A Giveaway That's All About ME!!?

Who doesn't like talking about themselves? After all, that's like half of what we do on our blogs, right!? And even more than that who doesn't like winning things!? Especially a $250 Target gift card? If you don't want to win that, you're crazy (or just super generous & want me to win since you know I am a poor, broke college student!). Well, Auds at Barking Mad has combined all these things into 1! It's a giveaway where you mention your top 10 favorite blog posts so far, and then you could win a $250 Target gift card! Easy enough right? So in no particular order (Because I don't want to play favorites with my favorite posts) these are my top 10 favorite posts:

  1. The Dangers of Beer Pong- Who knew Beer Pong could be such a dangerous event!?
  2. Comfort Zones- the hard part about breaks from college and going home.
  3. My 100th post- How could I leave this out!?
  4. My dinner party- The last Mr. Linky thing I did w/ Auds, and I worked hard on it!
  5. Things that don't help when going through a break up- some not-so helpful advice!
  6. Why I Love Spam E-mail- hilarious spammers!
  7. Fake Conversation With A Real Person ( 1 & 2)- I text random numbers back!
  8. How Much is too much- the balance between being a nice person & doing too much
  9. Letter to Blogger- I take this back, but at 1st I hated the "followers" application
  10. My Weekly funny comments (technically this is 3 posts, but it's not cheating right!?)
So, there you have it! I hope you'll check out some of my older posts, I'm really proud of them! Can't wait to read your favorite posts! :) Just go link up with Auds, and you could win, but just remember me... poor, moneyless college student!

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Rebecca Louise. said...

I am so tempted but I don't have a Target here in the UK =[. I hope whoever wins has a great time and I loved reading some of your fave post Patrice =] xxx.

Carina the Blogarina said...

How could you hate the followers application??

The Bar Temptress said...

I almost peed in my pants reading your previous entry about beer pong... it's a great story. As quite the player myself I completely relate to the trials and tribulations of the game!

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