Quick Question... Well I wanna know if there's anyone that does like a Monday Morning post where you post about what your going to post about this week. I have been known do this sort of thing from time to time. I know it's kind of hard sometimes because posts just come to you randomly, but if something happened over the weekend you're planning to blog about later in the week, you could preview it with this, and give us all a reason to come back later this week. I could've sworn I saw this somewhere, but I can't remember where... so blogger's, I need you to help me research! Let me know....

**Update: I'm not sure I was clear.. I appreciate the feedback I've gotten so far. But what I'm asking is if someone does this as like a Mr.Linky thing, with the banner & all... and if not if its something anyone is interesting. I'm playing with the idea of doing something like this, so any feedback is great! Thanks.

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Jen E said...

I don't think I do it - I love when you do those posts though - I wish I could be more help. Sometimes I post like, "this is stuff I might post about today...." but that's about as far ahead as my brain thinks - maybe my posts would be better if I gave myself DAYS to write them instead of hours haha

Dana said...

I've done it a couple fo times when I've been working on something but it takes me a while to finish it. I don't know of anyone that does it on a regular basis.

Chelle said...

Ohhhh...what a great idea!
But I'm so bad I usually don't know what I'll be blogging about until the day of or the day before--well, with the exception of my Book Swap. Which I think I am moving to Monday anyway.
Great idea, hon!

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