The Dangers of Beer Pong

So most of you are familiar with the sport game of beer pong, no? If not, let me break it down for you: basically you line up all the cups in a diamond, and throw ping pong balls at the cups, which are filled with beer. The cups can also be filled with other types of beverages such as water or sodas of course. Such was the case when I was playing obviously! Anyway, I feel the need to warn all of you that this can be a very dangerous game. So Last Monday night I was participating in a friendly game of beer pong, and pretty much kicking ass. Well it was all down hill from there, let me tell you! Occasionally when the other team misses their shots, one or both of the ping pong balls used may roll off the table onto the ground, requiring you or your partner to retrieve it. WARNING: if you must be the one to retrieve the ball(s), proceed to the floor WITH CAUTION, especially if there may have been several a couple drinks consumed prior to this particular game. It is very possible that you could fall on your face lose your balance ever-so-slightly and end up looking like you got in a fight with a slight injury to show for it. The above may or may not have been what happened to me... My partner (who happened to be my ex, but that's another story) was a little busy hitting on talking to other girls (which may or may not have made me cry slightly upset), so it was up to me to retrieve the lost balls. Sounds simple enough, right? Well I thought so, too. Now, the details are a little fuzzy, but I made it to the ground successfully, and I was underneath the table, then something went wrong, and I somehow fell over and landed on my face. Go ahead, laugh... So luckily no one happened to see my fall stumble, so I recovered, successfully retrieved the balls and went back to playing the game. Now I'm not sure at what point in the game this happened (before or after the previous injury), but somehow in another attempt to retrieve the balls, I started to lose my balance again and caught myself with my hand, but somehow managed to seriously hurt my finger... so much so that it was swollen the next morning and was like 3x the size of my other fingers (ok maybe not that big but it was really swollen!) And my eye? Oh yes I had a nice little scar to remember my mis-hap by, and had people asking me for the next few days if I got in a fight! Just to prove I'm not making this up (If I were making this up, it would be a way better story!) I managed to take a couple pictures of my nice battle wound!It's kinda hard to tell, but it's basically like rug burn on my eye! So the lesson? Be very careful when playing beer pong and exercise caution at all times when getting on the floor for any reason! You can bet the next time I played beer pong, I made my partner pick up all the balls. hehe!

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Not Me Monday! (5th Edition)

It's that time again, people! It's Not Me Monday at MckMama's place! I am here to tell you all the things I did not do since last week! And this time I'm coming at you live straight from the computer, unlike last week where I did not blog from my iPhone for Not Me Monday! ;) Ok so this morning/afternoon I definitely did not accidentally sleep through my 1:00 PM class, and not only that but I did not therefore miss Chicken Finger Day at the Dining Hall! I would never sleep later than 1 PM, especially when I needed to wake up for the rare occasion when the dining hall is good (not to mention class!) Good thing that did not happen to me! Last week, while out partying chilling with friends, celebrating our return to school I most certainly did not injure myself playing beer pong! Who injures themselves playing beer pong!? Only really intoxicated people, right? Which is not me! I also did not injure myself not once, but twice! I did not decide that said injuries mentioned above would make a great blog post, and then never write it. I follow through with things like that! I did not start to write it, then decide it sucked and decided to forget it for now! I did not discuss this with my roommate, who did not suggest that I should write it next time I've been drinking so I would be "in the zone" I did not let my room get so messy in just a week of being back at school, that you really couldn't see the floor! It did not take me almost 2 hours to finally clean it today! And I definitely did not take before & after pictures in order to re-create another post like this. I did not cry twice in the last week after seeing my ex boyfriend talking to other girls. I am not that pathetic, and it has definitely been long enough for me to be over him. I did not almost write a post late one night after these said events about missing him and then decide I was too drunk tired to write it, and decide to see if I still felt the same way in the morning. I did not taking a FREEZING cold shower because the hot water in our sorority house wasn't working and I was that desperate. I did not barely survive it was so cold! I was not shaking and hyperventilating my head did not hurt terribly like a giant brain freeze. Good thing that didn't happen because that would be miserable! I did not let my reader get past 800 and still refuse to press that Mark All As Read button! I am not in denial about catching up... I do not think I can magically do it! I did not take my ADD medicine for the 1st time in probably a year, and I did not decide I don't like it because it makes me in a bad mood! It also did not make my heart race... that would be a little scary! I also did not decide it did not help me pay more attention because I am still seriously ADD! I did not spend like $5 on laundry not to mention the laundry detergent I did not buy at Wal-Mart in order to do laundry! I did not wish I could just drive my laundry home and do it for free (or have it done really)... too bad that would take like 10 hrs! I did not wait until 11 PM when it's almost not Monday anymore to write this freakin post! I am much more on top of things than that! Well that's about it, but you know you want to share what you did not do this week, too, so go link up at MckMama's place and be a late arrival like me :P

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