I'd like to thank The Academy...

I have recieved my 3rd Oscar Bloggy Award! I'm so excited! Thank you to Susan @ Life in the Psych Ward! She's an amazing, hilarious blogger, if you haven't checked her out, go do it now!! Anyway, check out my beautiful award: Thanks again Susan, I'm honored!! So the rules are I have to name 6 things that make me happy:

  1. MY NEW BOYFRIEND :) (More on this later I promise!)
  2. Spending time with friends
  3. Getting presents!! I love new things
  4. Compliments- who doesn't love getting compliments? They make you feel so good!
  5. The Internet- lol I couldn't live without it, therefore it makes me happy! :)
  6. Making new friends
Now, for the fun part, I get to pass this onto 6 of you!
  1. Mrs. Newlywed @ Misadventures of a Newlywed- I can't say enough about this girl! She has the funniest stories, gives the best advice, and is a really hard worker as well as an awesome blogger!
  2. Tyne @ The White House- another funny blogger! Her guest post for me when I first got to school was funny, and it's a great representation of her blog!
  3. Janah who is So Not Mamalicious- She's new to blogging, but she's awesome! You must go check her out!
  4. Leslie @ Got Kids, Need Valium- She's too funny! You can just tell by her blog title she has great stories to tell!
  5. Dee @ Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House- This girl is one of my newest blog friends, and she's awesome! Her blog is too cute and I promise you will love it :)
  6. Alexis @ A Housewife's Journey to Forever- Her blog is so honest and so cute! I love reading what she's up to in my hometown- Dallas, baby!
So, there you have it! Thanks again, Susan! I promise more on the new boyfriend coming up :) **p.s. sorry if this showed up twice in your readers... I forgot I started this like a week ago, and never finished, and I hit publish before I meant to!**

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Thursday Already!?!

Wow, where did the week go?!? I can't believe its been almost a week since I posted anything! Sorry for being such a lame blogger! I've been reading your blogs as much as possible, but I'm slightly behind... my reader is currently at 882. Yeah told you I'm behind! And for some reason, I just won't let myself click the mark all as read button! I want to read everything even if it is a week old. So this is just going to be a bunch of randomness and hopefully today or tomorrow I'll actually post something different. I am hanging out with that new guy again tonight! It's the 2nd date time we've hung out. I'm super excited :) I have posts I have been meaning to write, but for some reason just can't make it happen, so maybe you guys can give me the kick in the butt friendly reminder to post something!! Susan @ Life in the Psych Ward gave me another bloggy award, the Kreative Blogger award! It's so pretty it's already displayed on my sidebar, but I am going to get that post out soon and give it to you guys! I should have some time to blog this weekend because it's fall break weekend (just a 3-day weekend) but basically everyone in my sorority house is going home! I will be 1 of 4 people left out of like 69 people total. So there won't be a whole lot to do around here. As far as my room... I'm afraid it's getting a little messy again! I'm gonna have to clean it again! I just get lazy and throw things on the floor, or the bed, or the desk, and all of the sudden it piles up! I currently have my clean laundry in laundry baskets, unfolded, on the floor, where it's been sitting for 2 days now! I think I have a problem! Anyway, that's pretty much all I've got but I promise a real post coming up soon!

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