My Sister, My Friend

Tuesday was a special day in our house; it was my sisters 18th birthday! I know this post is a little long overdue, but there are reasons for that! First of all, she spent her actual birthday in the hospital until about 9:30 that night and she hasn't been feeling well for awhile.

Thursday, she woke up feeling better than she has in a long time. She had a lot of energy and said she was in basically no pain (a huge deal as she has pretty much permanently been in some kind of pain lately). Since she was feeling so great, she declared that today was "meant to be her birthday!" So, we finally opened all her presents and we even had her birthday dinner at Kobe Steakhouse! It was so great to see her feeling so much like herself and pain free.

So the celebration just happened and a birthday post for my sister is a big deal; I couldn't just write down some words and call it a day, I wanted it to be special! Special= a lot of time going into it.

My mom likes to tell the story of how when my sister was born, every time she would cry or make noise, I would say "Let's play a game!" or something to keep the attention on me. I would say this is an accurate portrayal of our relationship; I have always been jealous of my sister. Jealous that she was prettier, skinnier, and the "favorite" of our parents. My irrational jealousy, however, did not stop me from becoming super close to my sister.

For as long as I can remember, my sister and I loved hanging out. When we were younger, we played everything under the sun; we played pretend; teachers, grown ups, teenagers. You name it, we probably did it! Whether we were inside or in the pool or running around outside, we were always together.

We are 3 1/2 years apart, so obviously there were times when the age difference was tough. I will never forget when I was about 13 and she was 10 (give or take a couple years, I'm not sure).  Before that, we spent most of our time together. Once I got older, I started making more friends and going out with them more. My sister didn't understand why I was going out without her and not hanging out with her. I remember feeling so guilty and my heart was just completely broken that I made my sister so sad. Obviously, she got over it and went through plenty of times when she didn't want me around, so it all equaled out!
Throughout the years, although we were close that didn't stop us from fighting. We definitely had our fair share of fights. Over what to watch on TV, who was right and wrong, borrowing each others stuff; you name it, we probably argued over it at least once. There was even the infamous TV remote fight that we still laugh about today; we were arguing over what to watch on TV or something, so she threw the remote at me and hit me in the head! There were even times we said "I hate you", but we both knew we didn't mean it. The one blessing that comes from her being sick is that we fight so much less now. It made me realize that the little things aren't a big deal, and I am much more appreciative of our time together now.
Although we were excited to celebrate her birthday, there was definitely some sadness surrounding the day. Especially because she was in the hospital, a sad reminder of what she is going through and how unknown the future is. The truth is, we don't know if she'll celebrate her 19th birthday. You can say that for anyone, I know, because tomorrow is not a guarantee but it is especially not a guarantee when you have cancer and your treatment has ended. But, instead of focusing on that, I am focusing on the good. That she was surrounded by people who love her when she got home on her birthday, and again Thursday for her birthday dinner. That she felt well enough to celebrate her birthday at all.

Because there just aren't words to accurately describe how I feel about my sister, I am stealing borrowing some from the card I gave her. (Thanks Hallmark!)
There's no friend like a sister
to share life's ups and downs,
To laugh with you and cry with you 
And make smiles out of frowns.
There's no friend like a sister, 
and no sister quite like you-
The kind of friend I'm glad to have 
To love my whole life through! 
"I was thinking just today, About how we used to play Barbie dolls and make-up, Tea parties dress up. I remember how we'd fight, Then make up and laugh all night. Wish we were kids again. My sister, my friend"- Reba McEntire, My Sister
Happy 18th Birthday, Anna! I love you!! 

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Indiana Miller Family said...

Great post, Patrice. Thanks for sharing.

erin. said...

Happy Birthday again to Anna! What a beautiful post & all the photos were fabulous too!

Holly said...

Happy belated birthday to Anna, I'm glad she got to celebrate her birthday. :)

Rebecca Louise. said...

I really hope Anna gets to read this. It would make her day as it did mine :)

notsingularlydefined said...

What a beautiful, sweet post! Happy Birthday to your sister, and how Blessed you both are to have each other. :)

Krystyn said...

Happy happy birthday to your BFF! What an amazing post and thank you for the trip down your memory lane!

I'm so glad she felt good on her birthday. She sooo deserves it!

(PS So sorry for being a bad blog friend...end of the semester:)

Mere said...

Hope Anna had a lovely and special birthday!! This post was amazing and made me tear up...sniff sniff

Love, Mere

BabyDealsDujour said...

What a great sister you are. Stopping by from comment hour. Super cute post!

scottandalie.com said...

What a lovely story about your sister. Thanks for sharing.

Visiting from #commenthour.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What an amazing post! I am glad you are so close. Your relationship is so special.

TheProDiva said...

Sisters are like the best friends that you never asked for! And that you can't live without. I have 3 sisters, and I cherish the relationships I have with all of them!Great post!

Jessica said...

Wow, what a beautiful post. I'd leave a longer comment but I have to go call my sister...

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

thanks so much for sharing. I have always wished I had a sister. :-)

Webly said...

hello from #commenthour great blog

Amy said...

I hope your sister feels better. How wonderful that she has you.


Catalina said...

There's nothing like the love for a sister. She's your best friend forever. Happy birthday to Anna! Warm wishes going your way.

Victoria said...

such a heart warming post-I've always wanted to have a sister and now I know why.
visiting from #commenthour

Ginger said...

Ok your post made me cry! There really is something special about a sister. I totally agree.

If you like the Reba song - check out "Come Some Rainy Day" by Wynonna Judd - you will be in tears too!

Radha said...

I liked seeing the picture timeline to go along with the story of how you and your sister grew up, fought (believe me, siblings ALWAYS fight; it must be in the DNA somewhere), yet are still as close as can be. Happy birthday to her, and blessings to you for being able to share it with her!

visiting from #commenthour

MyLittleMe said...

I love this post. It touches my heart!

New follower from #commenthour

Queen J. said...

That was so beautiful and it really touched my heart. Happy Birthday to Anna! I will be sending my love and blessings. May God be with you and your family. You are a great sister!

Visit my castle- www.magictiara.blogspot.com

Mimzy Wimzy said...

This was a beautiful post. Anna is lucky to have you for a sister.

Miss-ology said...

Your sister and your family are in my prayers. Keep loving on each other!

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