Identity Crisis

I am having a bit of an identity crisis lately, and I need help! No, no one stole my identity (as far as I know), and yes, I still know my name, etc (Patrice, age 20, etc.). No, this identity crisis involves Facebook.
This morning when I got to work, I had this posting on my Facebook Wall: "Facebook just told me I should be friends with you because you were a mutual friend of yourself. Confused yet? Hahaha." Ugh. Now normally most people would be like WTF. Except, in this case, it's true. Yes, I am friends with myself on Facebook. How is this possible? Let me explain. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to start a fan page for my blog. (Check out the top left corner and you can "like" it!) I had seen a lot of other bloggers do it and had read that is a great way to get more people to come to your blog and connect with other bloggers. So I did not take this lightly. I did my research. I posted questions on Blog Frog Forums, I tweeted, I even read Scary Mommy's tips for starting your own fan page. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right and it would be awesome. 
So, while doing my research I learned that most people create a separate Facebook account to link their blog fan page to. I guess that way the people who are connected to your personal page don't have to see the posts from the fan page. I'm not sure, but whatever I read convinced me that this was the way to do it. So I set up a new e-mail address, and a new Facebook account. Except, Facebook has all these lame rules about not putting nick names as your name and you can only put your real name. So I couldn't title my new Facebook account "Patrice's blog" or "Not A Girl..." or something. So now there are two Patrice Basso's on Facebook and yes, they are both me. In order to set up Networked Blogs to post to my fan page, I had to friend myself and list myself as an author of my blog. (Confused yet?)

So after I get this wall posting and find out that I have friend requests on my blog "Patrice Basso" account, I go to Facebook's privacy settings. There are 3 million different ways to customize your privacy on Facebook, but there are no settings (at least that I could find) that won't allow friend requests, or "suggesting" people be friends with you. Awesome. Of course not. And, the more I use my fan page, the more I decide that it is useless to be linked up to this other account because I don't use that Facebook account for anything except to go to my fan page. Why can't I do that from my regular account? All my friends know I blog. My Networked Blogs is linked to my personal facebook account, so I have no concerns about anyone "finding out" I blog. It's not a secret Most of my fans are IRL people anyway, and not blog people. 

So, how do I solve this identity crisis?! Do I delete the account and start all over on my fan page? Do I ask all 69 of my fans to re-like me once I launch the new page? Or, do I just leave it and post some kind of PSA on one of my "Patrice Basso" accounts that one account is strictly for my blog fan page, and I never post anything on that account anyway, so you wouldn't really want to be friends with "me" on that account? 

This is one heck of an identity crisis, and one I need to solve quick before everyone wants to be friends with the "other" me! Help!

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Randomness is the Way to Go


It has been awhile since I participated in The Un Mom's Random Tuesday Thoughts, but since it's been awhile since my last post and I have all kinds of things to say, I figured randomness is the way to go and I can get it all out in one post! (I think that was probably a run on sentence but this isn't English class it's my blog and I can have run on sentences if I want to!)

So I guest posted at Winey Mommy's place today. It took me like all day to write because I was super nervous. And I had no clue what to write about. Luckily I tweeted about my writer's block and Krystyn came to my rescue and suggested I blog about a funny story from college or something. So I searched my blog archives for some funny story I have never blogged about and found one. I also found a LOT of posts  that have been half written or nearly finished that were never published that would've been actually good had I finished them. I need to get out of my own head and stop convincing myself that my writing sucks because all that leads to is an empty blog and a really full drafts folder. Anyway, the point of the story is please go check out my guest post because I am afraid that it will be a big flat flop and I will never volunteer to guest post again and I will make Chelle regret handing her blog over to me! (So much for getting out of my own head, right?)

Moving on. I have an addiction. It's called Reality Television. Specifically Real Housewives of New York, The Bachelorette, and my new favorite Househusbands of Hollywood. Dude, this is awesomeness. It's like total role reversal because the husbands stay home and take care of the kids or just the house if they don't have kids and the mom's go out and bring home the "bacon". And in some cases they are making a heck of a lot of bacon because one chick goes and blows like $8,000 in one day at Neiman's and Barney's. Seriously. $8000. Then her husband is all like "um, that's crazy. You need to chill the eff out." And she's all "you need to chill out, dude." Which, first of all, who calls their husband dude and second of all she seriously does not understand why he's mad that she spent that much money. Really? Anyway, it's on the FOX Reality Channel and it is complete awesomeness. Trust me.

Now can we do five minutes on the Real Housewives? Last night was the 2nd reunion show. There is so much drama on that show it takes 3 reunion shows just to cover it all. It's like on huge cat fight and it makes my blood pressure boil because everyone is yelling at each other and it's crazy and it makes me think of high school. My sister, who is brilliant and totally right, said "I would be embarrassed to be yelling at people like that at that age." My sister who is actually in high school is smarter than these women who just act like they're in high school. And dude, what is wrong with Betheney that 12 days after giving birth she looks like she was never pregnant? I look more pregnant than her and I am definitely not pregnant. That is just wrong.

Now for The Bachelorette. I can not get enough of this show and the ridiculous guys on it. Seriously, last night's episode was full of blood, sweat and tears literally. It was awesomely bad. I don't even know where to start with these dudes. I have so much to say I think I'm gonna have to write a whole post about it. I've been reluctant to write a Bachelorette post before because I've read so many witty, funny, sarcastic and awesome one's and I think I can't possibly compare. But who cares right? I can do what I want. And even if my post isn't as good as this person's, it's my own style and I can be confident in that!

On a more serious note, I really want you all to go to the site that was started for my sister. I haven't blogged about it before because, well, my blog got depressing for awhile after she was diagnosed and as much as that was therapeutic, being happy and witty is also therapeutic. Anyway, the site is 1 Million 4 Anna and the goal is to get 1 million prayers said for my sister and her health! They just posted a beautiful essay written by one of her best friends about what Anna has been through and it is a beautiful tribute to Anna's strength and her amazing friendships that have helped her get through this time in her life. On a brighter but related note, she only has 1 more chemo to go!!! This is been one hell of a road and it is something none of us ever thought we would have to go through but the end is in sight. Thank you all for praying and please continue to pray because we need a year of clean scans before she is officially cancer free!

When I was typing this, I was thinking I should write posts like this more often because I literally couldn't stop typing. Usually it takes me awhile to write blog posts, but when it's just going straight from the brain to the blog and I don't have to make sense, it just flows naturally.

So I think that's it. I probably could keep going but this post is already pretty long and if you're still reading this forever, then you're not reading my guest post!

If you want to write your own random post (trust me it's fun!) go ahead and link up with Keely at the Un Mom!

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