7 Things About Me

Former City Girl tagged me in this fun meme where you seven random facts about yourself! The rules: Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. So here goes.. why is that I have no problem talking about myself until I'm put on the spot?!! By the way, I'm totally singing Miley Cyrus' "7 Things" song right now... yeah I know.

  • I love Italian food.. my dad's Italian, and he's a really good cook, so I've grown up with a lot of really good Italian food, and I love it!
  • I am officially obsessed with the Jonas Brother's song "Burnin' Up".. whenever I'm in a bad mood, or just need to boost my energy I blast that song, and immediately I'm better! haha
  • I love little kids- I'm not in any hurry to have my own (someday, yes. But not anytime soon!) but I love to baby sit and I love babies! They are so cute!
  • I am beyond addicted to Starbucks. Like addicted doesn't do it justice! I can't live without, and I don't know what I'm going to do at school because there's not a Starbucks in the whole freaking town! That was almost a deal breaker for me, almost. Luckily, I came to my senses and didn't base my education decisions on coffee. lol!
  • I love my job... well today is my last day at work so I guess I don't exactly have a job anymore, but I love it. It's an amazing place to work and everyone is so nice. I'm really going to miss it.
  • I am a huge Ashlee Simpson fan. I've loved her ever since she was on 7th Heaven way back in the day, and I love her music!
  • I hate mornings (thus, my Starbucks addiction). If I could sleep all day every day, I so would. But then again, who wouldn't?!?! haha
Wow I can't believe that was 7 already... I could go on and on who doesn't like talking about themselves ?! lol Now, I shall tag some lucky people: (You're it!) Jen @ Momma Blogs A lot- I know you love a good meme so here you go! Joy @ When Does Daddy Come Home? Auds @ Barking Mad Chelle @ Creative Momma Just A Girl His Daughter @ F.R.O.G.'s Blog Broken Man @ Blog of a Broken Man

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Jen E said...

Another meme I've been seeing float through blogsphere thinking, "pick me, choose me, love me" haha - thanks for the tag, needless to say.

I don't know why but I love starbucks desserts but not their coffee - I always just get like a chai tea or a frappucino or something. Don't like their coffee. To be fair though, I really am a "like my sugar with coffee and cream" kinda girl - so when it's tooooo coffee flavored I just get upset.

The Broken Man said...

I've only just done one of these! :) I can't possibly do another so soon - people will get terribly upset! :)

The Broken Man

Chelle said...

I loooove Starbucks! Iced caramel macchiato--non fat--layered. Yum. I am going to get one tomorrow :)
I love your list! Especially #1--I am so jealous. The closest thing I've had to authentic Italian is Olive Garden.
Pathetic and sad, I know!
Thanks for tagging me :) I'll have to think of some interesting things...

amanda said...

love me some starbucks too!!

just how far is the closest one going to be from your new home?

HappyHourSue said...

If you love Burnin up, you'll "BB Good" (new album) - Cheaper Than Therapy Jen has it playing now on her blog.

The Nice One said...

Oh yes. The good old fashioned Starbucks Addiction. Yes, I hear you, it is really quite a problem for me. Luckily I just like plain old Pike's Place coffee, so I *could* make that at home!

Anonymous said...

Starbucks, yum!
Italian food, double yum!
Mornings, Yuck!
Kids, gotta love them!
Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks, yum!
Italian food, double yum!
Mornings, Yuck!
Kids, gotta love them!
Thanks for playing.

Carol said...

Italian food? I wanna come over for dinner next time your dad is cooking.

Well that or I want Olive Garden to branch out to the UK!

Katie said...

Hey, Patrice!

Thanks for stopping by... love your random facts. Can say an "amen" to many of them!!

Have a good one, girl!

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