Stay Tuned....

Ok so some days I can't find anything to write about, you know the feeling. Well I have like 1000 things to write about today (ok not really) But I just wanted to give you a heads up, because it might be a little bit before I can organize my thoughts & make actual posts! haha

  • I am attempting to play along with WWWAT today, but I'm not really sure my pictures are worth it, and I'm actually not even sure I can upload them from work, so that's a maybe.
  • I have a new idea I want to run by you, and see what you think, so look out for that...
  • I updated my movie quotes because the answers to the best quotes were pretty much really hard... and half of them were unheard of!
  • I may write an updated post on all the drama... but probably not today.
  • I have to talk about this whole college thing, because its coming up really fast!
  • Don't forget, if you haven't already to check out my dinner party invite.. I am seriously wondering if I can cheat and have 2 dinner parties b/c I had so much fun coming up with the 1st one.. hmmm....
  • Former City Girl tagged me in a super-fun meme, so I'll be filling that out today, and tagging some of you, so look out for that, too!!
  • I am probably forgetting something... but you get the point!

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