Can't Believe I Didn't Blog About This Sooner!

A non-break up related post!! Woo for me trying to move on! I was over at Mrs. Newlywed's site today, and was reminded of her awesome contest about your biggest misadventure of 2008! At first, I didn't enter because I didn't think I had any misadventures, at least not funny or interesting one's. Then, today, a light bulb came on and I couldn't believe I hadn't told this story yet! So one night, a couple weeks ago, my best friend in my sorority house and I decided we should take an adventure. It was like midnight or somewhere around there, but we are young & in college & we didn't care! So my friend decides we should smoke flavored cigars, and I agreed... so we go to the gas station to buy cigars & decide we should drive around town smoking. Well, I don't know if you've ever smoked cigars and accidentally inhaled, but it can give you quite a buzz! We were having a great time... we couldn't stop laughing, and at one point my friend had to pull over because she felt like she was driving under the influence! Anyway, we called one of our guy friends who heard about our adventure, so we decided to invite him. So we go over to his fraternity house at the other college in town and pick up him and his roommate. They decide we should go to Taco Bell, so we do, and then we decide we'll just drive around town some more and smoke, and they can eat their taco bell. So it's a small town... there's not far to drive, so we go down this one road that pretty much has nothing on it, so my friend turns on her brights because it was a long road & it was hard to see. Well, we were lead to the highway going to Jeff City, a major city outside of town and we didn't want to go on a road trip like that, so we turn around. Well, after a few minutes when we turn around, my friend gets pulled over. Turns out she forgot to turn off her brights, and its illegal when you're approaching a car to have your brights on. Let me just say the cops here in town have a reputation for not being so nice. This was my 1st experience with them, and I would say that statement is pretty true. The cop stops us, and tells her why she was pulled over, asks for not only her ID, but all of our ID's. So we give it to him. Of course, my friend can't find her insurance so we spend 10 minutes looking for the insurance, and then finally we find it and give it to the officer. After stalling for what seems like forever, the cop comes over and asks my friend who was driving to get out of the car. By this time, two more police cars and officers have showed up. So the cop talks to my friend and asks her if any of us have been drinking tonight (we hadn't), and she answers honestly that she and I haven't but she doesn't know if the guys have because we just picked them up. He goes on to tell her that he smelled beer in her car, and has she had beer in the car recently? She tells him she has never had beer in the car. She points out that one of the cigars we were smoking was wine flavored, maybe that's why it smells like alcohol? So, one of the other officers that showed up proceeded to go over and pick up one of the cigars we had thrown on the ground (more on that later), broke it in half, sniffed it & claimed they didn't smell anything fruity in it... Then the officer comes over and asks me to step out of the car, and go stand by my friend. He asks me if I've been drinking tonight. I say no. He asks me if my friends have been drinking and I can honestly answer no since we discussed it once our friend got asked to get out of the car, and say no. So he asks me if he gets them out of the car, and find out that they have been drinking, if he can arrest me too. I say yes, because I was 100% sure they hadn't been drinking unless they were lying to me. AT this point, I'm freaking out a little... I just told an officer he could arrest me! I think about who I would call if I were in jail- my (now ex) boyfriend? Well I don't know if I want him to think of me as the kind of girl who gets arrested... my parents? Well, what are they going to do all the way from TX? Someone in our sorority house... who? Then the officer asks me more questions... about the cigars we were smoking. He asks me if I was smoking, I say yes. Then he asks me if I threw it out the window. I say yes, because I got nervous when they pulled us over & so I threw mine out the window! Not smart. He then asks me if I was aware that its a $500 fine for littering... and my response?? Are you serious?!?! (I don't do well under pressure... I was nervous!) He then says "Why would I joke about that?" Me: "Umm... well I didn't know that, sorry." Officer: You didn't know that throwing something out the window was littering..?" me: "Well... I didn't know cigars counted!" Yeah, I can sound real dumb when I'm nervous!! Then the officers asked the guys to get out of the car, so they did, and a different officer talked to each of them. It went something like this: Officer: Have you been drinking tonight? Boy 1: No sir... Officer: When was the last time you slept? Boy 1: Um... Last night. Officer: How much did you sleep? Boy 1: I don't know... 8 hours? Then the officer asked him at least twice where he was coming from, and what he was doing out, and several times if he had been drinking. The conversation with boy 2 was even more bizarre... Officer: Where are you coming from? Boy 2: Westminster College... Officer: When was the last time you got high? Boy 2: Um... never. Officer: Are you always this nervous? Boy 2: I'm not nervous. Officer: Well you're shaking, why are you nervous? Boy 2: Its 30 degrees outside, and I'm wearing shorts. I'm shaking because I'm really cold! Officer: Why would you do that? Boy 2: Um I don't know it was warm earlier today. Finally, after at least 20 minutes of interrogating us, and making us stand outside in the cold and think that we could be getting arrested... they finally let us go without a ticket or anything. I think it's pretty safe to say this was definitely a misadventure!

