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Yay! It's time for another edition of Top 5 Tuesday over @ Dana's place..! Love this! This week's topic is Favorite places to shop!! I am a shop-a-holic, so this is perfect for me! Listen & Learn, people (or read whatever):

  1. Nordstrom's Junior Dept. (A.k.a. BP)- They have the cutest clothes and they are cheaper than the rest of the store (obviously). They can still be kind of pricey, but nothing crazy! I always go here first when I need a special occasion outfit that is not too fancy, but dressy. I also bought a ton of cute clothes here to start off my work wardrobe at the beginning of the summer!
  2. American Eagle- I know it's really typical like preppy girl stuff, and sometimes I hate it because so many other people have the same outfit. But there clothes are really cute and it's the only like "preppy store" that I can fit into.. I hate hollister & Abercrombie because their sizes are not realistic & it makes it so frustrating to shop there when everything is tiny.
  3. The Impeccable Pig- It's a local store as far as I know, and this is the only website I could find for them, and you can't even buy anything from it. It's a super cute store with lots of cute dresses and tops. It's pretty expensive (like up to $100 for a top or more for a dress), but it's so worth it. I'm in love with everything i've gotten from this store. I bought my graduation dress from here, and I bought a bunch of cute summer tops, and recently some more dresses to wear to work and during rush and stuff.
  4. Forever 21- This store I love because it's so afforable, and yet really, really cute! It can be overwhelming to shop here because it's packed with clothes, but if you look for the right stuff, you can usually find some really cute stuff!
  5. E-bay- Admit it. You know you love e-bay. They have great deals and actually have a lot of cute, expensive clothes for less. I've bought everything on e-bay from perfume to keychains to purses to clothes. I also use it to sell stuff I don't want anymore. It's great!
Well that concludes today's addition of Top 5 Tuesday! If you want to join (and you know you do) head over to Supernanny Where Are You and link up!

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Jen E said...

When I was in high school / early college I shopped at American Eagle, Old Navy, Aeropostale, RAVE, DEB, etc.

Now several sizes later and much less money to spend, I buy my clothes at Walmart, Target and occasionally the Lane Bryant or Khols clearance racks - haha - my how times change - I think it's funny my top 5 had barely anything to do with clothes shopping - I'm so old.

Great Top 5 list though - I've obv. never heard of the Impeccable Pig but it sounds fascinating :)

Chelle said...

Your list is great! You would be a fun shopping friend :)

Leroy Haeffner JDH dad said...

Hi Patrice i'm Leroy jessica's dad over at farm fresh. I pray that God provides you with a great college year@ Fulton. When I was your age I was about to enter the US marines idn't know what I was and like you not sure I wa a man but with viet Nam and the draft and not wanting to go to school I either had to go in service or go out of country in 1968. I made lots of mistakes but God fially caught up to me and I've been his ever since.

Hope that you have more sence than me and find your peace in Him adn in the world. With Him all thing are possible. I know that to be ture. well enough of my testimony. May the Lord bles nd keep you and may you find your way to Him god bless. Leroy haeffner swampoak@ iowatelecom.net

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Oh girl, you are making me feel OLD! Just kidding. Sort of. I used to love Aeropostale and American Eagle when I was a lot younger! I love the name Impeccable Pig! And I have to say, I toyed with putting e-bay on my list, but didn't. I love the bay - can always find some fabulous deals! I also love to sell there too, then I can use that money to buy more stuff!

Morning By Morning said...

I am addicted to eBay!!!!

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