Dear Anna (2nd edition)

Dear Anna,

I know God is passing on my messages to you, and I'm glad because I have so much to say to you that I need you to hear.

First of all, this one is obvious but I miss you so much it hurts. Lately, everyone's lives have started going back to "normal"; Daddy and I went back to work, and most of your friends did too. We aren't planning your funeral or making decisions about that stuff anymore. Instead, we are trying to move on with our lives and go back to the way things were before you went to heaven.

I didn't think that this would be hard. I don't know why, but it never occurred to me how hard this would be. Although it is nice to stay busy and do something during the day, it kind of reminds me of how much I miss you. It's hard to explain, but I guess doing things "normally" makes it more clear how not normal things are now. We can go on with our lives the way they were before, but we can't ignore the fact that our lives aren't and never will be the way they were before. Life can't be "normal" or the way it was when you were still with us because you're not with us anymore. Not physically, anyway. It doesn't feel right for our lives to keep going when yours here on Earth came to an end. It just feels like we are pretending to be normal when we know we can never be normal again.

Today, when I was driving home from work, I thought about you and for a minute, I thought that I would see you. I haven't been to work since you went to heaven, so it has always been a normal part of coming home to see you. I was looking forward to seeing you and asking you how your day was when all the sudden I remembered. I remembered I wouldn't see you when I got home. Not today, not ever. And it felt like I lost you all over again, Anna.

I want so badly to talk to you, to see your beautiful smiling face again. To hear your laugh after you "nailed a funny joke".

I know you would tell me I'm crazy, but I have so many regrets about your life. I hate that I was away for so much of the last year of your life and that we would sometimes go months without talking. If I could have those days back, I would call you 200 times in a row if that's how many times it took you to answer the phone! I would demand more skype dates. I would do whatever I could to stay updated with your life. I feel like I really missed out on a lot by not keeping in touch better and it kills me. I'm learning so much about you from the memories your friends share (by the way so are Mommy and Daddy. They're learning things about you you probably never wanted them to know!). I love hearing their stories about you, but at the same time it makes me sad that I missed out on that stuff. That I'm just hearing these stories from them, and that I didn't hear them from you when it happened. If only I would have picked up the phone or sent a text and said "what did you do last night?" maybe I would've known some of these things sooner.

I know I can't live life in regret and I know you wouldn't want me worrying about stupid things like this, so I'm trying to let it go.

Before I go, I just wanted to tell you that you picked great friends. You definitely knew what you were doing when you chose your best friends because you left me with some great sisters and brothers. It is amazing how close we have become, Anna, and it is all because of you. We all miss you, but we are helping each other heal the hurt that you leaving us has put in our hearts.

I love you, Sissy, and I will always miss you but I am so happy to know you are in a better place. I am so happy you're not suffering anymore and I can only imagine all the cool people you are meeting up in heaven! I'll see you again someday.


I miss this...

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Counselor Musings said...

What a sweet and beautiful letter you've written to your sister! This is such a healthy way to grieve, so continue to do this as much as you need to. It's fun to learn a little more about your sister through you....

Celine said...

What an amazing letter you wrote to Anna.

I'm sure she's very proud of you and how you're handling things.

It's a long way to go Patrice but you'll get through this.

Your strength and thoughts are very inspiring. <3

Mandy said...

What a sweet and wonderful letter to your sister. (((hugs)))

Jessica said...

It sounds like you really are staying so strong, Patrice. The new things that you're learning show that you have such a strong spirit and that you and your family will be OK together. Keep going...you're doing good and I'm certain that Anna knows just how much you miss her - I bet she misses you just as much!


bfuller said...

Patrice, you have been so brave and thoughtful and, yes, inspirational in your writings. You have spoken to my heart, and that is your gift as a writer. I have witnessed your growth as a young woman, and you have so much to contribute through your written words. Please continue to share your thoughts, as it helps us all to grieve and heal together.

Megan said...

..thinking of you.

Keep writing- through the pain and tears and anger..it does help.


akanksha said...

First time here.
Life isn't fair at times. I wish peace for Anna and your family would be in my prayers.

Admire your strength to deal with it.Life changed forever, but still, Anna would always be with you.

Take care

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...


There is not a day when i don't think about Anna and you and your family. Anna's story has really affected me deeply... it just happens that way sometimes and there is no reason why... Every time am down or stuck in some problem i think about her and i feel much better. She's giving strength and hope to so many people around the world and she'll continue to do so forever! Sharing her story was the LEAST i could do for her. I just wish i could have done more. BUT no regrets :) (Just like Anna would say)

Am glad, you and Anna's friends are bonding so well. And i must say even your strength is very inspiring!

Take care darling!

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Krystyn said...

You know what, Patrice? God doesn't have to pass them on. Pretty sure you've got a direct like to Anna.

I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for you, for your family, and friends. But, I think writing is your outlet and it's wonderful.

Taylor Christian said...

You are such an inspiration!! I had to take time to send you a facebook message!

Carina the Blogarina said...

You're sister was absolutely gorgeous!

Esther said...

Hello Patrice,

My name is Esther and I´m from Spain. Don´t knoe if you can remember me, I used to be Maryanne´s kids au pair in Alpharetta and once I babysitted for you and your sister, we watched some TV and I read you two a story before going to sleep I also remember how so much hard was for me to turn around to go down the hill your house was!!!. I remember you two when gettin home from school... now after so long (11 years) I find out what happened makes me really sad.
Please send my condolences to your dad and mom (she helped me when I just got there)and so to you.
Hope Anna is in a better place, no more pain.

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