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Things that don't help when going through a break up

I promise my blog is not being taken over by me feeling sorry for myself over the whole break up thing... however in my defense it has only been a week, and it's my blog I should be able to write whats on my mind, and whether I like it or not, this is on my mind. Anyway, lately I've been getting a lot of advice and sympathy going through this whole thing. Some people are really helpful, and my friends are an amazing support system. I'm lucky to be in a house full of people who really care. However, sometimes when people think they are helping they just aren't. Here's some of the not-so-helpful-but-trying-to-be comments that I've gotten lately:

  • There are plenty of fish in the sea- While this may be true, yes. 1. It's a small school & a small town, so I kind of feel like my options are limited, and 2. That's not really what I want to here right now.
  • You can do so much better- again, this may be true, but again, not what I want to hear right now. It honestly just pisses me off coming from friends because when we were together, we were "so cute" and he's "such a good guy" and now all the sudden he's not good enough? I can understand if he was a jerk about the break up, but as I said, he wasn't.
  • You can't keep doing this to yourself, stop thinking about it all- I got this as I was crying... like it was my fault I was upset, like I want to feel like total crap! Like I want to obsessively think about everything, to the point where it does make me want to cry? No, but I really can't help it. Like I said it's still so new, and it still hurts, so sometimes I cry... it's all part of the process.
  • Just give it time, time heals everything- I know this can actually be really good advice, but again, not so much what I want to hear. I don't want to give it time! I just want to fast forward through the "time" and get to a point where its not awkward for us to be friends.
  • Do you really think you can be friends, that never works- um yes. I do. and thanks for the voted confidence... real nice!
  • He's a jerk- this kind of goes a long with the whole you can do better thing... 1st of all he had the opportunity to be a jerk about it and he wasn't, and 2nd he really isn't a jerk, and he definitely wasn't a jerk when we were together, so the fact that we broke up doesn't make him a jerk because he broke up because he cares.
I know people mean well, and I know from experience its hard to know what to say to someone going through a break up. I just had to vent a little. Also, on the subject of advice... one of my guy friends just started a blog!!! I'm so excited, it's going to be like an advice blog, so if you want to ask him any questions, e-mail him at bryansadvice at gmail dot com, and check it out his blog (maybe give it a little while so he can get a post up!)

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Not Me Monday!

This is my 1st time participating in MckMama's Not Me Monday! I'm so excited! If you haven't checked out her blog, you definitely need to.. she has an amazing story and 4 amazingly cute kiddo's! So anyway here are some of the things I did not do lately: I did not spend almost the entire day in bed on Monday after the unfortunate event, and I did not skip my classes so I could sulk and feel sorry for myself. Not me, that would be stupid! I also did not let my friends talk me into going out with them that night... to his fraternity house. I also did not have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and cry once I got there and someone informed me they didn't know where my boyfriend was, and I had to inform them he was no longer my boyfriend... not me. I also did not let my same friend talk me into going over there again the next day... where I did not have an awkward run-in with him. Nope. I did not start talking to this guy again this weekend... not me, that would be a bad idea. I also did not tell him to leave me alone only 2 days after we started talking because he was creeping me out hardcore. (There will not be more on this later, since this did not happen) I did not pay $30 at the airport this weekend for a book and a magazine... that's crazy! I did not eat like there was no tomorrow all weekend, not just Thanksgiving... I would never do that! I did not spend Friday night with friends drinking at my house... I would never do that in my house! I also did not steal borrow a few alcoholic drinks from my parents, not me! I did not break down and cry tonight when I got back to my room because of the incident... not me, I'm over it already. I did not sign up for NaBloPoMo and then ditch it 2 days later... not me! I did not stay up until 4 in the morning tonight enjoying the reunion with my friends and then writing this post even though I have class at 9 AM... that would just be stupid! So, hope you enjoyed reading about what I haven't been up to... sorry for the lack of posts this week, I'll update you guys soon on what's been going on.

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