Funny Comments #3!

This seems to be a hit, and I have a lot of fun keeping track of these and sharing these with y'all! Cammie even suggested I get a button for it, so if anyone is skilled & wants to do that, I would love you forever :) Anyway, without further ado, here are the funny quotes I acquired for the week: "I'm going to the formal with him but he's telling everyone that I asked him but I'm pretty sure that's not how it happened" "So what!? It's 2009, girls should be able to ask guys out!" "yeah but I'm a hopeless romantic: guys need to step it up and grow some balls!" "So this guy told me I looked beautiful last night..." "What!? Is he cute!?" "I don't know he's got that apple thing with the 2 faces..." "What!!!?? OMG! He has 2 faces!?" "No... his picture on facebook is the computer thing where you take pictures and it gives you two faces" "Oh.. thank god!" "He looked really pissed or annoyed last night..." "He did!? I think he just didn't feel well from the night before when he got really drunk" "Wasn't he drinking last night!?" "I don't think so... I saw him with water" "Oh, I guess I just assumed it was vodka..." "I was expecting one casual whiskey drink then all of the sudden I was passed out on the floor!" "He looks really hot tonight... and he's wearing pin stripe pants! I just want to rip them off of him!" "We were just sitting there and then someone yelled incoming and then we got hit in the face with some white substance" "that's what she said..." "Look he has eggs now!" "What!? He has AIDS!?" "I don't know which is faster... the way you take shots or the way you type!" As always, please feel free to leave your own funny quotes from this week in the comments, or write a post of your own if you feel like it!

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Threeboys1mommy said...

I totally knew what you meant by apple with 2 faces.

Rebecca Kelsey of Miss Random Bliss said...

I know so many people who have their default pic as the 2 face thing

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