Make A Wish Monday: 1st Edition!!

Make-A-Wish Foundation
I am so excited to announce the newest addition to this blog: Make A Wish Mondays! A while back, the Make A Wish Foundation tweeted they were looking for bloggers who were interested in posting stories and content about what they've been doing. I love what Make A Wish does and so I jumped at the chance to help them spread the word about their organization. So, I developed Make A Wish Mondays! For the most part, I am just getting stories off their website that I like and sharing them here. Periodically, though, the Make A Wish crew will send me special content to share with you all!

So, without further ado, meet Blaise.

I chose to tell her story first because first of all how freakin cute is she?! Second of all I love that a little girl who gets to wish for anything just wants to see her family!

Blaise's wish was to go to Nashville to visit her family. Her cousins and grandpa live there and because she lives in Arizona, she didn't get to see them much. So when Make a Wish asked her what she wanted, all she wanted to do was visit them and they made it happen.

They flew Blaise and her family to Nashville where she got to spend time with her grandpa and cousins.
They went places like the Adventure Science Center and the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Most importantly, the family got to spend time together, and just have fun.

I know from experience when someone is sick, it is hard to just have time to spend together without focusing on the medical situation. This trip gave that family the opportunity to forget about Blaise being sick and just have fun! The Make A Wish website quotes Blaise's mom saying "“My daughter and her brother have suffered a lot of trauma and sadness ... thank you for giving us a happy vacation from it all!” 

To hear more of Blaise's story or to read other wishes that have been granted, go to wish.org.

I hope you all enjoyed Make A Wish Monday. It's still a work in progress, so please give me any suggestions you have! I don't know if this will be weekly or how often I will post these, but I really want to spread the word about the great work the Make A Wish Foundation is doing!

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