Fake Conversation pt 2!

If you don't know the story behind this... go here! There's nothing like the holiday's to bring back old friends... or fake friends! Christmas day I got a text from a number I didn't recognize... then I remembered! It was Britney... she was back! So of course I texted back... all in the name of blogging obviously, not for my own amusement or because I am that lame that I actually enjoy having conversations with complete strangers who think I'm someone else. Anyway, here's how it went: *Note: I translated some of the text speak, but occasionally it will still b n slang like dis... so bear with me! Britney: Merry Christmas Me: (thinking) hmm... who is this number?!? I checked the list of numbers for my sorority sisters, but it wasn't one of them. I had 1 of my friends call the number to see who it was, no answer, and the voice mail didn't have a name! WtF!? So finally curiosity got the best of me, and I just had to know who this was! Me: Who is this!? Britney: It's Britney! (oh yeah... Britney! ok well I guess I'll text back..) Me: Oh hey! (of course I know you are, silly me!) Merry Christmas :) (I think the smiley face adds a little extra friendliness!) Well, apparently Britney didn't feel the need to respond, but I couldn't let her go that easy! She was finally texting me back! I had to get her to talk somehow... so I texted her again! (I did this for the blog of course!) Me: How was your Christmas!? (See you have to ask a question! That requires a response, so she has to text back, right!?) Britney: My xmas was good :) (see, she does the smiley thing, too!) how was yours!? Me: That's good! (I'm trying to be supportive!) Mine was good 2! I haven't talked 2 u n 4ever! What have u been up 2!? (Translation: Give me some dirt... come on!) Britney: Nothing really just getting my back into school and workin my butt off... u!? (Boring! This is not dirt!) Me: That's no fun :( (I'm telling you the smiley faces really add something!) How's that going!? I'm just living the life u know crazy parties wild adventures lol (I'm kidding... kind of ;-) haha) Britney: hahaha gotta love it! (umm yeah!) I miss that part of life :) haha (I get that a lot...) Me: Lol I know right!!? (My life is really something to be jealous of ha not!) U still working @ Chili's? How's the school thing goin!? (translation: please... tell me something juicy!) Britney: Unfortunately yes :( (Another smiley, geez!) school is coming along. I won't graduate from dental hygiene school for another 3 years though. Whats new you w/ you!? (Now I have to spill...?? That's not how this is supposed to go!) Me: Yeah well at least ur getting it over with! (I am so supportive of my fake friend!) Not much.. my bf and I broke up :( (Why I'm telling her my real life... I don't know, but I don't know what Kathy* has been up to, so either I make something up or just tell her my life story, so might as well go with my life story!) Britney: Oh no! Why!? You seemed so happy! (How depressing is it that even a complete stranger could tell how completely happy I was with him...!?) Me: I know :( I was! (true) But he has a lot going on in his life so he didn't feel like he could be 100% n a relationship so we r trying 2 b friends but its hard. Whats new with u!? (Enough depressing stuff about me!) Britney: Aww I'm sorry sweetheart (woah sweetheart, what!?) Nothing really me and Cody* broke up awhile ago and I moved out with my new bf, best friend, and his best friend (woah new bf already, what!? She moves on fast...) Me: Wow u already have a new bf!? Way 2 go! (I fully support moving on quickly!) What's his name!? What's he like?! (I want juicy details!) Britney: It was a mess to say the least (yes! drama!) Cody* had bought me an engagement ring and I didn't even know about it. (She gave me more details about this last time) Me: Yeah u told me about that (tell me something I don't know!) Wow do you think yaall will ever get back 2gether!? (The age old question of course!) Britney: haha I'm classy :) haha. (ok it's not that funny! enough haha's!) his name is bryan*... he's a total goofball just like me & he treats me like a million dollars (how exactly do you treat someone like a million dollars!?) Britney: I don't think so... he was gone so much I fell out of love with him and I kind of resented him cause he was never around... not that it was his fault (hmm... sounds like a Lifetime movie!) Me: Aww! I'm jealous!! He sounds like a great guy! (The new guy not the old one!) I'm happy 4 u :) (As happy as I can be for someone I've never met...) I hope 1 day I will find some1! I totally understand about you & Cody that happens! (That's supportive, right!? What would Kathy say? I don't know!) Do y'all ever talk!? (More drama, come on!) Britney: yeah, we just started talking like a week ago (there's gotta be more to the story... come on!) You'll find someone you're a great girl (I'm sure Kathy is a great girl... wouldn't know!) But I have to go back to work :( Call me sometime! I miss you! Me: (secretly bummed this conversation is ending) Ok good luck with everything! It was good catching up with u! (a.k.a thanks for finally texting me back so I have something to blog about!) Text me soon :) (As opposed to calling... I don't want you to know I'm not the real Kathy!) I miss u 2! (I'm sure Kathy does miss you... me? Not so much!) So that was how part 2 of "Kathy" and Britney went! What will be next!? Will Britney call? I don't know if I could pull that off... but then again it doesn't seem like they talk too much, so maybe she won't know!? I think it's safe to say for now that the secret is safe...

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