I'm Having a [Barking Mad] Dinner Party!!

In case you haven't heard Auds at Barking Mad is hosting a dinner party for all of us bloggers in an attempt to bring the community together! Brilliant, right? Yes, indeed. So I am officially announcing I, Patrice, am hosting my very own 1st dinner party! Now, you'll have to come back and check in because the location is T.B.A. seeing as, well, I'm moving out of my parents home in about a week, and a college dorm is just not a suitable place for a dinner party. So once I get settled in and get to know my new home a little better, I will find the perfect location for the dinner party which will be nothing short of fabulous, because I do not take this responsibility of planning a dinner party lightly! Now as for the guest list... I am fairly new to the bloggy community, and while I have managed to make a few bloggy friends here and there, I'm no Madonna of the blogging community, if you will. So, sit back and listen (read, whatever), because the following people are cordially invited to my 1st ever dinner party: Jen E @ Momma Blogs a lot (and she does!)- my 1st bloggy friend! I could never leave her out. She's my top commenter, and almost always the 1st to comment and offer up advice! She's full of wisdom and pretty darn funny, too! She's currently seeking a new design, so WP gods, help a girl out! She will come to the dinner party with stories of her "MM" (her son) and "SB" (her son's besty!) and she will probably come with stories from the latest books she's read. She may even assign us books we must read before her own dinner party, because this girl loves books. This girl loves a good meme, too, so if you've got one, send it her way! Plus, she's got this blogging thing down- she has like 5 posts a day! How does she do it?!? She'll be sure to contribute greatly to the party! Chelle @ Creative Momma- my amazing bloggy friend who I've only known a short time, but don't know what I would do without! She's a bookworm, too, and she will probably tell us about her awesome book swap. Plus, she'll have great stories to tell about her adorable daughter Bella! I may have to make her help me cook for the party because she's full of great recipes! She's from Missouri, which is so cool, so she may even be able to help us out with the location! If you need anything, or you just need to talk, Chelle is a great person to go to. She will always have something nice and uplifting to say, and can make you smile even when you don't feel like it! Sue @ Happy Meals & Happy Hour- Sue is a blogger who I barely know, but she will undoubtedly be the comedy of the night. Even her comments are funny- she donned me her "youngest commenter ever" (which I consider an honor!) and she even offered me her words of wisdom, so she may have some wisdom for all of us! We can bond over her love for the Jonas Brothers (which is seriously one of the funniest posts I've ever read! So funny I quote it in daily life- not kidding!) She will probably bring drinks, too (even though I'm underage- we don't have to tell anyone! shh!) because she knows how to have a good party! If I have any dead critters to be removed before the party, Sue will be the one to call! She will hopefully bring BG, who also knows how to have a good time. I really hope she accepts this invitation because I would love to get to know her better and I'm sure she will show us a good time! Dana @ Supernanny, Where Are You?- Dana's hosting her own dinner party, but I'm sure we can arrange to schedule our events on different days so she can attend mine! She always has great stories to tell, about her adventures as a mail-carrier, or about her 2 kids being mischievous! She also brings our attention to very important causes such as adding your e-mail address to your blogger account, and my favorite, drunk dialing. Yes, Dana is funny, creative, and she's a great advice-giver as well! She hosts Top 5 Tuesday, which she let me be the 1st ever person (other than her) to pick the theme this week! Thanks, Dana!! She could also help us all out with some new make up since she showcases Mary Kay products. I would be honored to have her as my guest! McMommy @ The McMommy Chronicles- McMommy is what I refer to as a blogging goddess! She amazes me. Her ability to turn something like shaving cream or gum into something hilarious! She claims she isn't funny in real life, which is why I'm inviting her to the dinner party. So we can all see for ourselves how "unfunny" she really is... I'm willing to bet she's a lot funnier than she gives herself credit for! She makes us all feel special with POW, we get to show off our "best" work! She's very popular, she has quite a few fans, so she doesn't always have time for little fish in the blogger- sea like me, but hopefully she can spare a little bit of time to attend the dinner party and entertain us all with her presence! Carol @ Siswick Construction Zone- Carol is quite popular, as well, as she's already attending at least a couple dinner parties, but I think we can all schedule our parties so they don't interfere with one anothers! Carol's one of my newer bloggy friends, but we quickly bonded (at least I think so!). We've bonded over our love of Jodi Picoult books, and she gives great advice like the other bloggy mommy's! She's really funny, too! Hopefully she will leave the stories about poop & poop art out at least until after dinner, but surely she'll have some good stories of her bad parenting! If you click over to her site, be prepared to laugh a lot! Rachel @ Adventures of an American Mum Alien- Rachel is a great photographer, so I would done her the unofficial picture-taker of the dinner party! She was an American Mum, living in England with her 2 cute kiddo's & her hubby. However, aforementioned Hubby is away from them for awhile learning to Scuba, so they are currently back in the U.S. (thus the alien part of her title). I know Rachel's having a hard time with the separation, and who can blame her! So, I'm guessing a night out may be just what she needs to get her mind of it! Rachel is so smart- she designs blogs, she is (like I said) an amazing photographer. She's super-active in the bloggy world- hosting WWWAT & Photography lessons- Get Your Click on! I'm sure Rachel will have great stories to tell, too about being an ex-American Mum! Amanda @ Lifelong Playdate- Amanda gives really good advice as well. Also, her daughter, Beans, is so cute! Amanda will come to the dinner party with stories of all the adventures her and Beans went on that day, and maybe even tell us more about her super-fun bloggy playdate with Heather and Ella! She's so funny & smart, too. She even came up with a bloggy code in case we run into another blogger in real life! I wonder if the bloggy code applies to the dinner party... Jenny @ Happening's of a Little Bubba- Jenny is someone who I've only exchanged comments with once or twice, and we don't know each other all that well. However, I love her blog. Her son is too cute, and she is too funny! I feel from reading her blog that she will contribute greatly to our dinner party. She will warn us of dangerous shower products (her and McMommy will have that in common!) and tell us about the terrible drivers in her neck of the woods. I would love to get to know her better, so I would be thrilled if she would attend! And of course Auds @ Barking Mad- She's hosting this wonderful event so we couldn't dream of leaving her out! I'm sure she will be very busy since she is the guest of honor at so many dinner parties, but hopefully she can make the rounds and make an appearance at all of them! I've only started reading her blog recently, but I love it. It's so honest and very funny!!! She has a daughter my age which is amazing, I would've never guessed she was old enough! She also has a very cute 2 yr. old who is apparently a very good singer. Anyway, so far just within the week that I have been reading Aud's blog, she has been able to make me laugh and make me cry. She's also extremely kind judging by the great advice and encouragement she gave me when I was feeling down. I would be honored to have her attend my party, since after all it was her inspiration that led me to have this party! I love cute little kiddo's, so feel free to bring them! I won't charge for my baby-sitting duties, I swear! RSVP by leaving a comment on this post! Now, like Jen pointed out, it's not a party without crasher's, and there were several more of you I would've loved to invite. It was very hard to choose. I hope that you all will attend, even you crashers! Now head over to your blog and create your own dinner party, then link up at Aud's place.

