & my randomness :)

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Cammie said...

Holy crap....700??? Just dont skip my one titled "the tale of the queen and the dragon" because it is the bomb. I left a link to it on my sidebar that is how much I love it!

A. Kichu said...


Krystyn said...

Good luck catching up. That little "mark as read" might be your best friend (of course, after you stop by!!!)

Beer pong and injuries, I can only imagine!

And, do your parents read your blog? They might be having mini-heart attacks.

Elaine A. said...

I think I'm gonna start a second blog about chocolate. Oooh yeah.... ; )

I love random lists, I do them a lot myself.

Have a great weekend girl!

Tenakim said...

Wow- you have a lot of reading to do!

I would totally read a second blog about TV! I just use that stuff on my blog!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

I can barely keep up with my first blog... I could never have a second... what would it be about... I already blog about everything I do!

And I still love that hair cut... you're just adorable!

Anonymous said...

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