Funny Comments #6!

Ok, so one more time.. I'm going to beg someone to make a button for this. Eventually I will stop asking, but I felt like trying one more time at least! Also, I think I'm going to re-name this either "Say What!?" or "They said what?!"... feedback would be appreciated! (I'm also open to better suggestions). Moving right along, here are this weeks highlights of funniness (ok now I'm making up words) "I wish I were a 7" "Um you're a 10!" "Shut up!!" "um... that's a good thing..." "Oh... I thought you were telling my clothing size!" "My sister is super skinny and 1 day I was telling her '2 of you would cover like half of me' and she goes 'yeah, but you have nice teeth!'" "When I was in high school I wanted turrets so bad!" "My perfume smells like vodka..." "ooo!! You should mix it with like a citrusy scent and then it will be like a screwdriver with a flower!" "I'm giving up random hook ups for lent." "Good for you!" "I know I'm gonna do it! Oh no wait I'm not gonna do it that's the thing!" "I went to the gyno and my mom asked her if I could get an infection from wearing thongs too much!" "My mom goes to the movies and gets popcorn and takes it home with her... like she doesn't even watch the movie. She just buys popcorn and leaves! Do you know how crazy that looks!?" (Conversation between 2 girls) "Have you ever had a hickey!?" "No." "Omg. I want to give you a hickey! I'm gonna go in your room when you're sleeping & tackle you & give you the biggest hickey ever!" "I feel like whenever I go over there I always meet guys who I think are really cute, but then they turn out to be not so cute at all when I see them in pictures the next day... I think it's because they always turn the lights off over there!" "I was so drunk somehow I ended up losing my pants & walking down the stairs in my underwear at the frat house." "I'm really good at flirting and getting guys to buy me drinks but for some reason I'm not good at making them want to come home with me..."

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Cammie said...

I like SAY WHAT.
email Lee....she will make you a button....I think she is perpetualburn.blogspot.com, or go to yaya's blog (you can link to her from me) and find Lee that way. She loves to make buttons for people....

Celine said...

I like Say What as well!
Those were priceless as always!

Tasha Via said...

Oh My Gosh, the one about Thongs was hilarious!!!

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