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Caroline really lightended things up a bit around here the other day and it was a nice change from the serious tone that this blog has had lately. Of course the reason it's been so serious is legitimate, but I miss writing about fun things, and the blog swap helped me remember that! I guess it just felt wrong writing about fun things when something so serious was going on. Anyway, I'm going to get back to more fun posts soon, but here is one more serious one for now.

Ever since we first found out my sister was sick, the same thought crossed my mind probably every day; "I wish there was something I could do." I wish that I could take away the time, take away the pain, take away the sickness, just take it all away. Of course I can't do any of those things, and having someone you love battle cancer can make you feel very powerless.

I despised that powerless feeling. I didn't want her cancer to have that effect on me. So, I did what I could, even if it was mostly little things. I wanted to do something, anything to make her feel better even though, deep down, I knew nothing I did would take away the Cancer. I still felt powerless despite doing what I cuoold to help.

Finally, I found something I could do. While it didn't directly affect her and it certainly didn't take away the cancer, it gave me that powerful, in control, feeling back. It opened my eyes to new possibilities of something I could do to help. So what is it? It's Relay For Life.

My sorority sisters and I decided to start a team in honor of Anna and her fight. We are named Anna's Alpha Chi Angels, and we have raised over $1000 in less than 3 weeks. I am the Team Captain, and I have personally raised $960 toward my personal goal of $1000. It is so empowering to be able to raise money for an organization that works to achieve what I want most; for cancer to be eliminated. I can't take my sisters cancer away as much as I would like to. However, I can support The American Cancer Society in their efforts to abolish cancer, to find a cure, and to make sure that no one else has to go through what my sister has and what so many other people have to. Finally, I can do something. Something to hopefully one day have a cancer free world.

(Side note:) I would really appreciate it if my bloggy friends would help me meet my goal of $1000.. you can donate here and visit the team page here. Thank you in advance.

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Jessica said...

Participating in R4L truly is something that can give you that feeling. I'm participating as a team captain again this year in memory of my dad.

Best of luck to you and your fundraising efforts, Patrice. You're doing an amazing, amazing thing!

Twin XL said...

So wonderful that you & you sorority are raising money for the cause -- definitely a silver lining in a very unfortunate situation. Best wishes & prayers to you & your sister :)

Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing is awesome - good luck with the relay Patrice!

debbie vinyard said...

I am so proud of you Patrice! You are an awesome person and such a great sister to Anna!

Marketing Gurl said...

I have never done a blog swap. I love your blog Patrice and you are so great! What a sister! Love, MG

Krystyn said...

Good luck to you and your team with your goal. It's so amazing for you to honor your sister this way.

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