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Motherhood for Dummies said...

what a cool idea!

McMommy said...

Patrice!! I am SO there!!

Look, I swear I'm not very funny in real life...and you guys are totally going to call me out on it now when you meet me at the dinner party.

However, I have come up with a plan: I am going to wear a KICK-ASS pair of shoes to totally distract from my un-funniness.

Thanks for inviting me!!

Chelle said...

Aw, I am beyond honored! I cannot wait for this party...it will be F-U-N!
I will even fly up to Missouri--I try to go back home any chance that I have :)
Thank you for the invite honey!

xoxo, Chelle

Jen E said...

This post was stellar, I can see now why it was taking you so long to post it - so worth it!!!

And of course I can't wait to attend, I'm sure "wherever" you choose to host it will be fabulous! (and now I'm off to check out the bloggers on here I actually didn't know!)

amanda said...

yeah for a dinner party :)

you know missouri isn't too far from kansas...

and can you please wear your new rain boots -i love em!!

Carol said...

Hey I'm coming for sure!!

I'll leave the poop and the kids at home.

Feeling so so so special!!

Oh in reference to your comment you need to sign up for Google Analytics. It's easy!

The Nice One said...

Thanks for dropping by today!
Don't forget, Chelle can whip up some amazing desserts for y'all. (Did you see those lemon bars?!)
Beautiful blog, I will enjoy keeping up with your adventures.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I so enjoy your blog. It's another perspective of the life of an eighteen year old. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Megawatt, but I am her mom and biased and I enjoy seeing this transition from daughter at home to college student from more than just her perspective...even if it does make me very melancholy.

I hope you won't forget about all of us once you jump into the ocean of college life.

Off to read up on your invitees!

Dana said...

Yay, my first invite!!!
And look at you with all of those links, you worked HARD on this post! I am so going to be there, and let me know what to bring (for sure no kids I need a night away).
I can't wait, I so want to meet McMommy, and I really hope Sue brings BG, I want to steal him to train him how to deliver mail. I just love each and every one on your list so I'm sure it will be a blast.

Jenny said...

thanks Patrice! love to be at the dinner party...just let us know! how fun is this!
you are too sweet...

Rachel said...

Thanks for the invite! I totally could use a night out. Must find babysitter. :)

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