Feeling Guilty

Ok so I'm feeling really bad. No I'm not sick again. I am feeling guilty for neglecting you, my bloggy friends! Yes, there is twitter to keep each other updated, but it's not the same! I've been meaning to post, I really have, and I've been reading your blogs... well kind of. But the thing is, I'm just so busy! I wish I could tell you I was like studying my butt off and that's why I haven't been around, or that I am always in class, and there just isn't time for blogging! But, I would be lieing, and I can't lie to you! Especially after I've been neglecting. I'm still here, really! I even have my post about sorority stuff almost done. It's just that there's so much to do around here! The best thing about the sorority house is there's always someone to talk to, so I feel silly hiding in my room! Plus, there's no wireless, so I can't go in someone else's room and blog! Yeah, lame excuse I know. It's just all new, and exciting! I'm sure it will wear off! And I'm still reading your blogs, I am, but I am mostly reading in between classes and socializing and frat parties studying, and don't have a lot of time! Also, I read a lot of blogs when I'm bored on my iPhone, and it's a pain in the you-know-what to comment on there. Don't get me started. Anyway, i'm just feeling bad! I haven't forgotten you, I really haven't! I was so busy today I forgot about Top 5 Tuesday! It's the 1st time since I found it that I haven't done it! Actually, I don't know if that's true! But it's a Tuesday tradition! And I forgot! The irony is the topic was what do you do when you're not blogging, and clearly I'm spending too much time doing those! So I promise I still love you! And I promise to read & comment on your blogs more! I really appreciate that you all haven't left me! Well, i'm off to bed because I have a 9 AM class, and I have class most of the day tomorrow, (really I do) so I probably won't be able to get caught up tomorrow either. But I will eventually get caught up!

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Quick things

I'm back!!! Did you guys miss me? lol so I wasn't really gone, I was still reading your blogs as much as I could, but I just didn't have a lot of time! I still don't have a lot of time now, but I just want to let you know that you need to come back because I will finally start writing on own blog... the thing is I've been so busy reading your blogs that I run out of time and forget about my own! lol So just a few quick shout outs and notes:

  • Thank you to Dana, Tyne, Rachel, and Jen for all the amazing guest posts last week! I was certainly entertained reading all of them! Great job, all of you (Not that you really need my approval, but you get it anyway!) If you haven't already, make you sure you check out their awesome posts.
  • As I mentioned, I'm loving college. I was sick yesterday with a stomach bug, and that was awful. I really hated being away from home when I was sick! And I almost missed my preference parties for Sorority Recruitment, which would have been bad. Luckily, I made it.
  • I made in to a sorority and I'm SO HAPPY with my decision! I spent the whole day getting to know all my sisters and I really couldn't be happier! Stay tuned to find out which sorority I joined!
  • I promise I will update on everything this week! Tomorrow is my 1st day of classes, so I will definitely have to let you know how that goes!
  • Oh, yeah I almost forgot! Chelle gave me my 1st ever bloggy award the other day & I've been so busy I haven't even gotten a chance to pass it on! But I'm so excited to put my bling bling on my blog & to pass it on to you guys.
  • Also, I'm playing in Wendi's favorite things swap! So head over there and join and we can swap our favorite things! (click the picture for the link!)
Well I guess that's it... hope you're enjoying keeping up with the latest stuff!

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