Something other than a meme

In case you haven't noticed, I've been struggling, I guess you could say, to find the right words (or any words at all) to post here on my wonderful blog. Well, the good news is ... I am posting something other than a meme. The bad news... it's just bullet points of randomness for now, but with a promise of substantial posts to come! So here goes:

  • I have a lot that I want to say because a lot happened this weekend that I think needs to be spoken (err.. written) about. The best part about having a blog (other than connecting w/ new people) is that it can be very therapeutic. This is why I need to talk about what happened this wekeend... I am just struggling with how exactly to do this without a) losing the respect of my fellow bloggy-friends and/or b) writing a post that is just a bunch of whining and complaining... so stay tuned as I figure that out!
  • Next- I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has posted comments giving me advice about the upcoming major changes in my life. I really appreciate all the advice, and if I didn't reply to you.. I'm sorry! I just got distracted, but I appreciated it a lot!
  • The count is now down to 15 days... I can hardly believe it.. and I have yet to do any shopping... yeah. Think I should get on that?
  • I have been dealing with all this rush stuff, and it's starting to stress me out! I was awakened this weekend @ 10 AM (I know, it's not that early.. but it was my day off!) to some random lady from the Panhellenic Committee (which I've never even heard of before) telling me basically that my resume sucks (in not so many words, but basically) & I need to fix it, fill out something online, find 2 pictures- 1 close up, 1 not, and I don't even know like a million other things I need to do by the next morning. Um... yeah. I have a life.. The sororities at my school are not even that competitive because its a small school, but I'm doing the whole rec. thing as a formality and it's starting to p!$$ me off!
  • Since I blabbed about that forever, I'm gonna end there, but I had to share this (tell me it doesn't count as a meme! lol)
65%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating

  • Oh yeah, and just to add some comedy... I accidentally signed up for a dating site in the process of taking this quiz.. wow I should really pay more attention to what I'm signing up for... now I'm getting emails like "Meet Hot Guys in Dallas"... great! Because 2 weeks from going to college- the 1st thing on my mind is meeting hot guys... NOT!
  • Also I want to give bloggy love to my newest additions to the blog roll: Chelle @ Creative Momma Carol @ Sisiwick Construction Zone Blog of a Broken Man (coming soon to my blog roll!)
  • And one more thing.. I guess you can officially say my blogging vacation is over... at least for now.

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Chelle said...

Thanks for the shout out :) I am happy to have you on my blogroll!
Hey, remember, this is your blog...where you should be able to get things out. Don't worry about what others think, hon! And I know I never judge anyone.
Are you going to go to Target to get your dorm stuff? I looove Target--they have super cute college stuff!

--totally off subject but my brother is starting Mizzou this fall...he was my baby brother, but not so baby anymore, huh?

Jen E said...

Ouch, I got 82% - I might need an intervention, haha

I agree with Chelle, don't censor yourself - a blog is a place to say the truth without fear of judgment - let the judgmental types come and go as they please, you can't do this for them.

Sororities huh? I was never the greek type but I met some amazing greek life students in my school before graduating - choose the right house and you can have a really, really great time! Good luck!

The Broken Man said...

Thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll, and I'm really glad you sound a bit happier about all the upcoming changes. Hope we'll still hear from you when you're busy at college!

The Broken Man


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