23 days

So today I was surfing the web as usual, you know reading all your amazing blogs, catching up on what I missed over the weekend. Anyway, I of course had to stop by my facebook and see if I made any new friends, etc. when something caught my attention. I have this amazing feature on my facebook that allows me to countdown to a certain important date... you know the drill. So, what this particular application happens to be counting down to is my 1st day at college. And guess what it said?! 23 days... there's no way! I just graduated, like yesterday! Ok, not really obviously, but it feels like this summer has flown by! I can't believe that in less than a month, I will be an actual college student. It's so surreal. I'm excited, because you know, everyone says it's the time of your life, I wish I could go back to college, blah blah blah. And I mean this is the independence I have been longing for since I was like, um, 10? ha! So how come when it's finally real, I'm scared? I know I'm gonna be ok, deep down, I know I'm gonna have a blast. But I've never even been to overnight camp... and now I'm just supposed to say bye to my parents, and to my sister, until who knows when? It's so weird. And what about my friends? I don't know when I'll see them again, or if in a year we'll still talk. That scares me... a lot. I don't like change. And this is not just a little change... its huge. I'm going to a whole 'nother (is that a word??) state, where I don't know anyone! It's just all so weird, and it doesn't feel real. But 23 days... wow. That makes it a little more real. Yesterday, there was a get-together for people who are associated with the school (alumni, current students, and incoming students/parents) who live in the Dallas area. It was a really great way to learn more about the school and get to meet some older girls to look for. Everyone was really nice, and it made me a feel a little better, but still really scared. All my friends keep saying they are so excited, etc, etc. And I want to feel excited, but I can't get past this feeling of being scared.... I know I made the right decision about where to go to school, and even though it is a lot further away then I ever imagined I would be, I know it's going to be great. I just want to fast forward the next month or so, past all the uncertainty, and get straight to the fun!

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Elizabeth said...

College is SO MUCH FUN. I also went far away to college...I grew up in the Midwest and I went down to FL for college. It's a great learning experience and it truly will help you learn a lot about yourself. You grow closer to your family & to the friends who will be the forever kind. You'll grow further apart from the ones who aren't...and that's okay b/c you will make so many new friends. I have quite a few lifelong friends from college...more than HS.

Definitely have fun...but please remember why you're there...for your education. I know I am sounded all 30 years of my age and maybe older. But I've heard so many people ruining their young adult years with so much partying they have nothing to show for their time at college in the end or can't keep up their grades enough to stay. Socialize, have fun...find some friends who are of simliar mind-set...join clubs and enjoy roomies...but study and enjoy learning and finding what God has for your in your future. :-)

Sorry such a long comment. I am flattered that you have me on your blogroll! I'll be back. :-)

I wish they had blogs when I was in college!

The Broken Man said...

Hope you really enjoy college - I hate change too, so I really hope it's not too scary an experience.

The thing I have learnt from doing my MA that I never learnt when I was at school, is that YOU ARE PAYING YOUR TUTORS! They are there to help and support you! Remembering that helps you to have a much more adult relationship with them, and get much more out of you course!

Also, librarians are your friends! If they like you, they can *really* help you out, so do spend some time getting to know them! :)

Have fun!

The Broken man


Chelle said...

College is amazing, scary, fun...you will do a lot of growing up and finding out who you are.
I grew up in Springfield, MO so when I saw where you were going to school I thought, wow! Going to MO!
I hope you have a blast and enjoy these last weeks at home with your family and friends. Good luck!

Carol said...

Once you get over the initial nerves, you will have a blast!!

Best years of your life no doubt. I'm excited to hear about all your adventures.

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