High School drama

I just wanna cry rite now. This is y I need a blog so wen I'm freaking out I can express my feelings in a private way. Well technically public, but private from my friends. So I'm not technically in high school anymore, so I can't figure out why the drama seems to be following me... I'll give u the short version b/c I typed the whole story in another post, and it was just too long. So here's the short version: girl meets girl. Girls become best friends. 2 yrs later, boy enters. Girl 1 and boy date for a yr- a very bad relationship w/ several break ups in the year (think Carrie & Big on SATC). Then, boy kisses girl 2 behind girl 1's back. Girl 2 feels bad, tells Girl 1 the truth, but somehow boy and girl work it out and stay together. Then, like a month later Girl decides she's not over the kiss and hates both girl 2 and boy. so.... that's that. Should girl 2 have kept quiet? She was trying to protect Girl 1 from getting hurt... SO back to high school drama (well that was drama but still) I just don't get it. Y does there have to be so much of it all the time! PLease someone tell me college is not like this... for the past year @ least I have been feeling like I'm stuck on some show like Laguna Beach w/ a twist... i just can't wait to get away from all this drama. And i'm praying college is not like this!!!!!

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Jen E said...

There will be drama in college but it won't be like high school, at least after the first year. Even your first year of college won't be like high school but my point is it gets even better after that.

And personally I think "Girl 2" was right to tell "Girl 1" about it - but women aren't always reasonable about things like that, she may come around or she may not. Friendships change a lot during college, you'll be surprised by the ones that last and the ones that don't.

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