It's Real Life

I am so happy I have a blog now so I can do fun little activities like this!!!
thanks to Jessica @ Farm Fresh for sponsoring this!!

So here goes:

1st up: Curb Appeal- ok please keep in mind that I live w/ my parents b/c i'm only 18 so this is by no means "my house" but its the only house I have!
I have to say.. it's a pretty great place to live!

next: My junk drawer. I used to have several, but I recently did like a total make over to my room, so most of the junk drawer's were cleaned out... however this one managed to survive!

I never realized how much junk there was in my "junk drawer" until I went to take pix and found cigarettes (no idea where those came from- I don't smoke), A random Psalm (from our Senior retreat I think??), Pop-tarts (I seriously wonder how old those are).. crazy stuff!!

Next: From whence I blog

Pretty much all of my blogging is done from my work. Now this may sound bad, but I answer phones at the front desk during the day at my Dad's company, and when the phones aren't ringing, I pretty much have nothing else to do except surf the web (which is exactly how I came across all the blogs I linked to, and became inspired to start my own!!)
You can see the two screens, the one on the right is used for answering the phones- so I actually do work!
Here is a view of my desk area from the front:

Next, my favorite jewelry (I love this topic!!)

So it's not the best picture, sorry I'm not the best photographer. Anyway, this is my Tiffany & Co. Necklace my parents gave me for my 18th birthday. My dad picked it out himself, and it's one of many beautiful pieces of Tiffany jewelry I own, so it was definitely hard to choose! But this necklace is really special to me, and I wear it everywhere so I couldn't resist choosing it.

And finally, my best feature!

Ok, so I wanted my best feature to be my eyes, but when I took this picture and tried to zoom in on just my eyes, it wouldn't save like that, So I'm scratching that and going with my smile because I have to say, this picture shows my smile at it's best and most genuine.

So, I am so glad to have been a part of this awesome idea!! So make sure you check it the rest of the It's Real Life posts!

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Jen E said...

Your parents house is gorgeous! I hope we can afford something that nice for our own kids to grow up in someday. :)

So neat to read a non-mom's post! I think you are the only blog I read that didn't have a wedding ring for the jewelry. hehe

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That is a great smile! And I love that you have pop tarts in your junk drawer. They're probably good for a couple more years! :-)

So glad you came over to play!

Totallyscrappy said...

When I saw the picture of your best feature I figured you would say smile? A genuine smile is a blessing.
Fun post!

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