I have officially crossed over...

Lately I've come across a lot of bloggers who say that either their immediate family or extended family (like mother's in laws) don't know they blog or don't read their blog. And there are just as many (maybe more) who are on the opposite side of things, and have to be careful what they post because their husband/mother/mother-in-law, etc. reads their blog. So it got me thinking.. how many of you are "undercover bloggers"? I first started this blog with the intention of keeping family up to date when I leave for school. However, my plans quickly changed. I found it to be very therapeutic and personal and I didn't want people that actually know me to read what I was writing. I really don't know why! It's ironic that I will let total strangers in on what's happening, but not my family. The irony is not lost on me, don't worry. However, it's not a secret that I blog. Many of you keep it a secret, and I don't know how! My family knows, and a lot of my friends know, but they don't get it. My friends tell me I have "no life" because I blog, and my family has requested the link to my blog a few times, but I have denied them... However, I have officially crossed over. I am no longer an "undercover blogger." I am about to leave for school as many of you know, and I am lucky to have a very caring family who wants t0 know what's happening. Honestly, it would just be impossible to e-mail everyone individually, and since I am so addicted to this blog, I will definitely be keeping it up to date as best I can. So I figure it's the best way for everyone to know what's happening. Therefore, I crossed over. I gave the first family member a link to my blog! I have no idea if she even read it or passed it on, but I did it. And it wasn't my mom! ha Don't tell her! It's funny because it makes me think about what I post, and while I won't censor myself because, after all, this blog is still for me just as much as anyone else, I am more likely to be anonymous about things dealing with friendships, and such. It's funny, though, what I am learning is that if you don't blog you really don't understand the bloggy world. I let some of my co-workers read my blog the other day while I took a break and they covered for me. They read my Top 5 Tuesday post, and they got confused because I linked to Dana's blog, so they went to her's, then got confused because they thought it was Supernanny's blog and they kept asking "Who is this person". That's what I get most when people who don't blog see me blogging - "Who is that?" "Do you know that person?" or my favorite "What is this?" Me: "uhh... a blog.. duhh!" haha It's a great world, our bloggy world, and it was particularly clear to me how great this bloggy world is for support last week when I most needed it. I know I already thanked you all, but really, I can't say it enough, that without the support of bloggy friends out there, I don't know what I would do! This post didn't turn out quite like I envisioned, but hopefully you can follow my randomness.. I'm off today, it's a Monday, can you blame me ?!?

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Jen E said...

your "friends" think you have "no life" because you blog? Seriously? can I mention again that it's time for new friends? Seriously!!! (I hope you are appreciating all of my Grey's 'seriously' usages - not enough fans out there to share my Grey's love with)

Anyhow, congrats on crossing over - it's definitely fun to share with at least a few real people - my husband at least talks to me about it all the time (maybe not by his choice, but.... haha)

Anyhoo, yeah I think that's all I had to say - get new friends, congrats, etc.

Dana said...

you are so freaking hilarious! and I totally get what you're talking about. Crossing over is scary. I just did it too, and I just took off a couple of posts that, while they were annonymous, if the person who they were about read them, they would totally know, and I don't want to hurt people's feelings just because I'm making observations.
I think your blog is important if it's important to you, and who cares what your so called friends think, sounds like some of them need their attitudes adjusted anyway.
Anyway, thanks for the linkage!!! And you know what, those same people may just figure out what blogging is someday and change their minds.

Jennifer said...

Thank's for stoping by my blog:) You can come back anytime!! I wish some days my blog was annonymous but, my family enjoys reading about my little boY;0 Have a great day

Joy said...

I definitely know what you mean! Everyone has the link to this blog and I've seriously thought of starting up a new one, under a new email, with an alias so I could TRULY vent and scream and rant about the things I wish I could---completely anonymously. So that's always an idea for you! Even if no one reads it, you'll have it.

And non-bloggers def. don't get it. And that's okay! It's like an exclusive club. I just started blogging in Jan of this year so I'm a "newbie" to this strange, wonderful world. Before I started, I had NO IDEA what the blog world was like! It was so foreign to me. Now I am so grateful to have it!!!

HIS daughter said...

Hehehe :p I could follow your randomnest :)

The Nice One said...

This touches me in a special place. NO NOT LIKE THAT.
The stuff on my blog is so necessary for me to get out but it'd really make some people (oh, gee, who?) annoyed. Anyway, it lets me have fun. But...I was recently discovered by...Not Matt Damon. OH MY SWEET PANTS. I am so embarrassed!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

I'm an undercover blogger. Only 1 or 2 people I know in real life read my blog (or even know it exists). That way I can talk about whatever I want and not worry about how so-and-so is going to take it...Plus I can complain about THEM if I want to! lol
I'm just kidding! (kind of)

Carol said...

After a few posts I emailed the link to everyone in the family. Nobody was interested and I am pretty sure nobody reads. My mum does now and my husband and a few friends.

Most people don't get it. But I like it so I don't care.

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