Identity Crisis

I am having a bit of an identity crisis lately, and I need help! No, no one stole my identity (as far as I know), and yes, I still know my name, etc (Patrice, age 20, etc.). No, this identity crisis involves Facebook.
This morning when I got to work, I had this posting on my Facebook Wall: "Facebook just told me I should be friends with you because you were a mutual friend of yourself. Confused yet? Hahaha." Ugh. Now normally most people would be like WTF. Except, in this case, it's true. Yes, I am friends with myself on Facebook. How is this possible? Let me explain. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to start a fan page for my blog. (Check out the top left corner and you can "like" it!) I had seen a lot of other bloggers do it and had read that is a great way to get more people to come to your blog and connect with other bloggers. So I did not take this lightly. I did my research. I posted questions on Blog Frog Forums, I tweeted, I even read Scary Mommy's tips for starting your own fan page. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right and it would be awesome. 
So, while doing my research I learned that most people create a separate Facebook account to link their blog fan page to. I guess that way the people who are connected to your personal page don't have to see the posts from the fan page. I'm not sure, but whatever I read convinced me that this was the way to do it. So I set up a new e-mail address, and a new Facebook account. Except, Facebook has all these lame rules about not putting nick names as your name and you can only put your real name. So I couldn't title my new Facebook account "Patrice's blog" or "Not A Girl..." or something. So now there are two Patrice Basso's on Facebook and yes, they are both me. In order to set up Networked Blogs to post to my fan page, I had to friend myself and list myself as an author of my blog. (Confused yet?)

So after I get this wall posting and find out that I have friend requests on my blog "Patrice Basso" account, I go to Facebook's privacy settings. There are 3 million different ways to customize your privacy on Facebook, but there are no settings (at least that I could find) that won't allow friend requests, or "suggesting" people be friends with you. Awesome. Of course not. And, the more I use my fan page, the more I decide that it is useless to be linked up to this other account because I don't use that Facebook account for anything except to go to my fan page. Why can't I do that from my regular account? All my friends know I blog. My Networked Blogs is linked to my personal facebook account, so I have no concerns about anyone "finding out" I blog. It's not a secret Most of my fans are IRL people anyway, and not blog people. 

So, how do I solve this identity crisis?! Do I delete the account and start all over on my fan page? Do I ask all 69 of my fans to re-like me once I launch the new page? Or, do I just leave it and post some kind of PSA on one of my "Patrice Basso" accounts that one account is strictly for my blog fan page, and I never post anything on that account anyway, so you wouldn't really want to be friends with "me" on that account? 

This is one heck of an identity crisis, and one I need to solve quick before everyone wants to be friends with the "other" me! Help!

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K said...

This is how I did something similar two years ago. It should still work now.

Step #1 - Make your real Facebook account an administrator on your fan page.

Step #2 - Delete your other Facebook account.

Then there will be only one you, and your current fan page will still exist under your control. Ta da! :-)

Scary Mommy said...

Facebook makes everything so difficult!!

I like having 2 accounts because I didn't want the one I use for blogging stuff to have my full name. The one with my name is only for family & RL friends and is boring as hell, LOL.

I think K's suggestion is perfect!

Venassa said...

Confusing, but sounds like K has the right idea.

Rebecca Louise. said...

I know a few people who do that....although think it would confuse me.

Dorm Comforter said...

Oh, my head is spinning.... :)

XL Twin said...

Oh, I wish i could give you advice, but I am totally confused....best of luck getting it straightened out :)

Daisygirl said...

Hi thanks for the follow I am now following you as well....facebook drives me nuts sometimes. I wonder where it comes up with its suggestions! It has told me many times to chat with my husband because we have not chatted on facebook in awhile...can't facebook just know that he is my husband and we chat enough in person? haha!

Holly said...

LOL! That would drive me crazy too! I used to be the only person with my full name on FB for ages, but recently someone else has popped up. Oddly enough they seem to be a rather young child...!?

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